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Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
Our September book giveaway

Dreams of the Queen

by Jacqueline Patricks Jacqueline Patricks

*Rated Mature 18+* Science Fiction/Romance/Adventure
#56 in the paid time travel genre on Amazon.com 8/4/13 & 8/5/13


*Dr. Cass Baros is brilliant, unstable and obsessed with her repetitive dreams of an alien world. Will her need to prove her theory of a traversable wormhole destroy everything else in her life?
*Dr. Julian Saunders, her fiancé, supports her professionally and emotionally. Or does he?
*Dr. Janson, their department head, is the classic academic turned politician. His secret agenda to add a military contingent to the scientific team clashes with Cass' plans.
*Captain Charles Lewis, Army Special Ops, officer-in-charge of the six military members trained to travel with Cass and Julian’s specialized science team. What does Captain Lewis know that Cass doesn’t?
*Jeamon is second-in-command of the brajj—stoic, single-minded, faithful to their Goddess Ta’mat and their leader Master—how will he deal with these humans and his conflicting loyalties?
*Master—mysterious and diabolical—who is he and what does he want?

Twelve team members, brought together by fate and scheming, travel through Cass’ wormhole. They discover that nothing is as it seems—within themselves, this new world, or the wormhole that is now closed to them.
They meet the alien brajj, and Jeamon names Cass a queen. Passion rises between Cass and Jeamon while Julian fights to keep his changing fiancée with him. Meanwhile, Captain Lewis focuses the team on finding a way home and staying alive as they struggle to unravel the brajj’s millennia old secrets.
When these strong people come together their egos will clash; their agendas will cross; and their worlds will be undone.
Travel through the wormhole with Cass and her team to discover passion and love, genius and madness, jealousy and danger enough to cause the death of worlds.

Jacqueline Patricks will be giving away:

10 Ebooks (epub/kindle/pdf or Smashwords coupon)

A grand prize winner gets a signed poster with a signed paperback.

Due to this book being rated Mature 18+ for language and a mild explicit scene we are limiting entries to the appropriate age level

Winners will be selected from among those who answer the discussion question that follows:

In Dreams of the Queen, Cass struggles with her emotional instability in order to understand and connect with others. The alien brajj, Jeamon, helps her ground her. By loving him, she finally gains the ability to come out of herself and begin to understand others. Unfortunately, when she meets Jeamon she's engaged to Julian. However, she and Julian have a stilted and challenging relationship. As Cass, Julian and Jeamon deal with their triangle of jealously and frustration during the rest of the life and death adventure, they begin to realize their connection goes beyond a simple romantic entanglement.

How can the different aspects of love, positive and negative, effect one's choices in life?

Does our personality (flaws, strengths, quirks) fate us to subconsciously choose a particular path regardless of what we consciously want, or can we overcome our innerselves for a greater goal?

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Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
Bloody heck, that's one deep question...I dont know where to start, if I can even find a beginning! A non-time travel question too...that's a first.

OK, I'll have a stab at it. I'll break this down by experience. Love...ok, I am stumped already, I dont have much of that...no ok kidding.

Love has certainly lead me in a direction that I didnt want to go when I was at Uni. For a start my relationship with a fellow class student certainly lead me to not perform so well academically, though I guess I did perform not so bad in other areas...ahem.

Yeah, love certainly distracted me from proper academic pursuits which I think I had a talent for. Then again was it love, or was it just blind gullible stupidity? I think it may have been the latter. I did have a seven year releationship with her though and I always tried to please her. But I think I got the balance wrong and I was gullible...or perhaps not.

The answer is YES in my case, love can lead you to go against your natural grain.

Love incurs personal sacrifice too. But then is that love or obligation?

I dont think my answer is covering the all elements of the question but I'm quite chuffed I made a start!

Need to come back to this and build on it because...

...man, this is a deep question!

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments LOL, it is a deep question, isn't it. Love is one of life's great mysteries. It can drive us to do the greatest and worst things. Is that because of hormones, maturity, perspective, personality, background... all of the above?

