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Please delete the periods ('.') from the form before posting. If you type out the form yourself or copy from another group please use the correct HTML. Fields with a * are optional.

<.b>Blood Status:<./b>
<.b>Where they live:<./b> (outside Hogwarts)

<.b>Appearance:<./.b> (use a photo of a real person unless the drawing looks real enough - PM me with the picture if you aren't sure.)
<.i>Hair color/streaks:<./i>
<.i>Hair length/cut:<./i>
<.i>Eye color:<./i>
<.i>Weight (Be Specific):<./i>
<.i>Height (Be specific):<./i>
<.i>Jewelry/Make up*: <./i>
<.i>Other Details:<./i>

<.b>Do they get along with their house:<./b>
<.b>Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?:<./b>

<.b>Personality (Summary):<./b>

<.b>Best Friend:<./b>
<.b>Other Friends:<./b>

<.b>Quote or motto*:<./b>
<.b>Fave thing to do at school*:<./b>
<.b>Theme Song*:<./b>
<.b>Best Skills:<./b>
<.b>Worst Skills:<./b>


<.b>Anything Else:<./b>

Characters must be approved before role-play and meet the standards.

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Name: Briarly Reese Atalantica
Nickname*: Bria
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Family: Her mother, Briar Rose Atalantica, who raised her and was the youngest of three sisters, and her father, Lee Tenzing. Her mother named Bria that way so it'd be a mix of both her parent's names.
History/Background: Born in London, England, to Briar Atalantica and her boyfriend, Lee Tenzing. After Bria was born her father dumped her mother to the mercy of the social services and her parents, who had been convinced Lee was a Bad Man. Briar, only nineteen at the time, managed to get herself and the baby a flat in a council estate. When Bria was nine she won a scholarship to a private school, but she fared very badly. Too smart. Too boring. Too studious. Too quiet. Too rule abiding. Not enough money. No mobile phone. She was delighted to go to Hogwarts mainly so she could escape from the bullies, but when she returns every year the people on the council estate bully her for being a 'scholarship girl' and the people off the council estate bully her for being a 'council estate thug'. To make it worse, her grandparents are incredibly rich but the best present she ever got from them was a rubix cube, or maybe the third-hand copy of War and Peace, probably meant to be as a joke to be unused by their grand-daughter, but instead Bria read it over and over again.
Where they live: A small apartment in a council estate in London, England. It's bigger than the one they used to live in, but Bria hopes when she's older she'll have enough to buy her mother a house if she changes Galleons into Pound Sterling.
Age: Fifteen
Birthday*: The third of January (03/01)
House: Ravenclaw

●Bria has shoulder-length brown hair, limp when in the holidays from being washed with bad shampoo and in Hogwarts taken decent care of, with a streak of what actually looks like the metal copper (like your father, her mother would fondly tell her as she brushed through the streak). She has steel grey eyes like storm clouds, that seem to bare into your head - perhaps that's why people think she can read minds. She has a sickly pale complexion from not going outside nearly enough, which goes more healthy towards the end of the year before going pale again in the summer holidays. Bria is skinny, mainly because she never has an appetite to eat much, even though she has a huge sweet tooth, and small for her age.

Hair color/streaks: Brown, but with a bronze streak to match the colour of the Ravenclaw eagle. This streak is natural, so it's like she was meant to be in Ravenclaw.
Hair length/cut: Just longer than shoulder-length, often tied in a braid with her streak in a separate braid.
Eye color: Grey
Weight (Be Specific): 103 lbs
Height (Be specific): 5 foot 15
Jewelry/Make up*: Just the silver necklace she keeps hidden in her robes, which had been her grandmother's last gift to her mother and passed on to her.
Other Details: -

Wand: Cypress, unicorn tail hair, 10 inches, supple
Do they get along with their house: Well enough.
Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?: Yes. As much as she loves her mother she can't stand to go back to the council estate.

Personality (Summary): Bria is clever, studious and very broad-minded, ready to believe anything if there was a good reason to believe it. She's the sort to badmouth logic and try and find something inventive (as long as it's abiding to the laws of physics). If she had the heart to, she could easily turn on the sarcasm. Bria doesn't believe in house prejudices; there is someone good in every house, even Slytherin, though that may be because her best friend is in Slytherin. She is incredibly intelligent, but unnaturally quiet and mature beyond her fifteen years. But she isn't amazing - most of the time people do not understand her. She finds it really hard to make friends too, as she is not sociable at all.
✔The fact that she is now Ravenclaw prefect
✔Magical creatures or animals in general.
✘Breaking the rules
✘Prejudiced people
✘Those people who pick on first years

Best Friend: Griffin Rose
Other Friends: None.
Enemies: She keeps to herself and doesn't make enemies.

