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message 1: by Subin (new)

Subin | 2 comments Hey Guys! I'm surprised that there are so few Nepali Books listed in goodreads. We should add more Nepali books to this site. I've added few and I want to request you guys to add Nepali books that you've read in the site.
In the mean time "Happy Reading"

message 2: by Prashamsa (new)

Prashamsa (crushy) | 2 comments i added other books of parijaat and some of guru prasad mainali. but the main problem was that the new books (like draupadi for example) even if we add them they will stay unrated.

message 3: by Subin (new)

Subin | 2 comments Looks like there aren't enough Nepali users of goodreads. May be because older generation don't care about social networking and new generation only read text books (Sadly!).

message 4: by Bibash (new)

Bibash Sapkota | 15 comments i think its because nepali writers are limited to facebook only.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

ya maybe

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