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Austin Kuo I just finished reading Karen Moriarty's fine book about Michael Jackson. It is the best book I have ever read about Mr. Jackson especially if you are a fan of the King.

Irina Eropolova Dr.Karen Moriarty, I would like you to see this... my deep bow of respect to you. For you, Dr.Karen, is simply the best. I mean you book is simply the best in a long string of the books about incomparable Michael Joseph Jackson I've been insatiably consuming all these years, especially four last ones. I think I'm entitled to explain why I found your book the best. Here we go: first of all, being a life-long Michael Jackson die hard fan and admirer thus being profoundly acquainted with Michael's biography I easily am able to spot misprints, errors and mishmash in MJ events, facts of life and dates. To my amaze I found NONE in your book and believe me, it was under tough scrutiny. The data was relayed thoroughly, with precision and accuracy of a scientist. It was a laboratory work, dear author, especially with the longest list of the materials examined, browsed and reviewed by you.
Secondly: the book was highly educative to me, like no other. The last four years of Michael's life were much more reclusive than the previous ones of his, so even we, long time fans knew less about his life during this period, and the facts were rare and spontaneous. Your chapters dedicated to these last years of his life gave me a neat and sharp picture of what was going on there.
Thirdly: the help chosen by you to give birth to this wonderful book also amazes me: only strictly and highly reliable sources, small range of good, kind and decent persons who really knew and loved Michael Jackson which makes the book the precious source of information for those who wonder.
But above all this what makes this book “ a killer” is the author's compassionate and loving heart, its beat of humanity I was hearing through the pages.... I shed rivers of tears, I smiled, I sometimes laughed... all those human feelings were brought following the incredibly abundant MJ life and the way the author delivered the story. Love and appreciation of MJ's unparallelled genius transcend every page. Being a fan from Russia I should confess I gasped and broke when encountered with the story surrounded MJ Dangerous concert in Moscow in 1993, the story well-known in Russia but maybe not elsewhere in the world. And every word is true, all the details, both ugly (from officials) and wonderfully cordial (from Michael). And thank you so much for mentioning my good friend Larisa, a very strong, “heart and soul” devoted MJ Russian fan!!
I'm grateful to you for exposing different views of various groups of people and fans in regard of Michael's greatness and uniqueness with no judgment at all, telling about these groups with positiveness and sometimes with big appreciation. Yes, I myself belong to the group of the fans who believe in Michael's divinity and I'm proud to be in this group. Many of us ALREADY understand who Michael was and is and with what mission he was sent here down on Earth. I hope many generations to come will have that joy and sorrow to yet discover... Years will pass, lies will dissolve and be forgotten, instead the giant figure of that KING of a man, humanity and music will shine on brighter than ever.
The book's title does not deceive: the level of defending the KING is just overwhelming!
Dr. Karen... Dear doctor, you have accomplished your professional duties capitally because your book to me and I dare say to millions of other MJ fans is “a healer”. Well, we know, that's what good doctors are for...
with L.O.V.E.
Irina Eropolova

Jane Ruusunen Defending a King is a very appropiate titel for this book. It is clearly written by someone who really comprehends the force, love and nature of Michael Jackson. The many people who add something to this book gives you a vivid impression of MJ. Often you smile in understanding the ways and actions of MJ and at times your heart breaks in the clear picture of a worldloving man who is, or I sadly have to say, was a prisoner in his own world. The entire book takes us on a rollercoaster emotionel tour, giving facts in a way that makes us feel we're there. KM gave us a book that reveals she has seen the true understanding of who and what Michael was, is and allways will be - a multitalented performer full of heart who CARED. Sadly he is no more - gladly we have someone like KM to be here to tell about him.
L.O.V.E Jane

Catherine Hayes A fantastic book. My thanks and hats off to Dr. Karen Moriarty!! This is a book that had to be written. Too many people are swayed by the opinion of the media. Finally the truth about the genius that was Michael Jackson is out there. A gem of a book, and a definite must read for all MJ fans !!!!!

Ulla Madsen A fantastic book.
Review of Dr.Karen Moriarty's book Defending a king-His Life & Legacy.

This is a book that I highly recommend for any Michael Jackson fan. It is a good and positive book as defend Michael Jackson in the trial in 2005, she has used sources from Michaels 3 bodygard's, and Tom Mesereau. It is also about all the good things Michael did for charity, and how kind and loving father he was. The book is of particular parts of these last difficult years of Michael's life, and of all the accusations he has had to live with.
For all Michael Jackson-loving fans who want to know a little more about Michael's hard life in public, I would really like to recommend this positive book.
The author has written a good and positive book about the difficult life of one legend like Michael Jackson lived.
However I thought the book lacks some pictures .. so it would be absolutely fantastic.
I give 5 stars from Denmark.

