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message 1: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Hello ^-^ btw, how are you? And I was wondering... should we RP the beginning like how they met on the ship and fell in love? :33

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ I'm fine. You? And I was actually thinking the same thing. ^ ^

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) I'm good and okay! :3. Who do you want to be? I'd like to be Raphael, if that's okay with you? (:

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Yeah, that's fine. Raphael seems like a good fit for you. XP And just so you know, Raphael doesn't have his scar. He gets that later on. So when did you want to start? When Raphael first joins the ship? (And it's going to be so weird to not have Zach as captain...)

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Lol, we can rp Zach as a captain, but more in the background, like it's more like a piece to the puzzle :3. And you tell me how Raphael gets his scar? And does he have certain history? Or can I use my imagination? xD

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ No, I mean Zach won't be captain at that time. This is when they're teenagers and Zach's dad is captain. Raphael doesn't really have a history other than he joined the ship at about age fourteen because he ran away from home. As for his scar...That's a secret for now. XP

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Aha okay ^-^ so, do you still want me to describe his appearance or do you have that in mind too lol? I thought that he had brown hair?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ You don't have to describe them, if you don't want to. But I believe that Raphael had black hair and blue eyes. Jeremiah's the one with brown hair.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Yeah, I imagined them both with dark hair ^^ . So do you want to start or make the characters?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ I'd rather just start, seeing as their charas are already developed in the other rp. The only thing that's different is that Raphael is like 14 and Jeremiah is about 15ish.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Okay! So Raphael joins the pirate ship? ^-^

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ U-huh. Jeremiah's already a member, and they both become ship boys together.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Aha okay :3 do you want me to start? Or do you want to?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ It doesn't matter. You can, if you want, or I can, if you need me to.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Could you? Then I have an idea on where to start :3

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ (Okay. X))

The ship of the Blacksmith Pirates was docked at a small town for a few days. It had taken quite a bit of damage during the last raid, and they were in crucial need of supplies. Jeremiah, being one of the ship boys, was in charge of buying the supplies that were needed, which was why, at that very moment in time, he was out wandering town without a care in the world.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael, with a small bag slung over his shoulder, walked up to the dock, slightly out of breath. He needed to get away from this town, he just needed to. And... a ship was the way to do it right? It wouldn't be too hard. Raphael was strong for his age, with his lean built and strong hands, he could do this... He just hoped they would allow him on the ship. He bit his lip as he saw a huge ship at the dock... a pirate ship. Ah what the hell. He walked up to it, unsure who to speak to.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Jeremiah was just making his way back to the ship, a bag full of supplies slung over his shoulder, when he spotted another boy around his age approaching the deck. Furrowing his brow, he strode over to him. "If you're searching for a luxury ship, you've come to the wrong place." he called out, crossing his arms across his chest.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael blinked as he looked up and met the gaze of another boy, who seemed to be carrying supplies to the pirate ship. "No, no, I'm not looking for a luxury ship," he said quicklky, biting his lip. "I'm looking for an adventure," he added quietly. (view spoiler) He gave him a slight grin. "And I thought your ship looked interesting. I'm a hard worker," he shrugged. He was a little shy, of course, but acting like he had a boost of confidence always made things better. He tried very hard not to blush under the boy's steady gaze.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ (Lol, okay?)

Jeremiah rose a brow. "You're looking for an 'adventure'?" he repeated. Then he scoffed. "I don't know what kind of adventure that ship holds, but it's not one that's going to be filled with fun and excitement. It's going to be filled with danger and death and loss and pain. A boy like you wouldn't last two days on a ship like this, especially with our captain." Jeremiah started walking towards the ship again, brushing past the unknown boy. "Go back home. This ship has no room for wannabes like you."

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) ((Sorry, I love LOTR xD ))

"Wannabes?" anger flared up in his mind and he glared at the guy who started to walk back. Raphael followed him, bemused. "No, I'm not a wannabe. I want to go, see the world, sail the seas and live my life the fullest. I've been living horribly all my life, and I want to start over," he gulped and then bit his lip, not noticing how helpless he looked. "Can't you... just... help me?" he asked him slowly. Raphael didn't like the way he needed to ask for help; he never did. He was just stubborn. A stubborn boy. His parents were both dead, killed by the plague. He had nothing left.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Jeremiah let out a soft sigh, stopping and whirling around to face the boy. "'Living your life to the fullest' on a pirate ship means that you're most likely to die young." As if to prove his point, Jeremiah tugged down the collar of his shirt, exposing the beginning of a long, jagged scar that looked only a few months old. "Got this in a recent raid. Almost died. Are you really up for that? On this ship, you have to be able to fight for yourself. Are you able to do that?"

