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message 1: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Ok. So, do you have any ideas?

message 2: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Ok. What do you have?

message 3: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Nope :) I don't mind at all

message 4: by Mysti (new)

Mysti :) Ok. So, is it all guys, two guys a girl, one guy and two girls?

message 5: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Ok. So I obviously get the guy. Do you want both girls or do I get a girl?

message 6: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Ok. I like it. You can play the girlfriend....unless you don't want to...

message 7: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Yeah. No problem. :)

message 8: by Mysti (new)

Mysti We shall

message 9: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Oh, by the way, my Nook doesn't like me putting pictures on here, so I won't have pictures for my charries until I can get my hands on a computer

message 10: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Could you make yours first so I know what to put?

message 11: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Name: Azlin Starr
Nickname: Az
Age: 19
Personality: Adventurous, flirty, likes to cause trouble
Appearance: I'll post pic later, but she has red hair that goes down a little past her shoulders. Her bangs go down to just above her eyes. She has brown eyes.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Other: Has a huge crush on Sky, but since she is taken, she won't tell her.

Name: Zackuri Kade
Age: 21
Personality: Like to have fun, protective over Sky and never wants to hurt her. He is caring and is an awesome listener.
Appearance: Again, post later, but he has longish, black curlyish hair. He has a little bit of facial hair. Has light blue eyes.
Sexuality: Straight
Other: Loves Sky with all his heart and would give his life to protect her if it came down to it.

message 12: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Lol. Yeah, he definately is. Thanks!

message 13: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Azlin laughed and popped a chocolate in her mouth. "Am not! And if I was, I'd be right there with you!"

message 14: by Mysti (last edited Aug 31, 2013 02:22PM) (new)

Mysti Azlin stopped laughing and started biting her lip and stared at the tv. She popped another piece of chocolate in her mouth.

message 15: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Az rolled her eyes, but smiled at her. "That's impossible." She rested her head on Sky's shoulder and curled up next to her.

message 16: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Az blushed and started running her fingers through Sky's hair. "Well, thanks...? It's always good to know that they are." She laughed softly.

message 17: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Az smiled and went back to watching tv. She popped a piece of candy in her mouth

message 18: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Az wathced Sky. After she got dressed, she walked over to her and wrapped her arms around her waist, pulling her close to her. Az rested her head on her shoulder. "Where you going?"

message 19: by Mysti (new)

Mysti ((He will in a little bit))

message 20: by Mysti (new)

Mysti A look of sadness flashed in her eyes for a second, but she kept smiling. She pulled away and sat on the couch. "Oh...ok. Well, have fun!"

message 21: by Mysti (new)

Mysti She turned on the couch and faced her. "Of course! Dessert sounds yummy."

Zackuri knocked on the door then. He leaned against the doorframe. Some of his curls fell in his face, making him look even hotter than before.

message 22: by Mysti (new)

Mysti When she opened the door, he smirked crookedly at her. He wrapped his arms around her and tugged on her dress, letting her know it was riding up. "Not that I mind, but when I take you out, I don't want anyone looking at you."

message 23: by Mysti (new)

Mysti He hugged her back and whispers in her ear "Always." Then, he leaned down to kiss her.

message 24: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack smiled against her lips. "Love you too, Sky. Always have, always will."

message 25: by Mysti (new)

Mysti He grinned at her and intertwined their fingers. "Remember that new resturant that just opened up that you wanted to go to?"

message 26: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack kept grinning. "I was thinking going there for dinner?"

message 27: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack smiled and walked with her there. "So, what have you been up to lately, love?"

message 28: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack grinned back as they neared the resturant. "That's good." Then, he leaned down to kiss her.

message 29: by Mysti (new)

Mysti He smiled at her blush. "Did you know that you are absolutely adorable when you blush?" They sat down and waited for the waiter or waitress to come.

message 30: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack laughed. "Yes. Yes you are."

message 31: by Mysti (new)

Mysti He kissed her forehead. "A cutie pie, huh? I was thinking more along the lines of sexy beast, but that works, too." He flashed her a crooked grin.

message 32: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her neck. "Only sometimes?"

message 33: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack grinned at her kissed her back.

((Do you wanna play the waiter/waitress, or me?))

message 34: by Mysti (new)

Mysti ((Ok))

Zack looked at the waiter, and when he winked at HIS girlfriend, he glared at him before kissing Sky passionately.

message 35: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack grinned at Sky and wrapped his arm around her. Then he looked at waiter. "Yeah. I'll take the steak meal with a pepsi."

message 36: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack rested his head on Sky's and frowned after the waiter walked away. "I don't like him."

message 37: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack looked away and pulled himself away. He got up and sat on the other side of the table. "Sorry...."

message 38: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack kept looking at the table. "But now I feel bad. I'm sorry....I let my emotions get the best of me."

message 39: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack looked up into Sky's eyes and squeezed her hand. He sighed. "I know, I know. I'll try, if I even remember that next time."

((Oh yeah. Forgot to add it in his personality section, but Zack lets his emotions get the best of him and that usually causes him to do things without thinking about it.))

message 40: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack kissed her back. He pulled back soon after it started. "Ok." He got up and went around the table to sit right next to her again.

message 41: by Mysti (new)

Mysti He rested his head on hers and smiled. "That's good to hear."

message 42: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack smiled at the waitress. "Thank you." He turned and eat the steak Sky was giving him. "And thank you." He grinned at her then fed her some of her salad.

message 43: by Mysti (new)

Mysti He laughed and kissed her cheek before going back to eating his steak.

message 44: by Mysti (new)

Mysti After they finished and Zack paid for the bill, he took her outside and started walking with their fingers twined together. "So, what do you wanna do now?"

message 45: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack smiled at her and nodded. "Alright. So, pick her up and go somewhere? Or is it a girls dessert time?"

message 46: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack smiled. "Alright, well, I'll walk you home so you two lovely ladies can have your desserts."

message 47: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack kissed her cheek. "Of course, my love."

message 48: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack hugged her back. "I'm counting on it."

message 49: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack grinned back. "Bye my beautiful darling. Have fun with the rest of your night!"

message 50: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Zack left, grinning, as he went back to his house.

When Sky walked in, Az was walking to the door, eating from a small tub of whipped cream. She smiled when she saw Sky. "Hey! Did you have a good time?"

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