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Wɪʟʟᴏᴡ's sʜᴇʟᴛᴇʀ ɪs ʙᴀsɪᴄᴀʟʟʏ ᴀ ᴛᴡᴏ-ғʟᴏᴏʀᴇᴅ sᴍᴀʟʟ ᴍᴀɪsᴏɴᴇᴛᴛᴇ, ᴡʜɪᴄʜ ᴀʀᴇ ᴍᴜᴛʟɪ-ғʟᴏᴏʀᴇᴅ ᴀᴘᴀʀᴛᴍᴇɴᴛs. Eᴠᴇɴ ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜ sʜᴇ ʜᴀs ᴀ ʙᴀᴅ ᴊᴏʙ, sʜᴇ ʙᴏᴜɢʜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʜᴏᴜsᴇ ᴜsɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏɴᴇʏ ғʀᴏᴍ ʜᴇʀ ᴘᴀʀᴇɴᴛ's ᴡɪʟʟ. Iᴛ ɪs ʟᴏᴄᴀᴛᴇᴅ ɪɴ ᴀ ʙᴜɪʟᴅɪɴɢ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇᴀsᴛ sɪᴅᴇ ᴏғ ᴛᴏᴡɴ, ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴀɴʏ ᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ᴀᴘᴀʀᴛᴍᴇɴᴛ.

Fɪʀsᴛ Fʟᴏᴏʀ

The first floor of willows apartment is the one with the front door in it. When you open the front door you basically already are in the living room, which is the main room. The living room is a dark colored but light furniture room. It has a 3 seated couch with two one seated ones on the side. The coffee table contains almost nothing but two candles, a laptop, and a magazine or two. The 3 seated couch faces a tv. though has no cable, it does go on netflix and the internet. There are low height drawers near and under the tv, which contain books, documents, discs, and magazines. Above the tv is what seems to be a cabinet that contains medical and cleaning supplies. Next to that cabinets there is a shelf with a few bowls for snacks and books. Above the coffee table is two hanging lamps, though they do look like lanterns. There is also a window on the side wall that shows a decent view of the center sector. The living room is fairly big, for it has doors that lead to other rooms. The only room that doesn't use a door in the first floor is the kitchen. The kitchen is a good brown colored, wood and granite kitchen. Willow loves to cook mostly because she can use fire and she loves delicious food. The bathroom in the first floor is a half, meaning that there is no bathtub or shower, just a sink, toilet, and a counter. There is a room that is located on one side of the living room. It is the only door on that side as well. This room is the dance room. Now even though Willow is a Burlesque dancer, she does know how to normally dance and did not plan to be a Burlesque dancer. Now and then she practices both Burlesque dances and normal dances. The study room was meant for Willow when she goes to a academy or college, she always wanted to be a teacher or lawyer, though she is planning to become a teacher, for they do now get more money than the real life economy.

●Lɪᴠɪɴɢ Rᴏᴏᴍ/Mᴀɪɴ Rᴏᴏᴍ
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●Sᴛᴜᴅʏ Rᴏᴏᴍ
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●Dᴀɴᴄᴇ Rᴏᴏᴍ
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Sᴇᴄᴏɴᴅ Fʟᴏᴏʀ

The second floor is basically just bedrooms and bathrooms. Willow's bedroom is the master bedroom and is a red and white one with a low height queen sized bed. She says she likes the room red due to her love of fire. The bed is located on a tiny platform, as well as a low height drawer and floor lights. In the bedroom there is also what seems to be a white couch with red pillows. The couch has a glass coffee table in front of it and a tv on where the couch is facing. There is also a beanie chair, though not seen in the photograph. The beanie chair is black with red and white flora designs. There is also a table near the door, with candles that give a cherry blossom and coconut scent. The hallway is a white one with decorative tables and drawers. The tables have a white and green vase, a magazine holder, and a bundle of house documents in a binder. There is also a few address books that are next to a house phone, in case of calling a place. The guest bedroom is a simple brown and white bedroom. It has a double sized white bed with decorative sheets. The drawers on each side have a magazine, as well as a head lamp. In front of the bed is a table or a drawer with a tv on top. In the drawers there is almost nothing, though does have a bed sheets, night clothing, and a few t-shirts with jeans. There is though a closet to the side of the bed which has empty hangers, empty top drawers and a few items on the bottom. The bath is a full sized bathroom with a toilet, sink, shoe rack, bathtub, carpets, towels, and a magazine stand. The bathroom is mostly with a few grey, or black designs. The floor is tiled as well as the walls. There is a small window in front of the sink, which has a small green vase. There are a few candles in the cabinets that Willow places on the sink and lights up every now and then during baths. In the cabinets there are also beauty supplies, like conditioners, lotion, shampoos, straighteners, etc. There is also what seems to be a I-pad on the magazine stand, which Willow uses in relaxation baths. Willow also has a bubble soap bottle in the cabinets, which she uses for her relaxation baths. Willow also has a few rooms at the end of the hall that are completely empty, she says that she doesn't know what to do with them.

