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Bloodlines as a tv show?

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Michael If the new Vampire Academy movie is a box office hit do touching they'll adapt bloodlines into a tv show,or a movie?

Abby movie

Whitney They'd finish the rest of the series in movie format and probably continue with Bloodlines. But that's provided that it's successful. The director for this movie is the same person who directed Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, The Spiderwick Chronicles and Mr. Popper's Penguins. I really hope this movie turns out, but I'm kind of doubtful.

Ravenna VA should've been a show.

Sandra Whitney wrote: "I really hope this movie turns out, but I'm kind of doubtful."

Yeah I agree on that one. After the trailer I don't know what to expect. Guess, we'll find out on Valentine's day.

Sayra whattttttttttt

Caszy honestly I believe it would be an amazing T.V series

Sandra As a TV show there are more possibilities to incorporate details from the books into the show. I would be all for it!

S.L.J. I think a TV show would have been a better way to go from the start. City of Bones has bombed, so has Percy Jackson. Unless VA pulls something amazing out of the bag, I'm afraid it will go the same way.

Unfortunately, VA just doesn't have the same fan base size that HP or Twilight has so they are going to have to sell the movie to non-fans as well in order to make a decent box-office number.

Sharon TV show. Check out the Syrian scenes on YouTube - The black-out scene and the BEST SCENE IN THE GOLDEN LILY aka. ADRIAN'S AMAZING and SUPER ORIGINAL HONEST SWEET in a makes-you-want-to-swoon-scream-and watch-it-over-and-over-again way AND ROMANTIC SPEECH TO SYDNEY!

S.L.J. icestorm1999 wrote: "I think if VA doesn't totally bomb, they'll continue with the movies before they move onto the spinoff. But honestly? Even though I think I'll love the movie no matter what, S.L.J. is right, becaus..."

They did it with stargate and look how well that did. I think a TV show would be the best thing for this series.

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