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James Bruno (jamesbruno) | 6 comments So, this week, Havana -- not once, but twice -- denounced me and my latest thriller, "Havana Queen" as a "subversive act against the Cuban government." Golly gee. I must be doing something right. (Details are on my blog - Diplo Denizen.)

Anyway, so I know where the Castro regime stands on my book: one star, if that. I would now welcome some reviews from a nonideological stance.

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Charles Ameringer (cda1) | 24 comments Congratulations, Jim! I wish I could gain such notoriety. This should put HAVANA QUEEN on top of the best-seller list.

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KOMET | 35 comments Just ordered the paperback via Amazon. Will be curious to see how this novel compares with the Jose Latour novel "Comrades in Miami: A Novel."

James Bruno (jamesbruno) | 6 comments I liked Latour's novel very much, and did a review on it. While both books take place both in Cuba and the U.S., Havana Queen is very different. Much more spycraft, plus a popular armed uprising. As with all my books, I had to have it reviewed by government censors before it could be published.

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