●Hᴀʟʟᴡᴀʏ/Mᴀɪɴ Rᴏᴏᴍ
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●Fᴜʟʟ Bᴀᴛʜʀᴏᴏᴍ
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●Gᴜᴇsᴛ Bᴇᴅʀᴏᴏᴍ
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●Wɪʟʟᴏᴡ's Bᴇᴅʀᴏᴏᴍ/Mᴀsᴛᴇʀ Bᴇᴅʀᴏᴏᴍ
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Willow entered the building with Dex as they were in the building of her apartment. She really liked having walks across town. Willow also thought that if private cars were allowed again, she wouldn't buy one. Willow looked at Dex as they soon got in the lobby. The lobby had a cool fresh breeze with a scent of vanilla and chocolate. She smiled as she soon looked at him. Willow went to the staircase and started to walk up the stairs quickly, now and then waiting for Dex. She got to the 4th floor, which was the second lowest floor. Willow looked back than soon walked along the clean but small hallway. The lights blinked a little as they passed by, with a few flies spinning around them. Soon she got to her apartment and scavaged through her purse. Willow soon got her keys and placed the keys through the lock. "Its strange how a women's purse is always so full and messy" she said in a joking matter before opening to door. She looked around before entering, seeing that the renovaters are done making her apartment. She walked in as she soon placed her purse on the living room table. She stretched her arms than looked at Dex. She soon looked at the staircase which was granite steps with no rail and the supporter as the wall. The stairs on the wall have windows where they can open, seeing a view of the center sector. Soon she heard on the loudspeakers and news how overcontrols have increased nearby. She mumbled a curse than looked at Dex. Willow smiled and soon said "Umm the windows on the staircase can open, meaning you can smoke there. Willow has smoked a few times so she had a white painted glass bowl to place the ash and burnt cigar remains. She took the little white bowl and placed is on the stair case, soon taking off her shoes and going upstairs.

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janelle (sungkew) Dex followed Willow into the apartment, his eyes scanning over the living room. It was a nice place, he thought. Not exactly in his tastes, but, hey, that was expected. He hadn't thought it would have the dark color scheme that all the rooms of his current residence had. Willow didn't strike him as one to have a particular liking towards dark colors as he did. To her few first words, he just muttered, "Yeah, strange." Dex had never been one to understand why women totted around such unnecessary bags wherever they went. For him, his jean pockets had always been enough. Need a place to keep your cigarettes? Pockets. Somewhere to hold your gun? Back pocket works just fine. Carrying around a separate bag just seemed ridiculous to him. Besides, didn't those things get heavy after a while? Dex could only guess they did. On the topic of cigarettes, Dex nearly jumped up in happiness. He didn't, of course, but he felt like he could. "A'ight." He said, a small smirk on his lips. Before he headed there though, he paused and asked, "What d'you need to get before we head out?"

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Willow heard him talk from downstairs and soon answered to him "Just a change in clothing and some stuff". She soon went to her bedroom, opening it to a red and black room. Her cockatoo bird screeched as she came in as a hello. Soon she smiled than pet her cockatoo. She loved her bird, a white and yellow cockatoo named Columbus. He was very smart and could talk alot "Hello lovely" he said as she pet him. He had one of those funny voices of a bird and it was very cute. Because most life has improved, the intellegence of animals did as well. Which made Willow happy. She pet her cockatoo and soon said "Hello my little prince, your mommy is going to go somewhere for awhile so you can take food by yourself, okay?". Soon the bird nodded violently as a okay, getting a little dizzy, Columbus stopped and went down his tree branch and got his food bag. He opened it up and surprisingly poured a good amount in his food bowl. He placed the bag in his place like how he was taught. Soon as Willow got a pair of sweat pants and a green baggy t-shirt the bird looked at her and said "Who's downstairs". Soon Columbus repeated it while flapping his wings. She ignored him as he soon shut up and she went to go change

((Gotta go take a shower))

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janelle (sungkew) ((Okay ^_^ ))

As Willow was upstairs, Dex just wandered around the downstairs for a little while. He didn't really care too much to examine the different looks of the place - interior design had never really been his forte, obviously - but he was a little interested by the dance room he happened to stumble across. The second he opened the door, he was confused to what it was. Soon though, Dex figured it out and looked inside for a bit. Maybe that was something she enjoyed, he thought. Maybe she was somewhat of a dancer. Shrugging his shoulders slightly, he had exited the room to proceed to the staircase. Just as she'd described, the windows opened when needed, resulting in a wide smile from Dex. However, the little ash tray caught him slightly off guard. Perhaps Willow didn't have issues with smoking after all. Shrugging it off, Dex pulled out a cigarette and a lighter, lighting up before sitting on the steps, completely content.

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Willow soon entered the bathrooom as she took off her dirty clothes. She folded the old clothes than threw it in a soft white hamper with grey details. She soon applied her deoderant and lotion on her body than put on her clothes. Soon she placed her hair in a ponytail than got out the room. While she was out Columbus did some moving. He on heard the door open and he said "Intruder! Intruder!". Columbus flapped his large wings than flew out of the room and went on the top of the staircase. He examined the boy before seeing his cigarette. Columbus saw a puff of smoke and soon said "Smoker! Smoker! Cover your beaks!". Columbus soon flapped his wings more before flying down the steps and on Dex's head. He looked around as he poked his head out the window than put his head back in the apartment. Willow heard the noise than rushed to go to the staircase. She saw Columbus on Dex's head and giggled than laughed. Soon Columbus turned and said "Hahaha, wait whats so funny?". He screeched after he finished his words than flew at Willow, hopping on her head.

