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Season Two > Episode 2: Everybody Loves a Clown

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Kasi Blake (kcblake) | 175 comments Mod
Summary: The boys track a killer clown who gets children to let him into their house and then kills their parents. Sam and Dean are both trying to deal with the death of their father in their own way.

Review: We finally meet Ellen, Jo, and Ash in this one. Clowns are creepy. I totally agree with Sam on that.

Fav lines:
Dean: I know what you're thinking. Why did it have to be clowns? You still bust out crying when you see Ronald McDonald on TV.
Sam: You're afraid of flying.
Dean: Planes crash.
Sam: And apparently, clowns kill.

Dean: You're right. Come here. Let me put my head on your shoulder. We can cry and hug and maybe even slow dance.

Dean: I hope that's a rifle.
Jo: No. I'm just happy to see you.

Guest Stars: I always liked Ellen and Jo and hate the way they ended up. The first little girl was cute. None of the other family members stood out to me. I thought the first mom was weird. When your kid says she saw a clown on the side of the road in the dead of night, you don't just smile. You freak out! especially if you are on Supernatural. :)

Fake IDs: Go to work for carnival.

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Kasi Blake (kcblake) | 175 comments Mod
Aalia W wrote: "hey @K.C I am so sorry! I was so up for this whole season thing and I still am!
I was really sick for a while which was why i didnt get the time to keep up.

But now i have so yeah, Hi by the way ..."

Sam and clowns, cracks me up.

Totally agree on Ellen and Jo. I love the way Ellen takes to Dean, like she senses he needs a mother figure in his life. She seems to favor him.

Glad you could make it. Sorry you were sick. I fell a bit behind too, but I am all caught up now.

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