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael bit his lip, his eyes widening when he saw the scar on Jeremiah's skin. That didn't look that good... He bit his lip harder and slowly, nodded. It wasn't like he had anything to get back to, so he just said: "I have nothing to lose," he told Jeremiah softly. He had no siblings, no one he cared about and no one that cared about him, they were all dead. Living his life on the street had never been an option, and a ship seemed like a good start. A good start for a new beginning.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Jeremiah rose a brow at the boy's statement, crossing his arms across his chest as he examined him curiously. "What are you good at?" he asked suddenly. "What are your strengths? What will you be useful for?"

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael rocked back and forth on his feet, nervous. What was he good at? "I'm strong enough to lift things, and I'm pretty fast and lean too," he said quietly, that was just the truth. Then, there was it, one of his passions, but would it be... stupid? "And..." he trailed off, biting his lip again, looking unsure. "I'm a pretty good cook."

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ At the boy's last statement, Jeremiah cocked his head to the side in thought. "Hmm...Alright, then. You're in luck. The chef needs a new assistant. Come on." Jeremiah said, already making his way back to the ship. "Let me introduce you to the crew."

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael sighed in relief and smiled slightly. Food saved me again, he thought, amused. He walked after Jeremiah, biting his lip. He realised he didn't even know his name. "What's your name?" He asked hesitantly, pulling his bag with stuff, which hung over his shoulder, closer to him as they made it to the deck.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Jeremiah glanced over his shoulder at the other boy, opening his mouth to reply when a familar voice broke through. "There you are, boy! What took you so long?" An older man approached Jeremiah, hands behind his back as he stared down at the smaller boy. Jeremiah couldn't help but smirk; though he always tried to be intimidating, Jeremiah knew that Cid was one of the kindest men on board, no matter how strict he was. "Sorry, Cid. It took me quite a while to find the supplies needed." he explained, holding up the bag. Cid took the bag and opened it, making sure that everything was in there. He nodded, closing the bag again. "Good. I'll just go ahead and give this to Ricardo and-" He broke off as he spotted the other boy behind Jeremiah, and he rose a brow. "Who's this?" he asked, jerking his head in the newcomer's direction. Jeremiah glanced at the other boy. "Oh. He's somebody that wanted to join the ship." he said, matter-of-fact. Cid narrowed his eyes. "Jeremiah-" "Ricardo needs a new assistant." Jeremiah interrupted smoothly. "Well, here he is. Um...What was your name again?"

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael blinked at the sudden appearance of the man in front of the other guy. It was so confusing when you didn't know any names. He listened to them, intrigued by their relationship. Raphael had never really had friends before. He was too shy, and having no home didn't really help with your social contacts. As Cid spotted him, he felt a blush coming onto his cheeks. He hated it how easily people could make him blush, but he just didn't like to be looked at. He wasn't anything special. "Raphael," he said after clearing his throat. "My name is Raphael," he told them, glancing from Jeremiah to Cid. He still didn't know who the guy was, but the other man was Cid... apparantly.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Jeremiah nodded once at Raphael before turning back to Cid. "There we have it. Raphael can be Ricardo's new assistant." Cid furrowed his brow. "Jeremiah, I don't think Captain's going to be too thrilled at the fact that you're making arrangements without him..." Jeremiah's expression didn't change, but he swallowed hard at the mention of their captain, and it was quite obvious that the man made him incredibly nervous. "I can take care of that later." he murmured, and he was slightly surprised by how steady his voice was. "But right now, I need to introduce the chef to the assistant." He took the supply bag from Cid and glanced at Raphael. "Come on." he said, jerking his head in the opposite direction before beginning to walk.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Oh... Jeremiah... that was his name... his thoughts were a little blurry as he listened to their conversation. He was very happy that this was happening, that he was finally of the streets, but he hoped that the real captain would allow him to stay. He could prove himself if he needed too. He truely was, a great cook. He nodded and walked after Jeremiah, biting on his lip. "So... how long have you been on this ship?" he asked him curiously, trying not to sound too nervous, because he was.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Jeremiah glanced behind him at Raphael, frowning slightly. "I was born on this ship. Just like the captain's son." he replied, turning back with a slight shrug. "Been here ever since." Before Raphael could reply, they were already at the kitchen. "Here we are." he said, pushing open the door. "Ricardo! I brought back everything you need!" A tall, blonde man with piercing green eyes stepped into view, cocking an eyebrow at him. "Did you now?" he questioned, voice low and gruff. "I doubt that you brought me back an assistant, which is something that I am in dying need of." Jeremiah suddenly grinned, stepping to the side and gesturing to Raphael. "I did tell you that I brought you everything, didn't I?"