I ask this question because love is one of the major themes at the core of Queen's plot, although it's not technically a romance in the sense that love is the primary plot. There's also revenge, power, control... I would say Queen is very much a mash-up of sci-fi and psychological elements.

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Bill Cleary | 66 comments As a psychologist, this question sounds too much like work to me. I have been very lucky to win twice in 3 months, so I am going to pass this time. Good luck to my fellow GR readers!

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments I know love has guided me in positive and negative ways throughout my life. My family's love has helped keep me strong. Meanwhile, as I became an adult and experimented with romantic love--much like you, Tej--it tended to lead me astray until I mature a bit more.

It's easy to mistake the shallower beginnings of love for lasting love when we're young or blinded by other emotions like jealousy and lust. People tend to do extreme things in the name of love.

I'd really love to hear some more thoughts or experiences from others. Doesn't have to be deep or philosophical, just chat about where love has led you, good and bad.

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I had a friend in college that was merely a friend however...I did have feelings for her as we got to know each other better...We were never "dating" however when a new suitor came and started hanging out at her house a bit more often, I had a complete and irrational loathing of him.

Despite my lack of expressing myself verbally to the girl, my body and mind reacted to the threat even though we were merely "friends"

Furthermore, Jacqueline I believe people are not responding to the question simply because its complicated and no one likes to admit the stupid things they have done in the name of love.

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Despite my lack of expressing myself verbally to the girl, my body and mind reacted to the threat even though we were merely "friends"

That's a very visceral reaction! Society and honesty have us admitting these feelings in order to create formal relationships, but the the body doesn't care if you have or not. The body knows what it wants, and it's up to our rational mind to control that response. Or not.

It is complicated, but things don't have to be stupid because of love. That's part of the great mystery.

Love can make us to do things that we thought were beyond ourselves. Love can make us greater than we were. No one has to admit the stupid things. What about the wonderful things? The things we never could've done without love?

That's just as much a part of the question. That's why I asked about both positive and negative. Love is a great motivator of many things.

I love hear to stories about how love has lifted people up, saved them. What are some good stories?

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Heather(Gibby) (heather-gibby) | 424 comments This is a huge question, that a book can be written about (and I guess many have) I know many people who have completely changed their path in life due to love-but I think this is done willfully rather than due to fate. Your personality will definitely shape your choices, and what you are or are not willing to do, but I can not buy into our subconscious overriding our conscous thought.

My sister used to abhor anythign remotely considered outdoorsy, fell in love with a man who loved to hike, and now has gone camping in Tibet. BEcause she loved him she was open to experiencing what made him happy, and she found that she loved it too!

This does not begin to answer the questions, but it is a couple of my initial thoughts.

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Samantha I have always believed that we can have complete control over our emotions...I do realize that there are unknown, innerworkings of the subconscious that may bubble to the surface in various forms, but ultimately, what we consciously experience as a result of that can be molded to our purposes (with practice and will). Love though, well it is the strongest emotion of all, and some people in history have destroyed everything for it, happy to have nothing but love. Is it our biological influences which make it so hard to ignore? Or is there something more? A very deep question, one that I don't think I can answer until I feel the kind of love I would kill for.

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Sorry I haven't been around much this week. Went back to work after two months off for a lumbar fusion. I work 24 hour shifts as paramedic, so it tends to take it out of me some days.

Heather-I know people that have changed their path in life because of love, too. Sometimes I wonder about will versus fate. For me, I feel like I've made willful decisions, yet years later things happen or are revealed to me that make me wonder if something more was at work, guiding me to make that decision.

Was it my subconscious reading clues my conscious mind missed or ignored? Or was it something greater?

I love that your sister found true love by being open-minded to new experiences. I think it's important to be true to oneself, but not at the expense of limiting the richness of life. Good for her!

I still don't know, though I enjoy exploring the question through discussion and writing.