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Willow soon entered the bathrooom as she took off her dirty clothes. She folded the old clothes than threw it in a soft white hamper with grey details. She soon applied her deoderant and lotion on her body than put on her clothes. Soon she placed her hair in a ponytail than got out the room. While she was out Columbus did some moving. He on heard the door open and he said "Intruder! Intruder!". Columbus flapped his large wings than flew out of the room and went on the top of the staircase. He examined the boy before seeing his cigarette. Columbus saw a puff of smoke and soon said "Smoker! Smoker! Cover your beaks!". Columbus soon flapped his wings more before flying down the steps and on Dex's head. He looked around as he poked his head out the window than put his head back in the apartment. Willow heard the noise than rushed to go to the staircase. She saw Columbus on Dex's head and giggled than laughed. Soon Columbus turned and said "Hahaha, wait whats so funny?". He screeched after he finished his words than flew at Willow, hopping on her head.

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janelle (sungkew) For a while before Columbus decided to attack him, Dex had just sat on the staircase, his eyes trained out the window. His gaze trailed the events below though there wasn't really anything of too much interest. Really, his mind was caught up in his own thoughts. A lot of the things running through his head weren't very important. He'd mostly just gone into a small, thinking stupor, daydreams infiltrating his mind for once. It was in this state that Dex had been in when the bird first began to speak. Having been slightly out of it, Dex hadn't even noticed the words it spoke, only really coming out of his daze when he felt something on his head. Going rigid, Dex felt his hand immediately go to his back pocket. His hand had just rested on the gun when he felt the weight lift from his hair. In a moment, he stood and whipped around, the gun still in his back pocket but in his grasp nonetheless. His eyes looked around for what it was that had been there but saw only Willow and a bird perched on her head. Realizing this, he let out a defeated sigh, feeling rather stupid. "A bird..." Dex breathed, his hand retracting and running over his face. In the moment, he most definitely felt stupid.

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Willow looked at him and said "Yea, this little man is". But before she could say something Columbus nipped at her hair than said as she stood quiet "Presenting the smart and beautiful Columbus!" his voice was funny and it was even more funny when he bowed and flapped his wings. Soon enough the bird saw Willow's ponytail than nipped at it while saying "Bad ponytails!". Columbus didn't like when hair was in a tight place, for he loved to play with Willow's hair. Soon Willow shooed him off her head and he flew downstairs on on the kitchen counter. Willow sighed and said "Sorry he is quiet a stubborn". After she said that the bird looked at Dex and said "Am not! Am not!". Willow giggled as she soon went to the bedroom and got a photograph camera. She didn't really like photographs but she loved burning them. She soon hid the camera in her back pocket than went to the stairs. She sat next to Dex and smiled, soon saying "you ready?". The stairs were quiet small so Willow was fairly close to him but it wasn't her fault. Soon Columbus did a wolf whistle and laughed evily.

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janelle (sungkew) After watching the exchange between owner and pet, Dex had returned to his sitting position. "I noticed." He said in reply to the bird being stubborn before Willow disappeared again. Once she was gone, Dex just watched the bird for a moment, thinking it both stupid and amusing how easily he'd been agitated by the thing being atop his head. Chuckling quietly to himself, he took another puff on his cigarette before blowing out. The white smoke billowed out from his mouth before disappearing out of the window, being pulled by the wind to wherever it may take it. In the next moment before Willow returned, Dex put out the cigarette in the ash tray beside him, the small ashes dousing. His eyes raked over the girl as she sat next to him, her body admittedly close to his. He was about to answer her question when the sound of the bird's whistle reached his ears. He shook his head, though only in a strange mix of amusement and irritation. It was undecided in his mind whether the bird was something to agitate him or amuse him. However, he knew Columbus was only asking to get shot. Dex wouldn't do that of course - he wasn't that cruel like he fixed himself to be - but it couldn't be denied that he was thinking of it. "Yeah, I'm ready." He stated after a second, thoughts still centered on the bird.

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"Okay, lets go". Willow stood up and went down the steps than looked around. She only got her keys and placed it in her baggy shirt side pocket.Willow looked at Columbus and said "Go to your branch". Soon the bird nodded once and than said "Bye bye mommy". Columbus looked at Dex and rose his head than bowed after saying "Have a good day handsome". Columbus screeched before flying off to his cafe than locking the bedroom door. Willow smiled at him and said "Lets go have a adventure:. She was personally very exicted because she never saw the outside of the city. Because the infection started about 36 years ago, no one has seen it for about 35 years. She heard that their were a lot of cars and that their were ice cream trucks and what about. She even heard that some people chose not to eat for looks, which was pretty stupid.

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janelle (sungkew) Dex had stood and followed Willow to the door as she said her goodbye to her bird. He hadn't really been paying much attention to the conversation until he suddenly became the topic. He'd glanced up just to hear the bird's words directed at him, his mind trying to process this information. A bird... found him attractive? Okay, Dex was now sure this bird was trying to irritate him. As Willow turned to him, this was exactly what he stated, "That bird is just looking for a shooting, you know that, right?" His eyes held nothing but seriousness, however, it was obvious that he wouldn't be doing any bird hunting today. Overcontrol hunting, maybe, but no bird hunting. "Yeah, okay." He sighed, his gaze drawing to the door, "Adventure it is."

