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Sandra Ann Stilinski what you think about her

I think she is a amazing little girl and a head strong on what she fights for

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I LOVE Arya! She's my fav!

Sandra Ann Stilinski may i ask why is that

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She's a rebellious little devil, disobediant, head strong, and fiery.

((may I be a mod?))

Sandra Ann Stilinski lol the same reason i like her but, sadly not my favorite

Sandra Ann Stilinski ((if you can invite others please help me out...and i ask of you if you can put other character done too....but, the rping part is all my doing is all i ask.))

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((so you'd like me to invite people and set up the character thread? Like *Make a charrie HERE))

Sandra Ann Stilinski ((no like you see this thread we chatting with you can finsihed off the other characters and other folders that you think....but, role playing folders and topics are going to be my job for right now.))

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((ok. would it be alright if I made a general folder with a topic like 'chat/introduce yourself))

Sandra Ann Stilinski ((whatever you like just like i said role playing is my thing sarah))

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((kays. got it))

Sandra Ann Stilinski ((yay))

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