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This is a special bathroom that is restricted to use by school Prefects, Head Boys, Head Girls and Quidditch captains. It is located on the fifth floor behind the fourth door to the left of a statue of Boris the Bewildered, which only opens when given the correct password. The people allowed to use it get given the password for the year in their letters. In order to use it in the role-play, your character must say the password and be approved by the gargoyle, played by myself.

Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box (themadmanwithabox) Griffin held his breath, something was in there he knew it. But how? You needed a password to get through. "Memento Mori…" Griffin said quite confidently. He was a Slytherin, the great house of Hogwarts. He might've been the only Slytherin in his family for the last century, but he was proud. The gargoyle didn't move. He heard footsteps, they were jogging. The kind Bria makes when she's half a second late to class. The footsteps stopped as her face popped out from behind the wall. "Isn't the password Memento Mori for the Prefect's Bathroom?" Griffin whispered, the question was followed by a positive nod from Bria. The gargoyle suddenly shook, it sounded like stones being hit against each other. The door opened almost perfectly, like it was already opened before… Something was in there, and it was terrifying. Griffin's face was surprised, the bad kind of surprise. Bria stared at the person or thing. She looked surprised too, like she had seen it before.

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"What are you doing here?" Bria asked numbly, staring at the black ghost who looked as though he was made of smoke. "I read about him...he was locked in a spare classroom...he changed the future if people he met to take it bad..." she added to Griffin.

Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box (themadmanwithabox) "Why are you here? Who let you out?" Griffin asked. He turned to Bria. "Is he dangerous?" Griffin kept his wand out. Just in case the ghost tried to attack. This could close the school term if someone gets hurt, or worse, dies. Griffin thought. Should we tell someone? If someone let him out, would there be a reason to it? Torches burst open in flames around the corridor. Rushing steps could be heard, and Griffin recognized it. It's the sound of the teachers and school headmaster walking. And they were walking fast. "Get in, quick!" Griffin said, his heart was beating so hard, he felt it in his throat. The door slowly closed behind them, Griffin and Bria hid behind the rows of stalls.

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The ghost cackled. "Your questions will remain unanswered for not. Just know that Dark magic is rising, and you two will have a great role in stopping it." With that, the ghost melted into the stained glass window.
Bria facepalmed. "Of course! A window was added to that room last year! The ghost got out from there!"

Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box (themadmanwithabox) "Never mind that. He said dark magic is rising, how long has it been since dark magic was even spoken of? Ever since…Voldemort, anyone who dares use dark magic is imprisoned in Azkaban for life. A life worse than death. But that has been years ago." Griffin walked slowly towards the bathroom door. He pressed his ear onto it. There were no sounds, it was completely quiet. The torches seemed to be tuned off, because the light would've been shining through under the door. "Let's leave this for tomorrow, I bet our shift is over. See you then." Griffin waved at her and walked out of the door. He was completely exhausted and worried. Two feelings that wouldn't let him sleep with the thought of safety tonight.

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"See you, Griffin," Bria said, waving back. Lost in thought, she stared at the floor on her way back to the common room. This was all very curious.

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