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Willow glanced at him before saying "He just tries to cheer up people, he likes jokes". She soon rolled her eyes then opened to the door. She held it for him and soon said: "Oldest before youngest". She smiled, she did keep her saying of him going first out of her apartment so she did so. She held on the door and looked at Dex while smiling. She placed her head gently on the door as she looked at him. Her side bangs were about up to her shoulders, making them long but cute for her. She blinked a few times before moving her foot in a in and out direction.

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janelle (sungkew) It was at this time that Dex got a little cocky. "Jokes?" He sighed slightly, "Wow, thanks." His words were in reply to the 'joke' that Columbus had spouted; the one on Dex being handsome. Though Dex didn't particularly care what anyone thought of his appearance, he still thought it was a good thing to bring up. Whether he was teasing her or not though, was up to her. In truth, he wouldn't have minded if she took offense to it or took it as a joke. It was just all a matter of her opinion. However, at the topic of him walking out of the residence first, Dex simply gave a small grin. She really was holding to her word, wasn't she? "How do you know if I'm the oldest, anyways?" He asked, walking to the door-frame regardless. "I could be younger than you, you know?"

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Willow looked at him and said "He is though sometimes honest" she said. She of course was trying to cheer him up, to think he wasn't lying about him being handsome, he was. She bit her lip and said "Im seventeen". Soon she shrugged her shoulders as a 'I dont know'. IT was the first time she shrugged in front of him, which did look a little weird but cute. She patted his back than pushed him to go out the door, though not able to move him. She was not as strong as him and her tiny body was no use for his bigger one. She sighed than pushed him more but no use. She soon stopped and held the door, worried that he might soon realized that he can out strength her any time.

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janelle (sungkew) Willow's words only made Dex smile to himself. Right, of course the bird was honest in that case. Shaking his head, Dex felt her hand on his back. He glanced over his shoulder, watching as she tried to get him to move. It was funny, he thought, how she thought she held strength over him in that moment when it was clear she didn't. Dex had known for a while that he was much stronger than her - a thing he actually kind of enjoyed having as an advantage - but he hadn't thought to use it yet. Unless one were to count that small, but awkward kiss he'd pulled in his apartment. That could be considered an example of his strength he supposed, though he hadn't done much. Really, he'd mostly just surprised her. Dex wondered, then, if he could do it once again. So, in doing this, Dex simply walked through the door and into the hall, turning around as he leaned against the wall. "Same." He stated, not exactly revealing what he was referencing until a second later, "Seventeen."

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Willow looked at him as he leaned on the wall and smiled. Though they were the same age, she stretched her arms up than closed the door while going in the hall. She closed the door completely than got her keys from her shirt pocket. She soon locked the door and looked and Dex than crossed her arms. She smiled than said "Lead the way leader". Even though they never said who was leader, he still would become a good one. He was stronger and more experienced with weapons than her. Though she does know survival skills and how to survive in the outside world, though never been there.

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janelle (sungkew) Dex didn't mind being the leader in the slightest. In fact, the thought of being in control put a smile on his face. "Leading away." He stated, standing straight. Though he hardly knew what he'd be facing out there in the world they were headed to, Dex wasn't going to fail at getting through to his destination. The only way he could possibly fail would be to die trying. And, really, that wasn't an option for him. Though it was beyond possible, Dex wouldn't let it happen. And, strangely enough for him, he wasn't keen on letting Willow go down either. She was as much his partner as she was his; her death wouldn't be welcomed any time soon.

((I have to go to bed now, but I'm guessing we're heading to the tunnels or something of the like? :3 ))

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(Okay good night ::D, Umm there is a sewers topic in mixed role-play areas. You post first??))

Willow looked at him than smiled. Soon straightening her posture as well. She soon thought though if he might take this adventure too far. Though it wouldn't be really a problem because the Overcontrols don't hurt mutants like them. Though some do, those are the rare or uncommon ones. Willow followed him, side to him, she looked like a little dog for a second due to her being smaller than him than looked like a tiny solider following her general. She would protect him in any ways though, hoping that he won't get hurt. For some reason she had a more wanting for him to be safe than her with anyone else. She looked up at him and smiled as she followed her leader.

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janelle (sungkew) ((Ah, yeah, sewers. That's totally what I meant XD But, uh-huh! I'll post first in the morning. I'm literally falling over with sleepiness. G'night! :3 ))

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Willow did not really feel use to him grasping around her hand so she added just a little pressure, though didn't really work. Soon Willow slipped her hand in his more so it was completely engulfed. She reached her apartment door and looked behind her, making sure everyone was here. Soon Willow took the keys out of her shirt pocket than placed it in the key slot. Slowly she turned it as she opened the door. Columbus was looking in the fridge which was opened by him. Once of his talons were on the handle while the other was on the edge of the door. He looked where the door was and chirped. He closed the door than flew on the counter before saying "Finally!". He was very impatient and even sometimes thinks that humans can be faster than them. He chirped before menacingly laughing, soon followed by a flight to Willow's bedroom. She soon slipped out of Dex's hand to play the keys on the key holder. She stretched her arms before looking behind and saying "Anyone hungry?". Soon she slipped her hand back in Dex's sneakily.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) Gabby smirked at Evarinne's response and shuffled into the room behind her, "Nice place." Gabby commented, slowly letting her bag and rifle slide from her shoulders. She placed them by the door and rolled her shoulders, ignoring the muscle's twinging with relief of being free from the rucksack. Gabby sighed and pushed her hair out of her face, taking a moment to look over the room they were currently stood in. Evarinne had got it about right, she'd pretty much taken the words out of Gabby's mouth. She turned to Willow as she heard the offer of food and casually placed her hands in her pockets, "You don't know how great food sounds about now." She murmured, feeling her stomach clench at the prospect of getting something to eat. And not just something half warmed from a can. Proper food.

