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Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Immortals After Dark, #4)
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2013 IAD Series Reread > Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Book #5)

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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Winter Frost Queen)  (gatadelafuente) | 779 comments Mod
We are embarking on our reread of the fifth book in the Immortals After Dark series, Dark Needs at Night's Edge, between September 1-15th.

Please feel free to join in on the discussion and throw out some questions and as many comments out as you'd like to the other participants.

Book Description:

Bestselling author Kresley Cole continues her seductive Immortals After Dark series with this tale of a vampire shunned even by his own kind and a beautiful phantom, bound together by a passion they cannot resist.


Naomi Laress, a famous ballerina from a past century, became a phantom the night she was murdered. Imbued with otherworldly powers but invisible to the living, she haunts her beloved home, scaring away trespassers -- until she encounters a ruthless


To prevent him from harming others, Conrad Wroth's brothers imprison him in an abandoned manor. But there, a female only he can see seems determined to drive him further into madness. The exquisite creature torments him with desire, leaving his body racked with lust and his soul torn as he finds himself coveting her for his own.


Yet even if Conrad can win Naomi, evil still surrounds her. Once he returns to the brutality of his past to protect her, will he succumb to the dark needs seething inside him?

Elizabeth Stokes | 6 comments I'm half way through the audio book! I was not wowed by this book but like that < the two struggled with openly wanting each other so badly but physically can't >

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Jessica (studioeastrat) | 77 comments This is one of my favorites in the series. I loved Conrad and I thought that it how Kresley handled them wanting each other but not being able to touch beautifully.

Namita Conrad's book was amazing. Out of all Wroth brothers I loved this book the most!!

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Winter Frost Queen)  (gatadelafuente) | 779 comments Mod
Sorry, I haven't gotten a chance to read this. I opened the thread for the next book and I will post questions here after I reread this.

Lulu (lulululu) | 260 comments I love Conrad. He's a favorite of mine. All the Wroth brothers are great but there is something about Conrad, his vulnerability I guess. I love how he needs Naomi so much. I loved all the interactions with his brothers as well, and how they wouldn't give up on him.

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I finally had some free time to reread this book and I gotta say I don't know why I gave this book a 3 star rating the first time because this time around I absolutely loved it. For some reason I couldn't remember much about this book and rereading was like reading for the first time I couldn't put it down. It was great, I'm so happy for this reread :).

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Jessica (studioeastrat) | 77 comments I was finally able to finish this book and I loved it just as much as I loved it the first time. Conrad is my favorite Wroth brother. He is so broken but so strong and sweet. I loved Naomi as well. She is so perfect for Condrad. I also really enjoyed the way Ms.Cole handled the steamy scenes with these too. Even when they couldn't touch they were smokin' hot.

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Felicia (monty49) | 3 comments It took me a min to remember this book to. I have the book so I am going to reread it. I liked it the first time so i kept it to reread and now its time. I just love all her book and i have to catch up and read the last three. I am so sad that there are just so many books and not enough time to read them

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