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The Great Hall in Hogwarts Castle is the main gathering area in the school located off the Entrance Hall. Students eat their meals, receive daily owl post, and have certain special events here. The Great Hall is a large hall that can easily hold all of the school's students, staff, and guests. It has tall walls that reach up to the ceiling, which is covered with candles and enchanted to look like the sky above. At the front of the hall, is the staff table, also known as the High Table, which is designed to house the entire Hogwarts staff.

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Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box (themadmanwithabox) Griffin sat on his house table.

"Griffin Rose!" A voice called out. He walked up the steps nervously. Thinking of which house he might be in. As he reached the podium he took a peek at the great hall. It was amazing! He thought at that time. Now it was normal for him. He had waited for this moment since his uncle explained to him about wizardry. He took account of all his traits and flaws, and had tried to place himself in his eventual house. Griffin awkwardly sat on the wooden stool, it felt very uncomfortable against his bottom. The hat was placed against his head. It took a while for him to get sorted. He was nearly a hatstall. His house table clapped for him and he was seated.

He looked around the hall for familiar faces. Apparently, none popped out. The first years arrived, they were late. He couldn't wait to welcome the new year into his house. Like they had welcomed him. At first he thought he wasn't meant to be in that certain house, but he eventually grew to take pride in it.

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Rose, Griffin! The little boy came over and sat on the stool as the hat was placed on his head. Hmm... the Hat said. Interesting. You've got a bit of everything in there...dear me, this is the hardest Sorting of the year. The Hat was silent for several minutes. Well, I'm going to take a wild card and place you in SLYTHERIN!

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Bria raised her head and caught Griffin's eye, wondering if he'd notice her. She glanced back down on the book that was open on the Ravenclaw table. Pride and Prejudice. She read a couple of pages as 'Astron, Solace' was sorted into Hufflepuff.

Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box (themadmanwithabox) Griffin clapped for and congratulated a boy named Judah Lake into Slytherin. Griffin was looking for one person in particular. Bria. A beautiful Ravenclaw. He developed a crush on her last year, and he's been looking for her all day. He looked from row to row on the Ravenclaw table, trying to spot her bronze hair. Bingo! He thought looking into her stormy grey and electric blue eyes. They mixed like a thundercloud and a wave trying to merge. He waved at her and smiled happily, trying to shake of the giddy feeling. He continued the night thinking about when the great feast would finish so they could spend time together.

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Now there were only two people left, and 'Young, Raven' was ascending the podium gracefully to sit on the stool. Gosh, was that girl eleven or fourteen? "Ravenclaw!" Being the prefect, Bria greeted her into Ravenclaw. Now only one student was left, 'Zachariah, Morgan'. He was Sorted into Slytherin. Griffin's house. She glanced over at the Slytherin table and realized he was staring at her, and blushing, she returned to her book.

Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box (themadmanwithabox) Typical Bria, reading a book on the first day of school. Griffin thought smiling at her. He will never fully understand her. I don't think anyone will. He pulled out his wand and examined it. It is a sleek dark-brown wand with a black handle. The handle is made out of wood too. It is slightly thicker and rougher than the other part of the wand. The handle had a few intricate engravings here and there. They were magical runes. Bria would understand it. The top part is a smooth and long dark brown. You can feel the power surging through you once you wield it. It's a very old and powerful wand. And he didn't deserve it.

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"First years, with me!" Bria called after the Headmistress z , thinking it was far too quiet, but the first years apparently heard as they followed her. Bria wondered if Griffin had made prefect. She couldn't think of anyone who would make a better prefect. Several first years looked shy, others confident. "So this is the Great Hall, where you eat. I will be taking you to the common room"

Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box (themadmanwithabox) "Now follow me to the Slytherin common rooms." Griffin said nonchalantly. "Right this way please." He waited for them to stand in single file. After they made a perfectly straight line he pointed towards the direction to the Slytherin Dungeons. He followed shortly behind them. It was a long and tiring day, all he needed was rest. Oh god. I've got a night shift. Griffin escorted them to the dungeons and changed his robes. He didn't want to damage it in the shift. There are lots of dangerous things at night. Especially at Hogwarts. There are also juveniles who think they can take on a fifth year, so there is a lot of dueling too. Here we go.

Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box (themadmanwithabox) There's something definitely strange here, even though it's Hogwarts, and Hogwarts is a pretty strange and mysterious place. Griffin thought with a blank expression on his face. He ate his breakfast robotically as his eyes stared into the distance. Griffin thought of the possible threats that could be as

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Bria swallowed a mouthful of...something. She wasn't entirely sure what she was eating - it didn't have much of a taste to her. She was too busy wondering what on earth was going on to think about what she was having for breakfast, or even to wonder what classes would be like or what would happen next in her book, which was unlike her.

Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box (themadmanwithabox) Griffin opened a book the lay on the grand table. Bria had sent it to him from the restricted section in the library, they haven't seen each other much lately. Mostly because of studies whatnot. Why put a restricted section if people are going to break in and read, well restricted stuff. If it's for storing numerous priceless scrolls and books, why not keep it away from the hands of potentially capable students? Hogwarts is, and always will be, a mystery to me. He pushed away all his thoughts and started to read the bookmarked page.

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Bria couldn't stomach anything else - she felt like she was about to be sick, and the eggs in front of her didn't help. She gave a small sigh and pushed away her breakfast, before standing up and giving the other Ravenclaws a small nod. She grabbed her things from where she kept them (underneath the table) and checked that the book she'd found lying around the library, called Dark Prophecy was still hidden between The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 5 and 101 Magical Herbs and Fungi. Sure, she hadn't actually gone into the Restricted Section, but of the books she'd found, the one she took herself and the one she sent to Griffin had the stamp put on Restricted Section Books.

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