Samantha-An interesting perspective, having complete control over one's emotions. Mostly I agree, though emotions, but their very nature, are irrational. For me, I would say we are able to have complete control over our reactions to our emotions; although the actual emotions may be spontaneous and on occasional uncontrollable. However, just because I may feel jealous doesn't mean I have to act on that jealousy. It also means, with practice and will (as you said) and can gradually overcome and push away the jealousy. But the initial may be out of my rational, conscious control.

I think it's vital for a person to 'know thyself' in order to live a conscious, healthy, and happy life. Unfortunately, most people are not very self-aware and/or not willing to be. After 20 years as a paramedic, I've seen people do and act in so many destructive manners against themselves and their loved ones, often in the name of love.

I've seen parents literally play tug-of-war with their 10 year old child while in a yelling match because neither would concede to the other. Meanwhile, the child was sobbing, being yanked back and forth until me and the police officer intervened. I carried the girl to my ambulance, calmed her and treated her. And she asks me if it was her fault that her parents fought.

I explained, strongly, that it was not. Think of how both these parents claimed to love this child, yet set her up for such emotional scars while blaming the other.

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The last part of your question is particularly interesting to me. Basically, do people change? Even with the best of intentions, it seems that most people don't change. We tend to be repeat offenders of whatever vice we have. Our minds travel the same paths. But I do think that sometimes we can learn big lessons that do have an impact on us. It often takes something big to change us, pull the blinders from our eyes, or enlighten us. And, after that true transformation occurs, there's never any going back to the old version of ourselves. Willpower alone cannot incite this change. It has to be a combination of willpower plus an internal mental reset and often a loathing of what you were before.

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Been a crazy first week back on the ambulance! 17 calls in 24 hours and oh boy have I been worn out this week.

@ Amy--Do people change? I would agree with you that most people don't change. That is does take big impacts for people to learn big lessons. My dad has this saying, "If you ask a person to either change or get busy on a list of reasons why not to change, most people will get busy on the list."

But I also believe that love can be a huge motivator of making a person want to change. In the right circumstances.

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Amy | 2210 comments Mod
Jacqueline wrote: "If you ask a person to either change or get busy on a list of reason why not to change, most people will get busy on the list."

Ha. Love it. I'll have to add that one to my rotation of life "wisdom" quotes.

Without going into too much personal detail, I have to say that I don't really buy that people change for love. It's especially naive to think that you can change a person or that they'll change for you. If you don't like the whole package in the first place, don't buy the product thinking you can fix what's broken. Chances are that you can't in most cases.

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments I shouldn't say change for love. I should say improve themselves for love. I've often found that when a person is truly in love they will be inspired to be a better version of themselves. I do believe that a person shouldn't change or shouldn't try to change another, but inspiration towards self-improvement is another matter.

ETA: And I don't just mean romantic love. One can be 'in love' with one's children, thereby finding inspiration to improve oneself to be a better parent and provider. If a person claims to love another, but that person has major flaws that harm the relationship or the other person and is unwilling to improve or deal with them, then one has to question how strong that love is.

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Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
You make me want to be a better man...


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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Bwahahaha! In a nutshell, Lincoln. Art imitates life or does life imitate art?

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Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
I dont know what changed me...but I am a changed man..just from getting older and a bit wiser (well that last part is debatable, apparantly). I have my bad habits but I do make effort to eliminate them.

Drawback is now I am so bloody boring ;)

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Oh I commiserate with you, Tej. My younger years were so much more exciting. I more of a hermit now, but then I'm also living with many of the aches and pains as a result of my exciting 20s and 30s. Plus I just don't seem to have the energy to stay up and find excitement like I used to. I much rather write about it.

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Howard Loring (howardloringgoodreadscom) | 1174 comments Changes to a human’s mindset are by definition internal & no one can make them but the person involved.

Now, I’d agree with Amy that real change is rare, but History shows it can happen & when it does it usually occurs from an external source, for life changing circumstance can cause stiff reevaluation.

Religious conversion has changed many & not always for the better but other external stimuli may be the death of a friend or loved one, or some other catastrophic loss that ‘puts it all in perspective.’