From Big MJ fan
Ulla Agerbæk Madsen

Vicky A Great Read!!

I give this book a 5 star review as it is told with much love and compassion for Michael Jackson. Dr. Moriarty tells you all about Michaels life in music, art, dance as well in some private areas of Michaels life. She speaks with great respect and compassion for Michaels children and family, as well as some not so nice things that others did to Michael. Read the book and you will discover the kind of man Michael Jackson was. You will understand just how easy it is to love someone so honest and sincere who had a huge heart with so much love to give not only his friends and family, but the WHOLE world!!

Albert De Defending a King His live &Legacy.
This beautiful book is written by Dr Karen Moriarty.This book is totaly diferent like others about Michael Jackson.
Do u kno why?? Wel i know why.Its Because its written with the L.O.V.E for Michael Jackson.
Dr Karen Moriarty is a real loving Michael Jackson fan and that is why this book came out so beautiful.I am proud to own a copy of the book.I realy love it.
Karen has spoken to the right people around Michael Jackson and has this beautiful written in the book.
If u are a real loving Michael Jackson Fan u shut have this book and enjoy the beautiful story,s
I am sure you wil be more then satisfide iff u have read the book.
Happy Reading Albert de Lugt

Janiceramey Dr. Moriarty's book , I CAN TELL KAREN HAS WORKED HARD AT MAKING THIS BOOK TO PERFECTION!! , It is about The King of Pop Michael Jackson. "Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy" was a very easy to understand book It tells about his life in so many forms , things you nor I would be able to comprehend if we were not in the music business . I thought this was a very interesting book .One of the best books so far and for sure I would highly recommend this book for all of Michael Jacksons fans, or to people who would like to understand Michael Jackson. I WILL SAY BRAVO A 5 STAR READ. >Janice Ramey

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James Sbi Jackson I myself am a published author. My work, If I Told You My Inspired Poems, is a long way off from being a story about Michael Jackson and all of his trials and tribulations. However, over the years I have been waiting for a decent and above average book about my favorite artist to come to light. And I found it in this book. I am really enjoying this interesting book about Michael Jackson. Each of its 19 chapters covers a specific theme about Michael Jackson, which helps the reader to understand the man behind the music in a comprehensive way, chapter by chapter. Being a Michael Jackson fan myself, I have been looking for books that accurately portray him as the human-being that he was and not what the media described him to be. This book is a great read for all true Michael Jackson fans.

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Jaja Gibore Within the first couple of minutes of reading it I was very pleased to see that someone is still trying to keep is name in good spirits.It was very engaging. I was also very happy to discover that Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy presents Michael Jackson in the way that he deserves -- with respect for the man and his genius. Thank you Karen!!!

Carol Campbell I have not read this book yet. However, I truly believe Michael Jackson was an innocent man. He was a very talented man w- a big huge heart. I choose to hold all of the good childhood memories he has brought to me and my siblings growing up. What a genius he was. He is and will be missed. I can't wait to dive in to your wonderful peace of knowledge Miss. Karen. Thank you.

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Lisa Chasse I recommend this book by Dr.karen Moriarty..i gave it a 5 star..its amazing..because it is about Michael Joseph Jackson..about his truly loving,kind hearted,humbling man he was..and he still had all that till the day he died..cant tell to much about this book because others should get this book and see for themselves..Dr. karen put her heart into this book and it is a true book about the King of PoP..i do recommend this not a true reader in books..only on stuff about michael that i know is true..I have read other books on him but this one has the truth..Thumbs up to you Miss Karen..Thanks.. :)

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BOBBI REINCKE Amazing book!!! I have read it more than once! would recomend to allMJ fans!! THANKS KAREN!!

Douessin I highly recommend this book I also gave it 5 star because this book describes the true personality of this legendary pop me being a fan of Michael Jacksonsince childhood I have been able to recognize his true personality through this book I really highly reconnended to all fanor not a fan myself I hate the lies made to destroy a person for the sole purpose of extracting money from him Michael was different but that's what makes him to a star outside the norm and of the nicest people that I think should take example.