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael nodded at his words, wondering how that would b like. Jeremiah had been born on the ship, he had been born on tbe streets. They were fairly the same. He felt like he could connect with him. As Jeremiah stepped aside, he blushed lightly. Raphael had never liked attention, because he didn't think he was special. "H-Hello sir, I would gladly be your assistent," he said, his voice determined yer insecure.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Ricardo rose a brow at Raphael, then at Jeremiah, crossing his arms across his chest. "You scare me sometimes, boy..." he said, causing Jeremiah's grin to widen slightly. Ricardo took a step towards Raphael. He took his index finger and slipped it under Raphael's chin, tilting it up higher. "Chin up, boy." he ordered. "Show more confidence. If you're here, then that must mean that you want to be a chef, and chefs have confidence, am I wrong?" Though both his words and voice were gruff, there was kindness sparkling in Ricardo's eyes, and he had been gentle when tilting Raphael's chin up.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael blinked when Ricardo tilted his chin.up, and he felt a blush coming onto his cheeks. But at his words, he relaxed. He spoke with kindness, not with hatred, the one that Raphael heard so often. "No sir," he said, looking at him as he nodded his head. He would try at least, it was just hard to switch himself to a boost of confidence all the sudden.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Ricardo chuckled, letting his hand drop to the side. "Guess we'll have to work on that, then." he said with a broad grin. "Welcome, Raphael. Come on, let me show you the works of the kitchen." As Ricardo turned to give Raphael the tour, Jeremiah turned to head out the door. "You two have fun bonding." he said with a wave of his hand. "I to attend to." Before either could reply, Jeremiah slipped out of the kitchen, making his way towards the captain's cabin, filled with apprehension.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael bit his lip and then smiled lightly at Ricardo's grin. "Thanks," he smiled a little more at Ricardo as he said that. He made him feel at ease, unlike anyone else. Jeremiah wasn't so bad either, but those looks seemed to go right through him... as if he could see his soul. It made him nervous. He opened his mouth to reply to Jeremiah's words, but he was already gone; so he let out a soft sigh. "I usually work with everything that I can get," he told Ricardo softly. He had worked on the streets a lot, but also at a bar for a few weeks.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ (+Just kind of...Let's Jeremiah go for a while...+)

Ricardo chuckled. "That's a very good aspect of a chef." he commented, leading Raphael over to the pantry. "Now, quick quiz: If you're out in the middle of the sea for months on end, what is the best, most protein-filled meal that can be prepared for the ship's crew?"

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) ((Haha that's okay :) ))

Raphael walked after Ricardo, smiling a little at his words. He ran a hand through his hair and bit his lip. "Fish," he said after a second thought.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ (XP)

Ricardo snapped his fingers. "Bingo!" he said, grinning. "Now, we're here on the ocean for several months at a time, so fish is all we ever eat. How can we keep the crew from getting tired of eating the same thing over and over again?"

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael chuckled as Ricardo did that and he shook his head in amusement. "Use different spices and vegetables," he pointed out, chuckling softly. "I know what it's like. You eat the same thing on the streets... bread," he told him. He didn't know where Ricardo came from, but Raphael wasn't scared of his past.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Ricardo rose a brow, pleased with Raphael's answer. "You're a quick one, you are." he said cheerfully, pulling spices off the pantry shelves. "Here. Take these to the counter. You're cooking your first meal on this ship with me."

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael chuckled lightly, blushing a little at his words. He wasn't used to be praised... He never got praised actually, not even.when his parents were still alive. He nodded at Ricardo's other words. "What do I have to do?" He asked him. He liked Ricardo, it was easy to be around him. He felt at ease. Unlike he did with Jeremiah .

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Ricardo pulled out a couple of fish, walking back over to Raphael and setting the fish down. "Mix together a combination of spices that you think will taste good with this fish while I work on gutting them." he instructed.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael nodded at his words and smiled. He was good at these things. Being creative was a thing that he loved doing. He was good at creating and experimenting with new things. "Okay, I can do that," he said as he grabbed a couple of things. He grabbed chili powder, pepper, salt and garlic and began to mix them together.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Ricardo smiled as he began to gut the fish. "So you're a street brat, huh?" he asked casually. "I knew that there was something about you. That whole saying about 'kindred spirits' and all that. I'm a streetbrat myself."

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael nodded as he put the spices in a mortar and began to make a better mixed paste. "Yeah,' he blinked. "You figured that out pretty fast," he laughed softly, a slight blush on his cheeks. "You are? Which part of London? I grew up in the second district... which is probably the worst."

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Ricardo glanced over at him and shrugged. "Like I said, kindred spirits." he replied. "And to be honest, I'm not really sure anymore. It's been such a long time that I guess that I just kind of forgot." He finished gutting the fish and started fileting them ino thin slices.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Raphael tasted the mixture and eventually added more pepper. "Well, that's understandable. I wish I could forget," he said softly, beginning t make more of the paste.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ Ricardo glanced over at him with a slightly empathetic look on his face before nodding. "I'm sure you will, eventually." he murmured. "Everyone forgets on this ship, eventually. Well, most of us..." Finishing up slicing up the fish, he set the strips down next to Raphael. "Ready whenever you are." he announced, gesturing to the spices Raphael was working with.

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