Best Skills: Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes
Worst Skills: Transfiguration, dueling, divination

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend*: Crushing on her friend Griffin Rose.

Anything Else: I will probably be adding to this.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments
Name: Brenden Cote
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Pure Blooded Wizard
Family:(all open characters.

Veronica and Caitlyn- 14

Kais- 34

Kellen- 11

John- 34)
History/Background: He found out that he was a wizard when he was 11, then came to Hogwarts. He didn't know at the time that it would teach him to use his wand and his skills as a wizard. At Hogwarts, he made many friends.
Where they live:
Age: 15
House: Gryffindor

Appearance: [image error]
Hair color/streaks: Brown Hair
Hair length/cut: short
Eye color: Blue
Weight (Be Specific): 179
Height (Be specific): Tall, 6"0

Other Details: N/A

Wand: Phoenix Tail Feather Core and Birch Wood
Do they get along with their house: Yes
Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?: Easter

Personality (Summary): Brenden is a kind guy who loves sports and he can sometimes be a jerk. He loves to play sports. He loves hanging out with his friends and he does not take crap from anyone. He is over protective of his friends and lets nothing hurt them.
Likes: Quidditich
Dislikes: Slytherins

Best Friend: Joey Anderson (Open character, 15)
Joel Banholzer (open character, 15)
Celina Arranaga (15)
Riley Arranaga (17)
Jarrod Kim (15)
Other Friends: Isa May (14)
Enemies: Jason Thompson

Quote or motto*:
Theme Song*:
Best Skills: Potions, DADA, and Care of Magical Creatures
Worst Skills: Charms, Transfiguration, and Levitation

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend*: Crushing on Brairly

Anything Else: N/A

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments
Name: Riley Arranaga
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Family: Lila Arranaga- Mother
Celina Arranaga- Sister; 15
Thomas Arranaga- Father
History/Background: Riley has had a bad past, with boys at least. Everytime she dates one, something always goes wrong. She doesn't know what to do about it and the only person she has told so far is Brenden. Riley does not speak of her history before hogwarts, so the only information you will ever know about it, is the only information she will give if she tells you.
Where they live:
Age: 17
House: Gryffindor


Hair color/streaks: Brown
Hair length/cut: Long
Eye color: Brown
Weight (Be Specific): 115
Height (Be specific): 5"1
Other Details: N/A
Wand: Veela Hair Core and Oak Wood
Do they get along with their house: Yes
Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?: No

Personality (Summary): Riley is a sweet girl who hates Jason and drugs. Riley hates gangs, but part of her past was being in one. She hates people who bully her and her sister.
Likes: Quidditch and Charms
Dislikes: Slytherins

Best Friend: Joey Anderson- open character; 15
Joel Banholzer- open character; 15
Jarrod Kim- open character; 15
Brenden Cote- 15
Other Friends: Isa May- open character; 14
Enemies: Jason Thompson- open character; 15

Best Skills: Charms, Transfiguration, and DADA
Worst Skills: Care of Magical Creatures, Levitation, and Potions

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend*: Broke-Up with Jason

Anything Else: N/A

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments
Name: Celina Arranaga
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Half-blood
Family:Lila Arranaga- Mother
[Riley Arranaga- Sister; 17]
Thomas Arranaga- Father
History/Background: Celina does not speak of her history, she has had a bad past with people always trying to bully her. She wants to forget it and so when she found out that she was a witch, she was actually delighted to be going to Hogwarts.
Where they live: Wales
Age: 15
House: Gryffindor

Hair color/streaks: Brown
Hair length/cut: Long
Eye color: Brown
Weight (Be Specific): 100
Height (Be specific): 5"0
Other Details: N/A

Wand: Black Hawthorne wood and Veela Hair core
Do they get along with their house: Yes
Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?: No

Personality (Summary): Celina is a kind girl who will help just about anyone, except for Jason. Celina does not like bullies, especially those who bully her and her sister.
Likes: Quidditch
Dislikes: Blood

Best Friend: *Joey Anderson- 15 (Gryffindor)
*Joel Banholzer- 15(Gryffindor)
*Jarrod Kim- 15(Gryffindor)
[Brenden Cote- 15 (Gryffindor)]
Other Friends: Isa May- 14 (Gryffindor)
Enemies: *Jason Thompson- 15; not a major enemy of Celina, but still an enemy (Hufflepuff)

*Tyler Valdez- 15;Celina's only hate and love. Crushing on Celina. (Slytherin)

Best Skills: Levitation, Potions, and Care of Magical Creatures
Worst Skills: DADA, Transfiguration, and Charms

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend*: Single, but crushing on Tyler Valdez.