Srishtha Sarkar I have learnt a lot about this book and how Dr Karen has brought to light his true personality.. I congratulate Dr Karen and thank her for her incredible efforts on this book..If one is already a fan, he will love Michael even more after reading this book..and if he's not a fan, I bet this book will change his perspective about Michael. I givé a 5 star rating to it.. love you Karen


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Purity Gikunju A 5 STAR RATING by Purity from Kenya

Thank you Dr. Karen Moriarty for bringing to life such a wonderful book! As a big fan of Michael Jackson, this book highlights even more reasons as to why I loved Michael Jackson. Those of us in this society that are very quick to cast the stones, they should take a step back and deeply look at themselves. It's very easy to quickly pass judgement on others, point fingers for self fulfillment on another person's misery. Those who enjoyed watching Michael Jackson suffer for a paycheck or 5 minutes of fame should read this book, and then evaluate their lives today. I wonder if it was worth it!
Michael dedicated his life for his family, fans and giving back. Am glad I had a chance to see even more of him from a psychologist's point of view. This book is a must read :)

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Nina Mackey I gave this book 5 stars! Dr. Moriarty put her heart into this book, I recommend this book for all MJ fans.

Natasja Jackson i did not read the book i'm not ready to read it but i do belief it is okey <3 wish you good luck with the book much love natas

Micheline James Despite the various pros and cons posted by others, Karen's book is a respectful account of Michael Jackson's life and recommended reading. With the endless tell-all books that capitalize on the more titillating details of Michael's life, much of which I believe were either embellished or outright lies, Karen Moriarty focuses on the positive things that matter. Even if the research is not as thorough as some have attested to in reviews, which I am not equipped to confirm or deny, or that many parts are quotes taken from other sources, they are not direct quotes or statements by Moriarty personally, nor does the author take credit for those quotes. The reader is responsible for interpreting what they read, and for their own desire to check the sources of certain passages and do their own further research. This is only one of many books written about Michael, and I have ignored most most of what's been out there the past five years, including Rabbi Schmuley's distasteful publication of Michael's audio taped interviews, which was a gross breach of Michael's privacy. In a sea of tabloid bottom feeder books that thrive on dragging Michael's character through the mud, I consider Moriarty's "Defending A King" to be exactly what the title represents. Tom Mesereau has endorsed this book, and as an attorney who has seldom attached his good name to any book and continues to speak out in support of Michael's innocence, his endorsement carries a lot of weight with me.

Chanel Bijou Karen Moriarty's book Defending a King-His Life His Legacy, is an in-depth look at the Legendary King Of Pop during his trials and tribulations as I read the first introductory paragraph, A King under siege, I cannot help but remember June 25th 2009, but I must read on. Karen also acknowledge's in this book the openness of ALL fans around the world in continuing HIS vision, and continue it must in addition to that, I find it fascinating that Karen Moriarty says that she was a psychologist and therapist and I quote: "Tell me what you think and feel about Michael Jackson" as a fan, I want to tell her what I think about the wonderful human being that was Michael Jackson. she also describes how he was "a best friend to the world" how eloquently and beautifully put I like that Karen Moriarty tells how Michael inspired her to go out and do charitable work, YES that's our beloved Michael telling us to make that change, there is also the heart felt conversation between Karen and Thomas Mesereau who was Michael's attorney during the 2005 trial, security and their devotional relationship in protecting the "the Boss" and his three children, fans hanging out at his Las Vegas home where they would become hysterical and pass out in 120 degree weather just to catch a peek at their beloved Michael. I have read one other biography about Michael Jackson written by J Randy Taraborrelli's, but this is a much more detailed and intimate look into the Devine/human being and devoted father that was Michael Jackson that will take you back through every aspect of his life and by reading this book you will not be disappointed in fact, you will fall in love with the King Of Pop all over again.

Maria Teresa It is a fantastic book.! It describes exactly who was "Michael Jackson".
Thanks Karen Moriarty, to show the world who was Michael Jackson, as an artist, as a man and as a humanitarian.
It is a book that everyone who wants to know who was really Michael Jackson, should read.

Christelle Joyce The Book Defending a King is a Very very awesome book... I learned a lot about Michael Jackson, How he was as a Normal person like us... aww I miss him so much everyday...I will always defend him no matter what.. I highly recommend this book to all Michael Jackson Fans out there..especially to those Filipino Fans out there...You will truly know him from the heart.... I love Michael Jackson not just because He's a great dancer or singer , or He's the King of Pop.. I love him because he's the epitome of a true person and an innocent pure, gentle person...How I Wish i had a chance to see him in person.... I Love you Michael, you are always in my heart and you will always be my inspiration in life...
To Mam Karen , im very honored to have a copy of your book... Thank you for letting me expand my knowledge about King of Pop Michael Jackson... Godless You Always =)

Christelle <3 :)

Vicky Of course he was a normal person. He was always a "normal" person! Just like us!

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