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Some theories *spoilers inside*

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Karolina So, I've just finished reading the book and the cliffhanger is killng me (duh). Any theories about what's going to happen next?

*spoilers from book 2*

Here's what I think:
- Gunnar's actually Odin. I feel like this one is already confirmed, given the fact that the story's basically about Odin's son. Loki mentioned Odin's glass eye (according to the lore, he gave it away to gain wisdom) + we have this quote:
Rory saw that strands of weird, golden light twisted and writhed in the depths of his father's left eye.

According to his journals, Gunnar lost the way to be like Odin, but it's possible he faked them for Rory's sake. He seems to be that devious.
- Fenris = Rafe?
- The prophecy is actually about Fenn breaking free.
- Loki is Fennrys' father.
x Fenn's medallion caught his attention. We now that the symbols are unique to Fenn, and yet they reminded Mason of the markings visible on Odin's spear. Which could mean that they represent a Norse god.
x Finn has Loki's coloring (hair and eyes).
x Finn "sort of" died. He wasn't really dead, because (like Cal's dad said), immortals can't die.
x "There's more to this one than meets the eye". 'Nuff said.
x Heimdall hates Loki.
Then he turned on Fennrys. "Had it been my decision, you would rot still in your dungeon cell."

"In the old stories, they talked about that kind of stuff happening all the time."
(about the union between a god and a mere mortal)
x The Miasma "doesn't affect the divine, or the semidivine".
x Both Loki and Fenn mention the significance of Mason's last name.
x It would explain why Fenn didn't end up in Valhalla. Someone hated him too much to allow this to happen.

I think that Fenn's going to free Loki, and then (with the help of Loki's possible love interest, Mason's mother) they'll defeat Odin/Gunnar. Tag's team's going to be there, too, to defeat the bad guys.

Any thoughts? :)

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Pat Your thoughts are VERY similar to my own speculations.

Lígia Bellini Wow...! I think ur speculations are good! Makes sense!!

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