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message 1: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
I just finished Turn of the Screw. It was recommended to me by a friend and is a short gothic novella.

Its really eerie. Really eerie.

There was one scene that chilled me alittle bit.

Other than that the only other book that has done that was when the dog in Cujo pressed his face against the window when they were stuck in the car. Something about that describtion resonated with me.

I read mostly horror, but I've never had to stop reading a book yet. Out of fear or disgust. I don't get scared easily (#MTVGeneration) and I'm pretty desensitised to gore.

So, what was the book that scared or disturbed you?

Can you recommend me a book that will give me sleepless nights?

message 2: by Rick (new)

Rick Soper (RickSoper) | 169 comments I mentioned three in a different post, The Shining, Shadowland, and The Keep. Of the three I think The Keep by F. Paul Wilson is probably the scariest. But Karin Slaughter's Blindsighted is just one of the most brutal books I've ever read. Most of Slaughters books are pretty hardcore thrillers, but Blindsighted really got to me. Chelsea Cain's Heartsick has more than a few horrifying sequences that will make you cringe. Of course if you really want to be scared half to death read The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty...forget the movie, the book peals back the layers of your brain and tears at it till you can't close your eyes at night.

message 3: by Carl (new)

Carl I couldn't read King's The Shining at night--too scary. I was about 30.

message 4: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
I have The Exorcist my birthday list :p

message 5: by Ken (new)

Ken Brimhall (kenbrimhall) | 3 comments I thought Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace was pretty scary. It got into depression and drug addiction about as deeply as I could handle.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm currently reading Lovecraft's whole collection. A few nights ago I read From Beyond right before going to bed. I had some difficulty finding sleep ^^ But I'm eager to finish the collection!
I like thrillers and weird stuff better than really scary horror. Stuff like Jekyll and Hyde (Stevenson) or the Justified Sinner (Hogg). I think I'm a bit of a coward xD

message 7: by Rick (new)

Rick Soper (RickSoper) | 169 comments Lovecraft has some great stories like Call of Cthulhu and The Rats In The Walls! Nearly every short story can make sleep difficult, it's great stuff.

message 8: by Quanisha (new)

Quanisha McGruder (quanii_a) | 14 comments As a child I read and saw the Night of the Living Dummy Goosebumps book and it scared me. Seen the movie IT by Stephen King but I have yet to read the book. The movie is pretty scary.
I haven't read any adult scary but I read the Bad Girls Don't Die series and it's more creepy than actually scary but I liked it.

message 9: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
Lovecraft's short story collection is actually what I'm going to read once I finish draft 2 of ADWF (I always read atleast one classic between drafts :p)

@Quanisha The Goosebumps story with the teacher was really horrible, disgustingly horrible hahaha

message 10: by Kay (new)

Kay (aceraven) | 41 comments I don't really read much horror, but a lot of people were trying to get me to read The Shining. I lived not that far from the hotel that inspired it (The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO) so I figure that's not the best plan. My roommate one summer watched the film and couldn't sleep for a while.

message 11: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
The film didn't scare me, but I liked it. Its one of the King's I haven't read yet. Because everyone raves about it I'm scared I'm going to expect too much, lol

message 12: by Kay (new)

Kay (aceraven) | 41 comments I'm a big wimp when it comes to horror, so I don't watch them.

I wanted to add that I agree that the Turning of the Screw is really spooky. I had to read it for a class back in high school, I think we had to write a paper on whether she was really bring haunted or if she was going insane. Definitely a good one for an unreliable narrator.

message 13: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
I had to look up some essays on it after to see if anyone else had my interpreation. Turns out they did.

I thought I was being too swayed by the recent Rolf Harris business :x

message 14: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
Alittle off topic. I don't scare easily. Though I don't like creepy things with eyeballs.

Some just shared pictures of a Potoo on facebook with the heading: Who could be sad after seeing this?! :D


message 15: by Ken (new)

Ken Mooney (kenmooney) Which scene it Turn Of The Screw was it, Bisky? It's been a long time since I read, but I know there was something about one of the ghosts looking through a window that sent chills down my spine.

I don't scare too easily (films like Paranormal Activity and Sinister aside) and books don't usually get to that place where stuff creeps me out. But there are the occasional chills in a particularly good thriller, or Lovecraft.

I just had to check the name there: The Statement Of Randolph Carter. That final line...chills. Even looking at the wikipedia page (where else could I find the name without standing up) gives me chills.

message 16: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
Check out my vlog on Monday ken, I'm going to talk about Paranormal Activity ;]

Its when she comes out of the room and looks down the stairwell. Somehow I was totally absorbed in that scene that It almost made me jump, haha.

message 17: by Ken (new)

Ken Mooney (kenmooney) about no :P

message 18: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
Chicken! :P

message 19: by Carl (new)

Carl Lovecraft, King, Poe, & Tanith Lee.

message 20: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
Lots of nightmares there, Carl :p

message 21: by Carl (new)

Carl Lol.

message 22: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod

message 23: by Kamil (new)

Kamil | 187 comments The first time i've read Stocker's dracula I was 12 (I picked the book because I thought it would be fun, ya know... My mistake? It was a stormy november afternoon and at 5 pm it got pretty dark

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