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Please delete the periods ('.') from the form before posting. If you type out the form yourself or copy from another group please use the correct HTML. Fields with a * are optional.

<.b>Blood Status:<./b>
<.b>Where they live:<./b> (outside Hogwarts)

<.b>Appearance:<./.b> (use a photo of a real person unless the drawing looks real enough - PM me with the picture if you aren't sure.)
<.i>Hair color/streaks:<./i>
<.i>Hair length/cut:<./i>
<.i>Eye color:<./i>
<.i>Weight (Be Specific):<./i>
<.i>Height (Be specific):<./i>
<.i>Normal outside of school outfit:<./i>
<.i>Jewelry/Make up*: <./i>
<.i>Other Details:<./i>

<.b>Do they get along with their house:<./b>
<.b>Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?:<./b>

<.b>Personality (Summary):<./b>

<.b>Quote or motto*:<./b>
<.b>Theme Song*:<./b>
<.b>Best Skills:<./b>
<.b>Worst Skills:<./b>

<.b>Relationship Status*:<./b>

<.b>Anything Else:<./b>

Characters must be approved before role-play and meet the standards.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments
Name: Jacob Wood
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Family: Oliver Wood- Identical Twin Brother- age 18
Mr. Wood- Father
Mrs. Wood- Mother
History/Background: Jacob is the identical twin brother of Oliver Wood. Jacob was always the popular one. He let his brother have some of the glory, but Jacob got a lot of it. He does not speak of his history before he was a student at Hogwarts. He doesn't even talk about his life as a Hogwarts student.
Where they live: London
Age: 19

Hair color/streaks: Brown Hair
Hair length/cut: Short
Eye color: Brown
Weight (Be Specific): 155 lbs
Height (Be specific): 7"8
Normal outside of school outfit: He normally wears a t-shirt and jeans outside of school.
Other Details: N/A

Wand: Ebony with a unicorn tail hair core
Do they get along with their house: Yes
Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?: Yes

Personality (Summary): Jacob is a kind guy who falls for girls his age easily. He is good at playing Quidditch and he is a natural born leader. He is smart and kind as well as caring and sweet. He does not like people bullying him or his brother.
Likes: Hogwarts, Game Keeping, and Magic
Dislikes: Blood and War

Job: Game Keeper
Best Skills:Ancient Runes, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures
Worst Skills: Charms, Muggle Studies, and History of Magic

Relationship Status*: Single

Anything Else: When he was at Hogwarts as a student, he played on the Quidditch Team, first as a Keeper and then later he was Captain of the Qudditch team. When he was at Hogwarts as a student, Jacob was in the house of Gryffindor. He keeps a pet own named Nyx. ((Nyx- )) Nyx is actually the owl that Jacob when he first came to Hogwarts at age 11, but the owl and Jacob cannot be parted, they lives there own lives, but they are always around each other.

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Perhaps make him a bit older, because if he was Wood's twin he'd be a lot older. And Gamekeeper is Hagrid's role. Referee is for Quidditch games. Just so you know :D.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments Yes I know that, but like you said all the teachers have passed on and stuff, so that means that Hagrid would not be game keeper in this time

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She knows that hahaha she was just making sure you know which role the game keeper was! :D

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments I'm not stupid, I do know. I've read the books and I've watched the movies, the first one and second and 4th definitely more than once.

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Okay, but since most the quotes were about Quidditch, I wasn't sure. And this is about twenty years after the next generation.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments He used to play quidditch....and... I brb

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