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The Cuckoo's Calling *Spoilers!*

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message 1: by Nick (new)

Nick | 29 comments Mod
Okay everyone post your thoughts on the book here! Today we start reading no real schedule. But try to read at least 2 chapters a day (that's like 15 pages probably!) and if you can read 2 a day then you shouldn't get any spoilers here! Happy Reading and good luck!

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Nick | 29 comments Mod
I so agree!! I love the book so far I kinda cheated a little bit and went ahead I'm sorry! I couldn't put the Kindle down until it told me it needed to charge haha.

Really great book so far!

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Nick | 29 comments Mod
Good luck! Happy reading

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Nick | 29 comments Mod
This book is getting so good! Why is no one else commenting! Lol

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Nick | 29 comments Mod
I haven't read that one yet! And I have a horrible confession to make! I haven't read the book in like 3 days! So still about chapter 6 or 7 I think. Some books I ordered came in and I got to impatient with waiting so I started reading divergent. I know I'm horrible. Don't judge me! Haha.

Glad to know you like the book. It's pretty good in my opinion. Very well written and a very good story. The only thing that I don't like is the book genre and that's just because I'm not really a murder mystery fan. But I do give this book major credit because I am powering through it which is very much unlike me when I find a book to droll for my liking ill drop it telling myself ill pick it up later and never do

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Nick | 29 comments Mod
Well now I know the killer prematurely. Haha! I literally just got back to the book tonight. Read a bit of it and am about to go to sleep. I think that I need to just push myself into this book cause I'm not very far in.

The book is very good so far (I've never read any of her other books yes including Harry potter >.< ) I do enjoy the story as well. And now that Kate gave the killer away it actually makes me want to read it nonstop now! Haha

I hope everyone that's reading it or has read it that reads this thought it was enjoyable and if you didn't reply here saying why. I'd like to know why people might not like this book.

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Nick | 29 comments Mod
Oh no I totally knew someone would spill the beans! I'm kinda glad you did. Cause now knowing who it is really makes me want to read it all for myself haha!

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