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message 1: by BeerDiablo (new)

BeerDiablo | 35 comments Mod
Has anyone read Coven by Ed Lee? It's supposed to have many references to his favorite beers.

message 2: by BeerDiablo (new)

BeerDiablo | 35 comments Mod
Guess you guys were too busy with the beer but the horror group posted a link, so I'll have a signed copy next week to check out.

This should be interesting.

message 3: by BeerDiablo (new)

BeerDiablo | 35 comments Mod
1.About the book. 2.About the beer

1. This was an early work, so it wasn't as tight as Lee's current stuff. Sure the gross-out moments are there but in the end -if it wasn't for the beer, I would've abandoned the book after about 50 or so pages.

2. Nothing exotic was mentioned beer-wise. Spaten, Samuel Adams, Kirin, Heinie. This was the early 90's and possibly he didn't have a large selection available where he lived at the time. But then again, drinking those brands at that time, more so than now, branded you a beer snob.

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