As Jacqueline points out, age often triggers feelings of ‘what’s it all about’ & this can also bring true change to a tormented, lost or simply confused soul.

Change is always good for any change is forward motion.

That’s why I Time Travel.

Keep moving or die.

My opinion anyway.

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Amy | 2210 comments Mod
I'd agree on the various change triggers mentioned. Another one is being able to suddenly see yourself as others see you. Sometimes this means seeing others who are acting in a similar way. If what you see is abhorrent, sometimes it can trigger a change. But you have to be able to see through unfiltered lenses. And sometimes that requires a little outside commentary.

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Absolutely, Amy. Which is why is good to put oneself into uncomfortable or very different situations, but most people refuse to do that.

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Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
A Book Interview printed by me, with permission from Jacqueline:

1)Why did you make Cass start off unlikable?

Without giving away any spoilers, I decided to make one of my main protagonists more unlikable to start because it was vital to her character arc, and to keep the entire story believable. I know many authors say this, but really, once you read the full story you understand why it’s important that Cass starts off being more of a you-know-what. I find it interesting that some readers connect with her regardless of that. Some connect with her later on during her arc, but a few never connect with her. I expected that. I knew it was a risk. It was one of the main reasons why I made Captain Lewis, another main protagonist, very likable, very relatable. He’s a guy’s guy. He’s the military man everyone either wants to be or wants to hang with. Though he has his gray areas, it was important that I have at least one character for readers to fight for. Even Jeamon was a mixed bag. Since he’s deliberately so stoic, readers either love him or don’t care. But, again, there’s a reason why he’s the way he is.

2)Why did you write Dreams of the Queen from multiple points of view?

It was definitely a challenge, one I wasn’t sure I could pull off near the end. But with all the different agendas that clash throughout the story, it was vital that the reader understand, intimately, why certain characters felt and believed the way they did. I write in deep POV, so when you’re in a certain character’s head, you not only understand why they do what they do, you almost start to agree with them, even the villains at certain points. And there are multiple villains. Everyone is gray, some more than others.

3)Why did you make this an adult rated book when YA is so popular?

I wrote the story that had to be told. There are a few mature-rated scenes that had I written them less adult they would not have had the emotional impact I needed for the character arcs I wanted. Like I say, sometimes ‘darn it’ just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you just have to cross certain lines to get the affects you want. It’s not for shock value. It’s for the story that needs to be shown, not told.

4)Will you always write at the mature level or multiple POV?

Never say never! Or in this case, never say always. I write the story as it is required to be written. Sometimes it’s first person, sometimes third, sometimes multiple or just three POVs as is the case in my next series The Verge, which is also going to be YA. I refuse to pigeonhole my writing, which is why it tends to be very mashup genre style. That does make it hard to find an audience, but I believe a great story is great no matter what. Genres are just labels to help people organize.

5)What was your inspiration for Dreams of the Queen?

Two things really. I had a dream that Jeamon, the alien protagonist, was leading a team of human scientists through his dangerous world. When I started fleshing out the story, I loosely based the brajj on H. G. Wells’ Morlocks. I also wrote an homage conversation to Wells between several of the characters as they figure out what’s going on. This is part of the time travel subplot to the story, and rather funny to those in the know, or so I’ve been told.

6)Are you planning on continuing time travel as a subplot in The Brajj series?

Yes I am. It’s still more subplot, but critical as it causes trouble for our characters. Basically, once you start opening wormholes you have to deal with the theory of relativity and so forth. I’ve created somewhat of a paradox for myself, which I have a way around (gotta love fiction!) but it’s still very troublesome for my characters. I’m writing book 2, and have ideas for book 3 and 4. All still deal with wormholes and the after effects of relativity. What you would call time slipping. There are consequences for jaunting through the galaxy.

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Thanks, Lincoln! Looks great. I've been so busy on the ambulance the last few days I haven't had as much to chat online, but just wanted to pop in and say thanks!

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Just a little something I've been working on here and there. Will probably finish it late in 2014 after I have Queen 2 and FA published. This one is a very claustrophobic, 1st person, psychological thriller/mystery ala Hitchcock.