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janelle (sungkew) As he walked into the apartment with Willow, his hand ensnaring hers now, Dex took in the familiar sights. They'd been here earlier so he didn't know why he'd expected a change. It was still the same place - same furniture, same windows he'd smoked by, same bird. He noticed then how different it was from his own. Earlier he had noticed the different colors, but hers was truly different. While his smelled of stale beer and cigarettes, hers smelled clean and fresh. And while Dex's apartment was fairly trashed, with clothes and such laying around, Willow's was, once again, completely the opposite. It was nice, he thought, to be somewhere so clean in comparison to the last locale they'd explored.
Hearing her question, Dex shrugged. "Yeah, I am." He stated, not really caring if that was too forward. He was a forward person anyways - no use changing now. His eyes caught on the quiet girl in her little observations. She was weird in Dex's opinion. But, then again, so was the other girl that she'd came with - Gabby. They probably complemented each other's weirdness.

((Well, I have to be getting off to bed now :) See you guys later! I'm going to reply to whatever else happens in the morning before I go to school :D I love this RP by the way. Can't say that enough.))

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Willow nodded at everyone than said "Well Pizza or Chinese?". She soon had her hand completely removed from Dex's hand as she went to her table in the living room. She soon checked how much money she had, luckily she had enough chinnings for the taxs and food, maybe also she will get a discount from the household number. Soon Willow looked at the guys than examined their bodies, they were fairly dirty so it would be best if some went to the bathroom to clean themslves. Willow sighed than said "The bathroom is upstairs,Third Or Second Door On The Left. All the items for bathing is in the cabint". She sighed than took her small cellphone that was perfect for her size. Soon she looked out the window as she got a full view of the lit up Central Area. She sighed as she turned around and smiled.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) ((I'm gonna have to bail on you guys too, sleep's catching up on me. I'll post in the morning XD))

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janelle (sungkew) Dex, feeling Willow's hand slip from his own, stood near the door for a little while, leaning himself against the doorframe. He watched as Evarinne disappeared into the bathroom, her steps as if she were in some sort of trance. Dex simply rolled his eyes at this. It was like they'd never seen an apartment before. Dex was used to living in these sort of locations. When he was younger, he'd lived in a house five times nicer than this because of his family's financial stability. Albeit, Dex hadn't really had enough free time to faun over the interior, but he was still accustomed to it. His own apartment, while messy, was pretty nice as well. Dex just didn't take care of it.
Standing straight, Dex walked over to the living room and slumped into a couch, his eyes looking over his pants. They certainly were grimy. He let out a small huff, realizing he didn't really have any clean clothes here. Dex guessed he'd just have to live with it for now. However, he really did want to get in the shower. Though he didn't mind being dirty too much, he'd rather not smell like a sewer pipe. His eyes went to the bathroom and he kept his eyes trained on the door, just waiting for it to reopen.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) Gabby sighed taking one final glance at the room before taking a seat on one of the couches, avoiding eye contact with Dex as she really didn't want to turn this into a social situation. She was too tired to care and talking to Dex wasn't the nicest experience she'd had so far, he'd kept giving her that look like he might rip her head off any second. Gabby chewed her lip and looked at the living room, the place was really nice, Willow had done well to get a place that was so elaborately furnished and close to the inner city. She shrugged at the mention of pizza or Chinese food, Gabby didn't really care at this point, any food was food to her and frankly she was starving. Her dark eyes watched Evarinne take the stairs to the bathroom before they flickered back to her own dirty clothes. She really wanted to shower and change into the spare set at the bottom of her bag. Gabby tugged absently on a loose thread on a rip in her jeans, contemplating this situation and her new found alliance. Evarinne had been good to her so far, playing the protective older sister card but the other girl was very quiet, Gabby wondered if there was more to her story than had first been told. Then there was Willow who seemed as equally brave as she was fiery, well she must be brave-Gabby thought- the other girl was the only one who seemed to have any sort of ability to tame Dex. Then there was obviously Dex, whom Gabby got the impression was not as rough and tough as he first seemed. There'd been occasional lapses in that hard shell of his and Gabby was starting to think it was all just an act he put on. She absently rubbed the back of her neck and tried to avoid leaning back on the couch in case she was dirty, looking through to where Willow was on the phone ordering food.

