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message 1: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Hill | 59 comments A great writing tip and a reader’s competition in this week’s post

message 2: by John (new)

John Dizon | 108 comments I usually try to get a chapter done per day. Not that I do one every day, or I would be as prolific as an...erm...$0.00 author. If I've got a manuscript that needs work for whatever reason (usually when someone wants to see the completed MS or may be hinting at it), then I will plan on knocking out a chapter at a time to get the job done. Since you're looking at over ten pages per chapter for a 40k-word project (novel length), this will probably take you about a half-day at worst.

For something like this, I will go to bed or take a long walk putting the episode together in my mind. Normally I'm looking at three major scenes that should take up about three pages apiece. The first scene will be an expository scene, the second a segue, and the third part a major scene that sets up the next chapter. It should be enough of a cliffhanger so that you will be motivated to keep going, and that the reader will be looking forward to starting the next chapter once it's in print.

Of course, most will work at their own pace, and two hundred words a day will certainly eliminate much rewriting down the road. For those working against a deadline, however (real or self-imposed), a chapter a day is an attainable goal when the mental preparations are made.

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