I’m awake before I realize I’ve been asleep. Darkness more powerful than my eyes surrounds me. I blink . . . I think. It’s difficult to tell where I end and the darkness begins. My head swims and I squint harder. There’s no grayness or fuzzy shapes to anchor my vision, just this solid lack of light pressing me to the bed.
The bed.
I’m lying on a bed, naked. I can feel the rough sheets on the skin of my back. Ugh, the scratchiness of low thread count is as much torture as the ocean of black drowning me.
And I am drowning, slowly, by increments. Each breath pulls more of the thickness into my lungs. Tissues constrict and swell. I can’t breathe! There can’t be oxygen in air, yet my suffering goes on and on and on . . .
Whimpering echoes in the dark, in my head.
Where am I!
I don’t know this place. I need light. I need air. I need—
Clawing at my throat and coughing, I roll to my side. The cover tangles my body and I kick free. Cold air slaps me as I fall over the edge of the bed and land on my hands and knees with a low groan. The floor is hard. It abuses my bare skin. Already I feel tender points where bruises will bloom.
Ignoring the pain, I crawl, scrambling, searching with one hand out for anything—a night stand, a lamp, a chair. My hand bumps a wall. My fingers jam and I hiss in pain, jerking my hand back. Tears sting my eyes. For some reason I resist crying out. It’s important to be silent. I don’t know why. Just like I don’t know where I am.
Or who I am.
Oh God.
Sitting up, I rock back on my hunches and hug myself, shaking.
Who am I?

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Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
Having gone blind overnight your body is overwhelmed by your other senses struggling to compensate...I hate the feelings this passage spawns within me...a tightness in my chest just breathe...turn on the lights and have a glass of water I am ok. Well written Jacquline I hate it, in a good way.

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Thank you! Any art is about invoking a respond, whether it be good or bad. That fact that you hate is a compliment. It's not supposed to be a 'good' passage. It's the opening of 'He Tells Me', and idea I've had for a while that keeps getting pushed to the back burner for other projects.

Hint: She's not blind. She's in a very, very dark room, and she has amnesia.

I experienced amnesia once for about 20 minutes after a botched medical procedure that caused me to faint. (first time I fainted) When I woke up I had no idea who I was or where I was. I recognized objects... I could name things. I could do math and access common knowledge, but all my personal knowledge was gone. Nothing was familiar. I couldn't remember my name. I had no idea until suddenly I could remember everything like someone snapped their fingers.

It was freaky shit, and awesome writing material.

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Heather(Gibby) (heather-gibby) | 424 comments Were the winners of the giveaway announced?

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Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
Heather wrote: "Were the winners of the giveaway announced?"

Not yet...

Perhaps Jacqueline has forgotten the month of September is over or perhaps she is trapped in a temporal worm hole of some kind.

Jacqueline works tons on the ambulance and sleeps when she is not putting in crazy shifts...so I am sure she will announce winners when she can.

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Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
Na, she pre-occupied with Thor's cape, I didnt want to stick around to find out more details!

I think everyone won, as it was the top 10 winners...

It was a really good prize giveaway and question. Shame not as many participants this month which might be down to the complexity of the question and not being time travel related.

Lincoln, your predecessor usually do the draw out of the hat. That worked well. You're the host, I think you should do it, I'm sure Jaqcueling and Thor would agree?

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments No I haven't forgotten. I was waiting to hear from Lincoln as I don't know how the drawing is done, by mod or author. Didn't want to overstep.

Since we have enough prizes, I'm game to give everyone an Ebook and a drawing for the grand prize, if that's cool?

And I was actually distracted by Loki's cape. ;o)

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Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
Sorry Jacqueline,

I had remembered you had said you wanted to pick the winners yourself. I assumed you were busy and would get to it when you could.

I will announce everyone a winner since we failed to reach critical mass on participation. Also I will do a random drawing to determine a grand prize winner.

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Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod

Everyone who participated in this discussion is getting a free e-book in the format of their choice.

