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message 1: by Khalid (new)

Khalid (agencyrulespk) | 18 comments I am in the final revision of my first novel and would like to share it with you all. The novel is called Agency Rules and centers around a young man who is making his way into the intelligence services of Pakistan. It's an interesting and intriguing trip (as I have been told who have read the manuscript) that really tells a great story.

If you are interested in reading the excerpts that have been, and will continue to be, posted on the pre-launch website at and you can join us either on FB at or twitter at

I would be very interested in the feedback that you have to share since, as I said, I am in final revisions on the book.

Thank you and you may now return to your regularly scheduled Internet browsing.

message 2: by Sabahat (new)

Sabahat Muhammad (sabahatm) | 6 comments Pakistan's first (?) spy thriller. Pure entertainment, for once. Anyone know any other spy thrillers from Pakistan?

message 3: by Zenab (new)

Zenab Ch | 2099 comments Mod
I'm eksited about this too.

message 4: by Khalid (new)

Khalid (agencyrulespk) | 18 comments Zenab wrote: "I'm eksited about this too."

Thanks Zenab! Would love to have you follow us on twitter or like us on Facebook so that you can get regular updates and access to excerpts, author activities and book release information. The links are posted above, if you are interested.

And you can find me on Goodreads at

message 5: by Faheem (new)

Faheem  (faheeem) | 1596 comments Mod

Dear sir, this folder is dedicated only for introductions not for promos. I'll am sorry but i'll have to move this thread to Promos folder. hope u don't mind. :)

message 6: by Khalid (new)

Khalid (agencyrulespk) | 18 comments Sure Faheem. Not a problem. I saw social and promotions and posted here because of that.

message 7: by Faheem (new)

Faheem  (faheeem) | 1596 comments Mod
'Thread Folder Change'

Pakistani Readers now have a separate section "Book Promotion" for the book promos by fellow Authors. This thread has been transferred to the new section. :)

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