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He parks the car, and gets out. He walks up to his front door.

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He unlocks the door, opening it. He leads her inside to the guest room. "So this is where you'll be sleeping," he says.

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"But... I thought you weren't gonna leave. I thought you would stay here with me," he says.

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"Go to college here," Zach practically begs.

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Zach shrugs. "probably," he says.

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"Probably gonna go to the state school," he shrugged.
((hey, can you make a college?))

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"Good," he says, his expressions softening.

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He nods. "Of coursem the college here is pretty good," he says.

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He smiles. "Agreed then," he says in a business man like tone.

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"Agreed," he smiles hugley. "Maybe we can even pretend to be brother and sister so we can get a dorm together," he laughs, wiggling his eyebrows.

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He smiles, happily taking her hand.

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"So, what do you wanna do?" He asks her.

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((Sry, school just started for me!))

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"Hmm, wanna just hang out here?" He suggests, sitting down next to her.

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He smiles slightly, pulling her close to him.

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"Do you wanna watch a movie?" He asks, picking up the remote.

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He flips on the TV, browsing through the channels.

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"I don't know, what looks good?" He says, handing her the romote so she could choose.

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He settled back, pulling her closer as that new movie, the Sea of Monsters came on. He didnt even know it was on TV yet!

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He smiles, placing his chin on her head as he started to slowly focus on the movie.

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((Skip to the end of the movie?))

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He smiles back. "Well, I have to say, not exactly like the book," he laughs.
((Yep. Saw it. Better than the first, but definitely needs work.))

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He kisses her lightly. "I think the fangirls will be disappointed," he jokes.

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He laughs, kissing her back gently.

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He kisses her deeper, pulling her closer to him as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

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He pulls away, freeing her so she could check her phone.

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H e looks at her concerned, wondering what was going on.

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"What is it?" He asks, wrapping her in a hug.

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"Oh, okay, do you need help?" He offers, slightly hurt that she rejected him.

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He nods, accepting the kiss. "Okay, well, Ill see you later?" He says.

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"I think..." He hesitates, before nodding his head.

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He was surprised, but kissed her back just as passionately.

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He laughs. "We'll, okay," he says, akwardly trying to figure out how to get on her back.

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He blushes, trying to tighten his grip on her without looking wimpy.
((Switch to...wherever?))

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