Anything Else: Her only love really has sprung from her only hate

Any name with a * attached to the front is open to be made into a character. Any name with a set of [] around it means that it is already made into a character by me.

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All free to go! Amazing characters, by the way. Oh, and how do you do that thing with the text?

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments Thanks and I messaged you with how I did the thing with the text. After I first saw someone else do it, I was like this is awesome, how did you do it. And when I found out how it was done, I was like this is awesome. The quotes are from Romeo and Juliet as well as from Harry Potter, to make things interesting.

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Emma Hemmings | 4 comments Name: Isabel Green
Nickname*: Izzy
Gender: F
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Family: Mother(Witch) Father(Muggle)
History/Background: Isabel was born and raised in London and always knew she was a Witch.
Where they live: London (outside Hogwarts)
Age: 15
Birthday*: 10 Aug
House: Gryffindor

Appearance: http://31.media.tumblr.com/64d6376134...
Hair color/streaks: Ombre
Hair length/cut: Long
Eye color: Blue
Weight (Be Specific): 98 pounds
Height (Be specific): 5'10
Jewelry/Make up*: Necklace: http://24.media.tumblr.com/9d5b5baec2...

Wand: Phoenix Tail Feather Core and Birch Wood
Do they get along with their house: Yes
Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?: No

Personality (Summary): Isabel is a kind,smart girl with a big heart
Likes: Friends
Dislikes: Blood

Best Friend:Most of the Gryffindors
Other Friends: Some of the other Houses

Quote or motto*:
Fave thing to do at school*: Potions
Theme Song*:
Best Skills: Care of Magical Creatures,Potions.
Worst Skills: Charms

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend*: Open

Anything Else: None

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Can you fix the HTML? In the ones with the / in, leave the slash. So it looks like this, but without the curly line. <~b>Name:<~/b> Isabel Green.

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Emma Hemmings | 4 comments Uhh..im confused

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Emma Hemmings | 4 comments g2g

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Click on edit comment, go to (some html is ok) and follow the instructions to bold.

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Emma Hemmings | 4 comments i do it tomorrow x

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments
Name: Leonidas Kallas
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Family: Kieha- Mother (Muggle, assumed dead)
Cavril- Father (Wizard)
Kallana- Sister (Half-blood witch; 10 years old)
Leonidas was born in Sparta, Greece and he still lives there today with his family. He does not talk about his history and thinks it will ruin his chance of ever getting with a girl.
Where they live:

Sparta, Greece

House: Gryffindor

Appearance: http://www.teenidols4you.com/blink/Ac...
Hair color/streaks: Dirty Blonde
Hair length/cut: Short
Eye color: Brown
Weight (Be Specific): 115
Height (Be specific):6"0
Other Details: N/A

Wand: Cherry Wood with unicorn tail hair core
Do they get along with their house: Yes
Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?: Yes

Personality (Summary):He is a major video-game player and loves to go on the internet. He hardly talks to any other boys. The only time he ever talks it is in the gaming language and only his friends understand him. He doesn't like being bullied by anyone.
Likes: Video games and Girls


Best Friend:

*Bella Contalla-12 (Gryffindor, Female; she is the pretty one and she has a crush on Leonidas. Bella stays at Hogwarts for both Christmas and Easter.)
Other Friends:

*Cameron Kerrad-12 (Gryffindor, Male; he is the wild one and is always throwing the parties. Cameron stays at Hogwarts for only Easter.)

*Jaxon Thomas-12 (Gryffindor, Male; he is the one who backs up Leonidas. Jaxon is protective of his friends. He goes home for Easter, but stays at Hogwarts for Christmas.)

*Thale Graye-12 (Bully, Slytherin, Male; he never wants to be civil with anyone. He stays at Hogwarts for Easter, but goes home for Christmas.)

Quote or motto*:

Theme Song*:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnGEQH... (Just Like you imagine-300 Main Theme Song)
Best Skills: DADA, Potions, and Ancient Runes
Worst Skills: Charms, Herbology, and Muggle Studies

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend*: Crushing on Bella

Anything Else: He is Greek. He will hurt anyone who tries to hurt his friends, especially people who try to hurt Bella.

Any name mentioned with a * in the front of it is open to be made into a character

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Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box (themadmanwithabox) Name: Griffin Howard Rose

Gender: Male

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

Father, Jonah (deceased)
Mother, Helena (deceased)
Uncle, Judah (alive, legal guardian).