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Willow looked around before finished the order of a large pizza. Soon she hung up her phone as she looked around.Of course she was dirty as well. Soon Willow placed the camera before on the table near the candle which she lit up by herself.Willow rubbed her eyes as she looked at everyone. Before saying anything she stood up again than went upstairs. Willow entered her room to see Columbus already sleeping. Columbus had one leg stuffed inside his feathers while the other held him up on his branch. Soon Willow sighed before seeing her fish on the table in her room. Willow fed her fish before going to her drawer and opening it. Due to it almost being night it would of been okay if she just gets her pajamas. Willow took out her regular pair of sleepwear. Soon she placed her gentle clothes on the table as she made the bed, soon going to the guest room. As she finished making the guest room bed she red the two fishes in bowls there than went back to her room. Soon Willow checked her laptop for anything than took her sleepwear set and went downstairs.

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janelle (sungkew) Dex had stayed seated until he saw the door of the bathroom open. By the time Evarinne was fully out the door frame, he was already up and moving, headed that way himself. Passing the girl, he went straight into the bathroom and shut the door behind him, the reverberations quite a bit louder than he had meant for them to be. While in the room by himself, he simply got in the shower, standing under the hot water for a while. His thoughts were, admittedly, not the best and soon he tired of just standing there. Stepping out, Dex soon redressed himself, putting on the same clothes he'd wore before after only drying his hair for a little while. For once, he didn't really care about whether it was truly dry or not. By the time he stepped out of the bathroom, it had only been perhaps five minutes. He was thankful for that; he would have hated to be in there for so long that people started to wonder about him. Right now, he'd rather just go under the radar. Or at least, that's what he was hoping. Dex always seemed to get things riled up, no matter how hard he tried not to.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) Gabby was about to make a move to head into the bathroom as Evarinne walked out but Dex beat her to it. Gabby rolled her eyes and resting her elbows against her knees and staring morosely at the rug beneath her feet. She guessed Dex wasn't the gentlemanly type, not that she minded he wasn't nice to anyone apart from Willow. Gabby glanced up as the door opened once again and Dex came out almost as quickly as he had gone in there. Gabby got to her feet and grabbed a clean shirt from her bag, it was all she had with regard to changing her clothes but she figured it was better than nothing. She slipped into the bathroom quickly stripping down and climbing under the steady stream of hot water. It was a welcome relief and the heat of the pulsating water against her shoulder blades was absolute heaven after a week or so of sleeping rough. Gabby remained under the steady stream for as long as she could, frantically scrubbing at her body leaving the skin a little red but clean nonetheless. She'd taken almost twice as long as Dex had but she didn't care and quickly wrapped herself in towel, drying her body before slipping the jeans back on and the clean shirt. She pulled her damp hair into a loose knot and walked back out into the living area having replaced the towels on the rail.

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Willow saw Dex go out in the same clothes than said "No". She had a worried look on her face than got up, leaving her pajamas on the table. Willow got in the guest bedroom as she opened a drawer than got a men's t-shirt with some sweat pants. Though she didn't know what size Dex was, she would than get another pair if they are too tight. She soon walked back downstairs and gave Dex the pair of clothes. Soon as Gabby got out, Willow slowly took her pajamas than went inside. Even though she loved relaxing baths she didn't want to take long so she turned on the shower. It was a little hot outside so she made the shower cold. Soon she stripped off her clothing and folded them, throwing them in the hamper. She soon took her body wash, shampoo, and conditioner from the cabnit before going in the shower. She rinsed herself completely before going out and drying herself. Soon she turned off the shower and put on her pajamas as she later dried the floor from everyone's shower. She rubbed her eyes before getting out of the bathroom. having half-wet half-dry hair. It took her about 15 or 10 minutes from her cleaning the bathroom and drying the floor afterwards. She soon went downstairs to the kitchen and got her wallet, hearing the doorbell. Willow soon opened the door, revealing a tall brown haired man. She asked how much with him replying for about 18 worth. She gave him 2 Goldlics with him keeping the tip. Soon Willow rubbed her eyes again as she closed the door and went to the kitchen. "Don't eat it yet, let me set up the table, you guys go to your rooms". Soon she got a few plates before saying "Gabby, guest room, which is the room without Columbus, Dex your staying in my room for tonight and Evarinne, It is your choice if u want to sleep with Gabby or on the living room couch.". She looked at everyone with her blue eyes.

((Willows outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/willows_sleep...))

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janelle (sungkew) "No?" Dex had repeated upon hearing Willow speak to him. At first, he had no idea what she was talking about. Then, seeing her look at his clothes, he suddenly understood... to some extent. He got the fact that the clothes weren't exactly in pristine condition - okay, not at all - but he didn't really get what other choice he had. When he'd left his apartment, he hadn't really brought any other clothes with him. Now, looking back on it, he wished he had. He couldn't have known that he'd need them, but still. The extra set would have come in handy.
Watching as Willow went to her room only to come back with clothes, Dex just lifted an eyebrow in curiosity. She had guy's clothes in her room? This confused him, but he tried not to dwell on it. He'd rather not ask and start a fight between the two, no matter how much his curiosity was bugging him. But as he'd told her before, curiosity killed the cat and Dex didn't have nine lives to spare. He was just about to head to the bathroom to change when he heard Willow begin to talk. He glanced over at her, the words sinking in. Her room? Surprisingly, Dex hadn't been expecting that in the slightest. The couch was where he had been expecting to be making residence. However, he didn't mind staying in her room all too much. Not at all, really. Nodding slowly, Dex went back into the bathroom, smirking to himself while he got changed into the clothes she'd awarded him with. His eyes, however, hung on the color. A blue shirt. Eh, he hated the color. Always had and always would. However, same as always, Dex didn't care. It would be fine enough for him.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) Gabby raised an eyebrow as Willow suggested she take the guest room, surely she couldn't not when other people needed the bed just as much as she did. Evarinne looked like she was ready to pass out where she was standing and she'd nearly fallen asleep in the doorway! She gave Evarinne a warm smile and gestured towards the stairs, "You take the guest room, I think you need it more than me." Gabby murmured, wrapping her arms around herself. The couch looked comfortable enough as it was and it would be far better than sleeping on the rough ground where she had been the past week or so. She crossed the room to her rucksack and pulled out a thin woollen sweater, pulling it over her head and looking to Willow as the smell of food wafted through the living room. Gabby once again took her seat, untying her hair and running her hands through the damp ringlets. The warmth and dryness of the air around them meant that her hair started to dry quickly. Her expression was somewhat blank as she considered everything that had happened today, they'd been very lucky.

