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What Do You Think Of This Book??
Olivia Gavin Olivia Aug 31, 2013 05:54PM
What do you guys think of this book? I've only read about 75% of it so far, and I think its a little slow and boring. If you've read the 'Obsidian' series, you know that those are much better, but it want to hear what you guys have to say.

It was eh. Could've been better.

i Absolutely LOVEEDDD IT.

Olivia Gavin I'm finding it a little slow...don't know if I want to keep reading it or not. Is there hope for the series or should I stop?? ...more
Sep 01, 2013 03:59PM · flag

i really liked this series, but don't bother reading the "Leif" novella, that was pointless and boring

I loved this series, I wasn't sure about it when I first started it but it was really interesting and there was a definite chemistry. third book could have been better.

It was a little slow but continue it I loved it.

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