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The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments So, forbidden romance? :D

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The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments What type?
Tradish student/teacher? Or bestfriends (boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/boy)? Gangs? Angel/demon? Other idea?

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what's the first one mean?

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Student and teacher relationship? So girl falls in love with her teacher? or two people start dating an then realise on the first day of school he's her teacher or something?

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Mmm, they all sound cool ur choice....

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments How about a grown up man and a student aged girl start dating all through summer, but she told him she was older than she was, and then when they go back to school she's got a new teacher and it's him?

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Lolz, k, um could I play the girl, or do u want to?

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments You can play the girl if you want :)

Character time? ^_^

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The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Name: Danny Eli
Age: 22
Sex: Male

Personality/history: Danny was never that hugely popular guy in high school, he wasn't on the football team or popular, he was a scrawny little kid who hid away in the back ground. But after high school he decided to make a change. He joined a gym when he went to college and now he'd filled out. He was all muscles and bursting with confidence with the ladies, who seemed to love him wherever he went. Although now he was a man of self-belief, there was still that shy boy somewhere inside him.

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Ooooooh he's hot!!!!!!!!
Name: Anna woods
Age: 17
Gender : f
Appearance: tall, slim frame. Has a gorgeous face with green eyes and a olive complexion. Has dark hazel brown hair that reaches her shoulder.
Personality: during rp

Sorry it isn't that detailed, I'm on my iPad......

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Don't worry about it :P
I'll start? How about it's their last night together and she and he's saying they're gonna be busy and my able to see each other as much because they've both got work? But obvs she's lying?

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments ...

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Sure, sorry kinda busy with school
U post first.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments [[Oh okay... I go back tomorrow... :) Okay I'll post :) ]]

Danny looked into the face of the girl he'd come to fall in love with over the summer, brushing some stray hair behind her ear he smiled dazzlingly at her. "You know I've got to go to work tomorrow, so this is going to be our last night together for a while... Just until I settle in." He said finally, a sad edge to his smile.

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Anna gazed into his eyes, she had fallen hard for him in a short period of time. She had done everything to be able to go out with him, even lie. She traced a finger along his face.
"I know" she said smiling sadly" I'll be pretty busy too...but lets make the most of tonight" she said and pulled him in for a long kiss.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Danny's eyes closed as he pulled her closer, one hand on the back of her neck, the other at the small of her back holding her against him. Their kiss was filled with lust and longing as he laid her down on his bed, hovering over her as they made out.

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Anna's hands moved under his shirt, and her fingers traced playfully over his abs. She continued kissing him, quickly pulling away to tell him she loved him, but just as quickly moving her lips back to his.

( uh just wondering, how detailed do u get in romance scenes, so I know what to post?:)))))

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments ((As far as you want go, but obviously sex has to be pm'ed :) ))

Danny kissed her deeply, smiling softly when she told him she love him. One of his hands tangled in her hair as he moved his lips to his neck, kissing her soft spot at the base of her neck, "I love you too," he murmured in between kisses.

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Anna blushed and arched her body slightly into his, moving her fingers into his hair kissing him more passionately now. She was going to miss him a lot when she left for highschool.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Danny kissed her hotly, spare hand tracing up her body to squeeze her breast softly, he was proving to her how much he loved and would miss her. Pulling back slowly he rested her forehead against hers, "We don't have to." He whispered, breathless, looking into her eyes.

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Anna's blushed deepened. And she suddenly felt cold when he pulled away. She looked up into his eyes and traced a finger along his face. She brushed her lips gently against his.
" but I want to" she told him.
" but we don't have to if you don't want to" she said quietly.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Danny smirked, and kissed her softly, his raging hardon pressing into her stomach, "ofcourse I want to baby.. I love you." He murmured against her lips. Slowly he sat then up once more and edged her tshirt up and pulling it over her head, not once breaking his loving eye contact.

((Want to switch to pm so we don't get in trouble?))

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( uh sure, just message me then)

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments ((Don't have to, can just skip? It's your turn anyway :) ))

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Anna's breathing finally went back to normal. She pulled away from Danny gently and sat up in bed.
" I'm gonna miss you" she whispered staring at her fingers. A few strands of her hair tumbling on either side of her face.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Danny sat up beside her, sitting facing her side he tucked the stray strands behind her ear. Cupping her cheek he made her look at him, kissing her tenderly, "I'm gonna miss you too. It's gonna be okay, I'll see you at the weekend." He promised her.

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She kissed him back. she would probably be busy with extra curriculars on the weekend but she just simply nodded.
"I should get going" she told him, getting out of bed and pulling her clothes on.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Danny nodded before laying down and crossing his arms behind his head, a wide playful smile on his lips, "you know how beautiful you are?" He asked/told her huskily.

