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Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 379 comments Mod
Leave your thoughts about The Dinner by Herman Koch, as you are reading, just make sure you say what chapter & page you are on so that there are no spoilers. This way we can discuss as we read without ruining the ending for anyone

Kai Hunter | 192 comments I'm 11th on the waiting list for this one at the library so I might not get to it this month, but I will get to it!

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Mia (miapea) | 359 comments I just got this one from the library and The School for Good and Evil is "in transit" to my branch. Guess I'll start with this one!

Diane | 9 comments I am half way through the Main Course of The Diner and am not certain if I like it or not. I will have to reserve judgement until I finish the book.

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Mia (miapea) | 359 comments I'm just midway through the appetizer, page 56, and already I dislike all the characters. Hmmm. But I will read on.

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Mia (miapea) | 359 comments Update - further on (page 108) - still not loving the characters, but getting more intrigued about what's going on.

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Mia (miapea) | 359 comments Page 156 - I am now properly horrified, but will refrain from posting spoilers. Also finding it very amusing that someone who took this book out before me has taken a dark ballpoint pen and vigorously crossed out all cursing in the book that uses the name "Jesus" in a non-prayerful way. They've left words like "tits" and "motherf*cker" but they are clearly not fans of taking the Lord's name in vain. But, when I return the book, I'm going to tell the librarian, lest they think I defaced the book!

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Mia (miapea) | 359 comments Finished the book this morning. Without spoilers, I'll say that I was struck (as in Gone Girl) about how much I disliked these people and didn't want to spend another minute with them! It started slow for me - I was a bit bored for the first half of the book, but it did pick up when the "mystery" started to get revealed, and then I had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to see where things were going, so it became a more enjoyable read. Did I like the book? Hmmm. I appreciated it. But I wanted to take a shower after I read it! Interesting how we were manipulated by an unreliable narrator (even sensing from the start how unreliable he was) to shift our feelings about various characters. And to look at the subtleties of various characters and how their interplay likely influenced each other's development across the years. Okay - that's all I'll say for now! :-)

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Mia (miapea) | 359 comments Made a few more specific comments under the "discussion questions" thread, because that already has spoilers in it.

Diane | 9 comments So I finished it. Cannot say that I enjoyed it. There was a comment by Mia about needing a shower after reading the book and I totally agree. Also makes me think twice about eating at such a restaurant

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Mia (miapea) | 359 comments Diane, next time we eat together, I'm going to use my pinky to point to and describe all the food on your plate. ;-) and LOL, Diane - looks like you and I are the primary readers this round! curious to hear what others think of this book.

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 379 comments Mod
I havent even started yet :( but I really want to. I've been on holiday & celebrating my bday all month long, lol so I'm a wee bit behind on my reading. Looks like this one mad for an interesting read.

message 13: by Kai Hunter (last edited Sep 24, 2013 07:33AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kai Hunter | 192 comments @Sammee...Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Still on the waiting list at the library for this one!

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 379 comments Mod
Karen wrote: "@Sammee...Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Still on the waiting list at the library for this one!"

Thank you so much Karen!!!

Carly Svamvour (faganlady) | 32 comments I finished up yesterday. I found the book amusing - repetitive, but I guess that was so you'd remember things about the people.

I didn't like the way the author didn't tell about why his wife was sick, for instance. He would say - oh - I'm not going to mention 'why' ... then why mention it at all.

I'm going over to the discussion questions.

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 379 comments Mod
okay, I'm a month behind but I've started this book I'm in the appetizers & so far I'm enjoying it - keep an open mind & not really drawing any theories yet

Kai Hunter | 192 comments Page 193 (just shy of chapter 33): I picked this one up from the library yesterday and spent half the night reading it. I was drawn into the story and compelled to fit the pieces together. I'm not saying I like the characters but I will say that the author does a wonderful job with the plot and keeping my attention. Though I'd like to kick him in the arse because I woke up at 3:30 this morning and my first thought was, I'm gonna go read more of that book!. Now I'm on break at work and my eyes are burning. I guess I am drawn to imperfect people and stories because they make me feel better about my own foibles. This one is definitely a page turner for me and high on my list!

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Lilybeth (_li_) | 335 comments Mod
The movie is coming: http://variety.com/2013/film/news/cat...

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 379 comments Mod
Li wrote: "The movie is coming: http://variety.com/2013/film/news/cat..."

I think Cate Blanchette would make a great Claire if she decides to star in this as well

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