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Willow smiled at the offer from Gabby than placed the plates on the table in front of Gabby. Soon Willow took the remote near the tv screen and gave it to Gabby in case. Willow went back to the kitchen as she got toppings from her fridge that she warmed up, sauces, and napkins. She soon went back adjusting the table as she finished setting it up. Willow took the pizza box as she gently placed it on the table than looked around. She bit her lip than wondered, thinking where she would sleep. My bedroom couch, floor, or stay up all night In her mind, those were all her choices. Her bedroom did have a couch as well as a beanie but she didn't want to become a nuisance to Dex so she would probably stay up all night studying her college information in the study room. Soon Willow sighed than went upstairs. She looked around the hallways as she went to her bedroom and got a extra blanket. This time she was extra quiet due from Columbus already fast asleep, she could tell from him being so fluffy. Willow smiled and kissed Columbus on the head as she went downstairs and gave Gabby the blanket. Soon she sat on the seat next to the couch and waited.

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janelle (sungkew) Fully dressed, Dex stood in the bathroom for a second, giving himself a once over in the mirror. Same short blonde hair, same sharp eyes, and the same unhappy expression. The only thing different were the clothes. Sighing slightly, Dex grasped the doorknob tightly before remembering something: his gun. Reaching down with his hand still on the doorknob, he picked up the weapon and shoved it in his back pocket. Though he only had two rounds left, Dex wanted it on him at all times; he always did. Finally walking out of the bathroom, his eyes fell on the three girls. In this moment, he was the only guy. At first, he didn't care too much for that. Before, at least there had been Dorian to make some effort to even out the gender ratio. However, upon thinking this, Dex remembered how much he hated the guy. Never mind. He was content with being the only guy. Sitting in a chair across from Willow and next to Gabby, Dex rested his elbows on his knees and just sat there, his eyes on the pizza. "Are we gonna eat or no?" Though he didn't mean it to, his voice came out harsh, as if he were threatening someone. His eyes glanced up, looking around at each of them. If no one answered, Dex would just start eating. He was that hungry.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) Gabby gratefully took the blanket from Willow and set it on the end of the couch with a whisper of the word thank you before she took her seat at the dining room table. She rested her elbows against the table top and breathed deeply, taking a moment to savour the aroma of the hot food before she noticed Dex had reappeared, taking the seat next to her. Gabby didn't say a word as she tucked her hands beneath her chin and waited for the others to dig in, as hungry as she was Gabby was still a guest and Willow had paid for everything after all. Her eyes flickered sideways to Dex as he made a comment about eating and Gabby smirked, taking that as the cue to begin. "I guess we should probably start before it gets cold." She murmured, reaching out one tanned hand and helping herself to a slice. "Thank you so much for all this Willow, there's got to be something we can do to repay you." Gabby said, setting the slice of pizza on her plate and looking at the other girl.

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Willow bit her lip as Dex commented than said "I was just waiting for you but you can all dig in". She opened the pizza box to reveal a large 10 sliced pizza. Of course Willow won't really eat some to give to the girls, they are probably starving. Willow smiled at Dex than took a slice, putting it on Gabby's place than took one and placed it on hers. She couldn't reach for Dex's plate so she let him take it. Soon Willow took some pepperoni toppings on the table and placed some on her pizza slice. Soon she also let some garlic sauce go on the crust for she loved garlic sauce. Even though it made her breath smell a little she would brush her teeth before bed. Soon Willow bit her lip and looked up before taking a bite out of her pizza. The flavors drenched her mouth as she felt the golden cheese melt on her tongue. She also felt the hot spicy sauce cover the inside of her mouth and the dry under bread get chomped from her teeth. The pepperoni also add a lot of spice with the sauce which tasted delicious. Though Willow didn't show any reaction to this taste she did smiled and finish the bite slowly. Soon she placed the garlic sauce bottle in the middle as well as the tray of pepperoni. Soon Willow wiped her mouth from the grease at the side of her mouth. Though the grease were just little dots on her mouth, she never wanted it to stay there. Soon Willow smiled again than placed her pizza on the table. She stood up and went to the kitchen to get 4 wine glasses. She placed it on the table as she soon went back to her kitchen. There was a safe underneath the drawer as she pressed the code and opened it. Soon Willow took out a red wine bottle from 2000, a 49 year old bottle! It was probably good from her keeping it there. Willow closed the safe and locked it as she went to the table and placed the bottle.