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Anna blushed and pulled down her shirt.
" not really" she said quietly
" but I feel beautiful whenever I'm around you" she told him, planting a gentle kiss on his lips.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Danny smiled wider, "you should feel beautiful all the time." He stated, getting out of bed he pulled on some boxers and jogging bottoms. walking around shirtless his perfect abs were on show. Stalking over to stand infront of Anna he planted a kiss on her temple before stepping towards the door.

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Anna smiled
" I guess" she said quietly and followed him out of the room.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments At his front door he opened it and then kissed her softly, "ill see you soon then."

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Anna kissed him, a little longer than she should have. Realizing that was probably unlikely
"See ya" she called over her shoulder and jogged towards the bus stop.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Danny smiled softly to himself, waiting for her to get on the bus before he closed the door. He loved her so much and he hated the fact he had to go to work the next day.

((Skip to the next day? Danny will come in after all the kids are already there??))

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Anna walked into class with her friends, and took a seat in the second row near a window. She waited patiently for the teacher to arrive, and started fiddling with her pages.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Danny walked down the hall to his home room class, having waited for all of them to get in before he made his entrance. Taking a deep breath he walked in and headed for his desk. "Hello class, I'm Mr. Eli. And before you make any jokes - yes I am quite young, especially compared to some the oldies around here..." He laughed, and earned a few chuckles from the boys in the class and a whole lot of giggles. Looking around the class his eye got caught by a head of long brown hair. He knew that hair. Anna? Why was she in a high school class?! He was filled with fury, she'd lied to him. She was a high schooler? Oh, he was in so much trouble. Turning away he didn't even give her a second glance as he sat down and took the register.

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Anna's stomach crawled up her chest. Danny? She didn't expect him here, and seeing the look on his face she realized he was pretty pissed. She didnt want to make him mad, but she loved him so much. She left him alone, daring not to ask any questions

(( is he gonna be mad at her the whole time?))

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments ((Just for a while :) ))

"Mr. Eli, tell us something about you..." A random girl said from the back. Looking up at her he smiled before shrugging. "Okay, but you all have to do the same." He told them and they all nodded. Danny stood up and perched on the front of his desk, "So... My name is Mr Eli, Im 22, I have a dog, and I played football in college..." He finished, gosh he wasn't very interesting, "-Do you have a girlfriend?" Another girl shouted before blushing and looking down. Laughing before looking at the girl, then looking at Anna, he replied "Nope, just me." The class started introducing themselves and then it got to Anna and he looked at her expectantly. "Introduce yourself young lady." He said.

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Anna bit her lip, slightly hurt. He didn't want anything to do with her now, but what could she expect. She couldn't meet his eyes when he rounded up on her, so she just flashed a smile at the class and answered. She was pretty popular here.
" uh, my names Anna, I'm seventeen, I'm on the cheer leading team and do competitive basketball" she replied.

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The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Danny's eyes widened considerably, 17?!? She was 17? Keeping the cool smile on his face he nodded, "Very sporty then huh? Well I thinks that's everyone. And just in time for the end of home room. Okay see you lot tomorrow." He gestured for them to leave just as the bell went. "Oh Miss Woods, I've got a message from the principle for you, could you wait a moment?" He asked seemingly politely, holding a piece of paper up.

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Anna had an urge to just sprint, but she turned to face him, nodding sombrely. The door was wide open so she figured he couldn't say anything that bad.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Danny caught eye contact with her and held it, his own expression unreadable. "So you're 17." He started, obviously anger in his voice, "you know I could be fired? And arrested?" He asked her rhetorically. "Why did you lie?" He asked for real, his voice showing anger and hurt.

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Anna dropped his gaze.
" I liked yo a lot, but if i gave my real age, would you even consider me?" She asked

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments "No! Because it's illegal." Danny turned away from her and lowered his voice. His words filled with despair he muttered: "I'm a peadophile." And it was true, he definitely felt like one. He was disgusted with himself - he should have known. "I'm sorry for taking advantage of you."

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Anna blinked back some tears
"Don't be" she said wanting to touch him, but stopped herself
"I wanted it" she told him

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments "You don't know what you want! You're a child Anna." Danny turned around to look at her with sad eyes, he wanted to reach out and hold her when he saw the tears in her eyes, but he knew he couldn't. His hand was out for her before he snatched it back and clenched his fists. "I can't tell you how sorry I am. Especially now, I'm hurting you."

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Anna opened her mouth to say something, but her throat was clogged
"I can't be late for class" she told him quietly and ran out. Wiping the tears that trailed her cheeks.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments "Anna-" he called but she was gone, growling at himself he gripped his hands in his hair. He was so stupid. And so angry at himself.

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