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he went around and helped her out and smiled. " i like it"

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"sorry to be such a disappointment. " Louis smiles at scarlett as a yes

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Lui smiles at her dad. " Sir, if you are going to yell at anyone, yellat me and not scarlett. I do not mean to impede on the plans that you have layed out for scarlett, but regardless I am here to get you to like me."

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The second the door is shut he scowls and uses his hearing to listen to the conversstion.

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Louis here, s her crying and opens the door. he walks to her and hugs her. He looks at her dad " what exactly did these 'other guy' do to her?" he was ready to kick some ass

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"I know you don't like me right now, and I hope I can fix that. But you need to tell me what those basterds did to my girl." He growls

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He pulls back and looks at scarlett. " Please tel l me what they did to you." His eyes had gone darker than normal

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He looks deep into her eyes and kisses hef. " I am going to find out who they are and kill them. " he growls softly as he hugs her

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Lui waits till the water starts running to go looking for her dad.

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Lui knocks on the first closed door he finds, hoping her dad was there.

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" Before you slam the door in my face id like to know why you dont like me before you evevn know me, besides the fact that im dating your daighter

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"Why only wolves?"

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" Thank you, and if it helps any im actually 1/18th wolf on my mothers side. And I plan on staying with her for a very very long time."

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" well, I hope she doesnt drop me. Sir, why wont you tell me what the other ass holes did to her? "

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Lui was still going to kill all her exs, but he felt a little bdtter knowing she hadn't been hit of forced into sex. "I hope we can get along and that I will be enough for your daughter. " louis smiles at her dad

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"Hey beautiful. " he smiles at her

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" yes, long as im with you." He smiles at her and brings her hand up and kisses the back of it

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"I had a little chat with your dad", he gets in and turns it on

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" about why he hated me." he holds her hand as he drives

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" im not a wolf, babe r u alright?" He was concerned

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he pulls over to look her in the face. " what is it, please." he holds both hef hands in his softly

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He gets out and walks around to her side, opening it and hugging her.

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he lifts her up and sits in her seat, cradeling her in his lap. " I love you to beauty, and everything is going to be ok. Do you wanna tell me what has upset you?" he pul,s back a little and gently wipes her tears away.

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" ok, we will go to the mall, but" he looks her in the eyes." promise me we will talk more about this later?"

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" are you bossing me around? " he starts tickking her

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He moves over to the drivers seat and gets in

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Lui smiled as they came up to her house

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" Getting there shot guns." He joked

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he pulled his knives and strained his ears, " what is it?"

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He did as told but was tense

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lui strains his ears, listening to scarlet walk

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Louis moved closer to the woods. He let his eyes guy black and his senses heightened

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Louis couldn't take waiting anymore and crept in slowly, climbing up a tree and moving from branch to branch

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Louis eventually reached her. He crouched and had his knives at the ready

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He stays back, a little confused

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"They won't have you,"

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" No"

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Lui tenses

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Lui jumps down and walls towards the wolf, his eyes completely black

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He smaked the wolf with the back of his knife

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Lui grabbed the wolf and twisted his neck back

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Lui bites the wolf with his sharp teeth

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lui flips him over and holds a knife to his throat

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Lui bites his neck and draws blood, but doesn't kill him

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" No, but you do."

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Lui smirks.
Lea walks into the clearing. " He would, but i dont have to." she kneel by the prone wolf and presses her lips to his forehead, and saw his memories.

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She smiles down at him. " not all memories can be erased." She kisses him on the lips and digs through his memories as a child, finding one that she knew was touching and dear to him, and brought it to the forefront

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She bends down again, and bites into his lip, bringing forth the most painfull memorie to the front, making him feel the pain he had felt then.

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She bites him on the neck, intensifying the pain. " Tell me where they are going and ill make it stop." she said to him, though she to was feeling some of his pain.

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