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message 1: by Denise, Coalition Overlord (new)

Denise | 120 comments Mod
Anyone else read this?

Here's my review:

Very campy and pretty corny but a fun read. This book was an amusing blend of murder-mystery, harlequin romance and vampire story, but someone looking for a more "serious" vampire novel might want to skip this one.

I thought the HBO series did a better job of not only fleshing out the characters but also exploring the social implications of making vampires legal citizens. To my understanding, Tara and Lafayette show up in the subsequent books but were basically absent in this one (Lafayette mentioned only in passing); in the TV series they basically steal the show.

As other reviewers have mentioned, there is a considerable amount of laughable writing in this one, but probably not the worst I've seen *coughTwilightcough*. Sookie is a little dim and annoying but there was enough mystery to keep my reading, and the characterizations and interactions of the vampires were also intriguing. I think what held my attention the most was probably comparing it to the 1st season of the show, though.

Recommended, if you're just looking for a light and fun read.

message 2: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (firefly99) | 27 comments I read the whole series a few months ago(barring the newest one which just came out a couple weeks ago), and I really enjoyed it. I'd agree there's not as much blood and gore as a hard core vampire book, but it's a good easy read. Quick, too, it only took me a couple weeks to get through all 8. I haven't seen the TV series yet, but I've heard that they make the secondary characters more prominent. I second Denise's recomendation!

message 3: by Sean (new)

Sean (Sean_Mc) | 9 comments Add my recommendation to the list too! I'm enjoying the hell out of this series so far (I'll be finishing up book 4 in the next day or two), and it's the primary reason that I haven't been keeping up on the book club reading! *sheepish grin*

It's not going to win any awards for the quality of the writing, but it's just plain fun! Think of the Die Hard movies, and you have an idea of what I'm talking about. Not cinematic masterpieces by any stretch, but just try to change the channel when it's on!

The book series and the TV series are WILDLY different, particularly in terms of character development. Because GoodReads doesn't have the spoiler boxes, check out the forum for my thoughts on that.

For anyone interested, the new season of True Blood follows Sookie to Dallas, which was the setting of the second book. So it looks like they are going to loosely follow one book per season.

message 4: by Denise, Coalition Overlord (new)

Denise | 120 comments Mod
@Sean... so do tell, which do you prefer (so far)? The books or the show?

message 5: by Sean (new)

Sean (Sean_Mc) | 9 comments That's really tough to answer...again, because they're just so different. Certain characters are much better in the show (Lafayette and Rene), and others shine in the books (novel version of Eric has become by far my favorite character in either series). I guess it comes down to whether I'd rather read one of the books for an hour, or watch an episode of True Blood. The nod would probably go to the books, but not by much.

message 6: by Nikki (new)

Nikki (notmandatory) | 10 comments I have to agree that, while it's certainly not "high literature", it's still an amazingly fun read. I have read all of the series and Eric is my favorite character as well. I sincerely hope they feature him more on the show than they have so far. I have no problems with the changes from book to show, with the possible exception of the Jessica storyline, but I loved the tv versions of Lafayette, Tara and Rene. I also have much love for Terry. I'm dying to see how far into the other types of creatures they go on the show.

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