Congratulations to:




She will be getting a signed poster and also a signed paperback.

Congratulations Heather.

Thank you Jacqueline for making this giveaway possible.

What would you do for love?

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Did I say that? I don't even remember anymore, that was like over a month ago, lol!

Congrats everybody!!! I'll be sending out Smashwords coupon shortly and Heather, just contact me with the address you're comfortable using and I'll get your grand prize out to you this week.


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Heather(Gibby) (heather-gibby) | 424 comments Wow-thanks so much, my little poking paid off!
I will send you a private message Jacqueline, really looking forward to reading this!

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Great! I've send out the coupons for free downloads. I hope everyone enjoys it, but if not that's okay too. :o)

Queen is definitely not for the faint of heart, but I think it's well worth ride (of course I do!)

Busy, busy working on the sequel, about 60-70% done, plus the first book in another series.

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Samantha Hello, thanks for the free book! I see it on Amazon, is there a way to get a coupon for it that way, so that I do not have to create an account with smash words? If not, no worries. Just checking.

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments I can send you a kindle version instead if you like. If I gift you one through Amazon, I'm actually paying for it and I don't even get the sales count towards my author rank. How lame is that? It's easier and cheaper if I just email you a kindle file. Just PM me with the email you prefer.

message 38: by Samantha (new) - added it

Samantha Ok, never mind then. I'll just set the account up, thank you anyways.

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Okay, whichever you prefer. I wish Amazon allowed us to use gift coupons like Smashwords does without paying out of pocket each time. I prefer my Kindle too, but if I gifted everyone through Amazon, ugh, that would get really expensive really fast.

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Samantha I found out that with smash words you can download to your Kindle anyways, so everything worked out! :)

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Sorry, I thought you knew that or I would've made that clear. Yes, at Smashwords you can download in any format to any ereader, which is totally awesome! Their uploading can be a pain, but once a book is uploaded it so much easier to deal with freebies than anywhere else. Plus authors can track page hits and download rates, create coupons for any amount off. They've still got some tweaks to smooth out, but overall they're great.

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Samantha No, I had never heard of that website before today.

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Ah, well you'll probably get lost there for a while. There's an eclectic mix of stuff. Lots of freebies, lots of porn (if you like that, lol!) Lot of meh but lots of good stuff too. Just have to dig.

Have fun!

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Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
Well done everyone, its nice everyone is a winner! I actually look forward to reading this one, I have no fear of romance orientated novels as I used to as long as there is a good narrative that surrounds it. It wont be my next read but I do read mostly our own group author books.

And did I mention before that is one snazzy book cover?

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments It is nice that everyone was a winner. I sent off the grand prize this week, so Heather should get her prizzes soon.

As far as romance, it's critical to the plot but it's not THE plot, and it's adult. Not just open bedroom, but the dialogue and reactions. No 'heaving bosoms'. LOL!

I have several of the groups' authors in my pile as well behind previously lined up books.

As for the cover, thanks! Had it professionally done by CCR book cover designs. She's very reasonable. I have an art background, but my photoshop skills (at the time of Queen) were very noob and I wasn't quite up to making a pro looking cover yet. For my next books, I'm working on them myself now that I've learned more PS. Traditional art techniques translate well into PS once you learn the commands.

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Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
Photoshop is very powerful, the latest CS5 version has some great time saving tools too. I expect you have a tablet too, if not get one!

I'm not an artist but I love Photoshopping stuff, from repairing old photos to sparking up my astrophotography images.

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments I have CS4 and Elements and tend to use both. Once you get the hang of them, they're amazing! I do have a tablet, but I don't use it as often as I should since I do a lot of work between calls at the station. Dragging another piece of equipment around is a pain. But I need to use it as the mouse just doesn't have that delicate touch.

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"astrophotography images."

Holy moly Tej...that needs to be a thread title with your best work posted there at least weekly!

Lets see this stuff.

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Jacqueline Patricks (jacquelinepatricks) | 112 comments Agreed!

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