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janelle (sungkew) Reaching out, Dex took the biggest slice of pizza possible for himself. It may have been a little selfish seeing as Gabby or Evarinne probably deserved it more than he did, but Dex didn't even notice. He was so blinded by hunger that it didn't register with him. Though, even if it had, there was a pretty big chance that he would have picked it anyways. He began eating, engulfing the piece in a minute flat. His hand had just reached out for another slice when he noticed the bottle that Willow dragged out. Immediately, Dex's eyes lit up in happiness and his hand instead clamped on the bottle. In the time that they'd been in the sewers, Dex had definitely missed the taste of alcohol. He didn't even care if it was wine and not beer; he just really really wanted some. His other hand reached out and grabbed hold of a glass, bringing it in front of him like a kid at the toy store. Yeah, he'd definitely missed drinking.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) Gabby picked up the slice of pizza and gratefully took a bite, savouring the taste of melted cheese and hot tomato sauce on her tongue. It was in that moment that she finally realised how hungry she had actually been. She chewed thoughtfully, enjoying the taste of the pizza and watching as Willow brought the bottle of wine to the table. Gabby hadn't had a drink in a long long time, she was only sixteen after all but back in Florida her and few of the other youngsters had made it a weekly thing to meet up and get drunk. It helped ease some of the tension of the chaos that had been present outside of the city. She sighed and reached for the bottle after Dex, pouring herself a glass and sipping it slowly, enjoying the taste. It must have been expensive but Willow seemed more than happy to extend her hospitality to all of them.

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Willow smiled as everyone got some from the bottle as she poored some of the red wine in her glass. Though she wasn't a fan of beer or alcohol she just loved red wine. Soon she made the wine circle around in her cup as she drank it. It was very deilcious hence it being a 49 year old wine. Soon she poured some for Evarinne than stood up. Willow took the bottle than placed it back in the safe, though everyone only got about one glass of it, she didn't want to waste it, it was a family heirloom. She closed the safe than locked it before placing the safe in the wall hole and clossing the wall hole. Soon Willow stood up than went back to the table and got yet the tiniest slice of pizza. This time though she placed mushrooms, bacon, and extra melted cheese as the toppings. Soon she added the garlic sauce on top of the pizza itself than chewed what is a bit bite for her. Soon Willow chewed slowly the savoring flavors than took a sip of her wine. She really liked this night, mostly from the wine. Soon Willow finished her food and wiped her mouth, finishing her meal. She soon placed her dirty plates in the kitchen while also placing the napkin she used in the garbage. Willow got upstairs to her bathroom before opening it and brushing her teeth. Soon she went to her room before saying goodnight again to Columbus and setting up the bed for Dex.

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janelle (sungkew) ((Haha, okay XD Hate it when that happens.
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Immediately after his glass was filled and Gabby began pouring her own, Dex downed the contents. He sighed in contentedness as the liquid made its way down his throat. A bright smile was on his face as his eyes closed for a minute or two. Though the wine hadn't done much for him in terms of getting a buzz, he still liked the taste in his mouth. It was like heaven to him. However, as his eyes opened, he realized the bottle was gone. His eyes went wide immediately, unable to believe this. Turning his head to the side, Dex just received a glance of Willow tucking the bottle away in a safe. No no no... Dex thought, his addiction taking its toll. Needless to say, he was craving more. He needed more. Eyes falling upon the glass in front of Evarinne, he stared at it hungrily before his gaze went up to the girl's eyes. "You gonna drink that?" In this way - though it may not have sounded like it - Dex was more or less pleading for her to give it to him. He wanted more alcohol that badly.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) Gabby finished her slice of pizza and leaned back in the seat, sipping her wine as she looked around the table at the others. She wanted to help out as much as she could and watched as Willow took her own plate and disappeared up the stairs. Gabby finished her wine and followed suit, taking her plate and washing it up in the sink, returning to the table just as Dex as Evarinne if she planned on finishing her drink. Gabby raised an eyebrow but didn't comment, taking the empty pizza box and going back into the kitchen where she found the trash can with ease. She hung back, lounging in the doorway to watch how the scene between Dex and Evarinne would play out, did he really like the wine that much?

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Willow finished making the bed as she soon went downstairs. She saw Dex as for Evarinne's drink as she cleared her throat before crossing her arms. Soon she rolled her eyes before looking down at the last bit of Willow's drink. She had just a few left as she did bring it upstairs for her to drink just in case. Soon she sighed in depression, though she did love wine so much she had to offer for the guest. Soon Willow walked towards Dex and wiped the top of her glass than placed it on the table. She smiled before walking to a door and opening it, the study room. It was exactly what she needed as she decided to stay up all night and not bother anyone. She thought of what to do first and finally thought of something Classwork Study, Homework, Test Study, Projects, Documents. Though it was a lot she had to stay up all night and since she was in college she would work on it. Due to it being Saturday she didn't start on anything she learned or has to do on Friday. She sat down as she placed her head on the desk and got a feeling, she wanted a drink. Soon though Willow refused than got her classwork binder and looked through it, reading her essay of notes and editing them.

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