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Brooke (storybrooke7) | 39 comments Mod
When you have read the book you can comment below! :)

message 2: by Brooke (last edited Sep 08, 2013 03:22PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Brooke (storybrooke7) | 39 comments Mod
Perhaps a 4.5 rating would be more accurate.

I was very much engrossed in this much so that I couldn't put it down for two days! I haven't read a book by Diane Chamberlain yet, but after reading this one I'm sure I will pick up more of her books!

Once the story started picking up to where CeeCee was getting involved with Tim and his plan to reduce his sister's sentence and then the moment where she helps Genevieve with delivering her child I was hooked. It was amazing to me how fast I was flying through the book. I kept thinking to myself about how I would of handle the situation if I was in CeeCee's shoes. I like to think I would do just as she did, because in my opinion she did nothing "wrong"; she was a very believable character and showed herself to be only human.

When Jack enters the book, I have to say that he annoyed me a bit and then grew on me. The older Cory drove me nuts though; hints the 4/4.5 rating.

The last section of the book was predictable and a little disappointing because of that, but overall I really enjoyed this novel!

Lacey | 7 comments I think a 4.5 rating is good as well.

It was a very interesting story. I never read any of Diane Chamberlain's books either. I liked how her mother wrote her letters in the beginning of each chapter. I thought that was unique!

I also got annoyed off and on through out the book. I just wanted her to listen to her mother, and stay away from Tim! I guess I figured he was just using her. Plus the age gap between them was illegal. Not sure if it was illegal though in the '70s. Of course as a 16 year old, and I know that feeling, when you think you're in love, you're gonna do what you're gonna do no matter what!

I can identify with Cory and her phobias. I too struggle with tons of crazy phobias, so I thought that was interesting to read about a character with similar problems. I've never had that happen in a book before! She too got on my nerves the older she got. Ken was turning her into a snob if you ask me!
I didn't like that the Russells' expected Cory to love them right away too. I know they were angry at Eve too for what happened, but you'd think they would be thankful that she didn't just abandon Cory to die too with Genevieve, and took good care of her! That's just my opninon!

Jack was a lil too "happy" for me too I think. But he turned out to be a great guy, and stuck by CeeCee/Eve no matter what, even with her RA disease and then the legal stuff that happened. To me, though when they first met, it was a lil too much "insta love" I believe the term is now. I'm not sure if I have a favorite part of the book this time. It both annoyed me, and yet kept me interested. It reminded me of one of those Lifetime movies. lol! But all in all, it was a good book!

Brooke (storybrooke7) | 39 comments Mod
Lacey wrote: "I think a 4.5 rating is good as well.

Yes! A lifetime movie for sure! I'm glad you saw my points in the book as well! Thanks for reading and commenting on this month's book!

message 5: by Teresa (new) - added it

Teresa | 6 comments I rated it a 3. I liked it but I wasn't in love with the story. I was more into the story once she started living with Marian. I felt Cee Cee was played by Tim but with all the situations she was placed in whether by choice or not she was very brave. I couldn't stand Irving and Vivian even though I understand their grief. I liked Jack, in real life his upbeat personality would make me want to smack him but I believe Cee Cee/Eve needed someone who would bring fun in her life. I'm not sure if I would of fessed up at the end. I felt that definitely was courageous when she had so much to lose but probably the more moral choice. I'm glad at the end it all worked out.

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