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Adelaide Blair | 1005 comments Mod
This topic is for those who wish to discuss the book in progress. No spoilers please.

Adelaide Blair | 1005 comments Mod
I am about 200 pages in and things are starting to pick up speed. The pacing of the first part of the book is a little slow, but it make sense if you want to build up suspense for what will happen later. Slow does not mean boring. So far I am really enjoying the characters and their experiences in Germany right before WWII. The book does assume some familiarity with Nazi culture (SS uniforms, the salute, the Horst Wessel song, and the Seig Heil chant/greeting), but I don't think not knowing any of those things would ruin your enjoyment of the book. (Although having a good basic knowledge of what happened during this time period can only increase your understanding of the story.)

Gregory Wright | 11 comments I am almost where you are, assuming we have the same edition. (page 160 of 345). It is a little slow at first, but not boring. I really like the way she writes and I am enjoying all of the period details. But, for a big spy thriller, I am waiting for stuff to start happening. If this would ever become a Hollywood movie (has it?) I am sure they would drop the first few hundred pages. :-)

I do think that if you haven't at least seen a few WWII movies or something, a lot of the nice parts of the book would be missed or glossed over. Not so much that you would not enjoy it, but it would be a shame.

I was also surprised to find out that this author was not British, but was American/Scottish. Not sure why.

Adelaide Blair | 1005 comments Mod
So there was a movie made from this book in 1943 with Joan Crawford and Fred MacMurray. It's been awhile since I've seen it, but I don't remember it being all that great. I'm actually enjoying the book more than I did the film. (Although I'll probably want to watch it again to see how my memory of it holds up.) One issue being that Crawford and MacMurray did not have much chemistry together.

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