History/Background: His parents died when he was just three. No one knows what had happened to them. They were respected Aurors in the wizard world. His uncle, an Auror too, took Griffin in as his son. His uncle gave Griffin the only thing left from his father's possessions: a Phoenix, the family wand, and his robe. The wand and Phoenix were a family heirloom. Handed down from generation to generation. The wand is very powerful and old. Created over a century ago. Griffin eventually grew up and went to Hogwarts, taking the path of an Auror. Like his parents and his uncle.

Where they live: London

Age: Fifteen
Birthday: 7th of May


• He has pale-white skin, dark wavy hair that seems to always be messy, and sea-green eyes that are usually distracted by something. He is quite muscular and is tall for his age. (Hogwarts attire:) He wears his father's robes, they are much darker and open than the modern robes. He has a grey vest with a white button-up shirt tucked neatly under it with his house tie in between. The grey trousers and smart black shoes complete the Hogwarts uniform.

Hair color/streaks: Jet-black hair.
Hair length/cut: Short wavy hair that's slightly curly.
Eye color: Light green.
Weight: 137 lbs
Height: 6'1"
Other Details:

• Wandwood: Elder
• Core: Phoenix Feather
• Length: 11"
• Flexibility: Supple.

Do they get along with their house: Mostly.

Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?: Yes, he's better off at Hogwarts than disturbing his uncle.

Personality: Howard is usually sarcastic and up to mischief, always pulling pranks on people. He is very loyal to the people he loves and cares for, he would risk the world for his loved ones. He is also very impulsive and quite moody. He has a sarcastic and smart sense of humor. If you insult or mock him or his friends he always has an intelligent comeback. He remains true and never goes back on his word. He is very stubborn. He will do whatever he takes to get satisfaction. He can be cunning and shrewd at times, especially to get what he wants. He is brave, daring, and courageous. However, he is definitely not perfect. Howard is somewhat short-tempered, and thus has trouble controlling his anger. He can be a smart-ass at times. He is very talented in almost all the ranges of wizard studies. He is anything but a coward.

• Dueling
• Defense against the Dark Arts
• Helping the caretaker with the Hippogriffs.

• Herbology
• Arithmancy
• Divination

Best Friend: Briarly Reese Atalantica.
Other Friends:

Fave thing to do at school: Dueling.
Best Skills: Dueling.
Worst Skills: Divination.

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Briarly Reese Atalantica (crushing).

Anything Else: His favored spell is Stupefy. His patronus is a Phoenix (because that's the only thing left from his father. A pet Phoenix, the family wand, and his robe).


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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments Shahdia wrote: "Approved."

me as well?

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments kk, so looks like not many characters here. You know any of you are free to create any of my character's friends into characters at any time. Anyone of you is also free to make my character's enemy into a character at any time.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments
Name: Helen Keinias
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Family: *Myrto-Sister (10)- witch
*Lysandra- Twin Sister (11) - witch
*Megara- Sister (13)- witch
*Circe- Sister (14) - witch
Muriel- Mother - witch
*Titania- Sister (15)- witch
*Hypatia- Sister (16)- Witch
*Penelope- Cousin on mother's side- witch (11)
*Persephone- cousin on father's side- witch (11)
Agamemnon- Father- wizard
*Aegis- cousin cousin on mother's side- wizard (12)
Fedora- Aunt on mother's side- witch
Laertes- Uncle on mother's- Wizard
Laestrygones- Uncle on father's side- wizard
Hera- Aunt on father's side- witch
History/Background: Helen does not speak of her history before Hogwarts, she only knows that she is of Greek Origin. She keeps her history a secret. She does not get to see her cousins often.
Where they live: Athens, Greece
Age: 11
House: Slytherin

Hair color/streaks: Blonde
Hair length/cut: Medium
Eye color: Blue
Weight (Be Specific): 115
Height (Be specific): 5"0
Other Details: N/A


Mahogany with a dragon heart string core
Do they get along with their house: Yes
Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?: Yes

Personality (Summary): Helen is a sweet girl who falls in love with guys her age very easily. She does not take crap from anyone and stands up for what she thinks is right. She absolutely loves war, magic, potions, and boys. The only thing Helen dislikes is blood.

Magic, Potions, boys, and War
Dislikes: Blood

Best Friend: *Elara- 11- Female
Other Friends: all other houses
Enemies: none

Quote or motto*:

Best Skills: Flying, Astronomy, and History of Magic
Worst Skills:

Charms, DADA, and Herbology

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend*: Single

Anything Else: Nothing else

The names with a * in front are open to be made into characters

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How do you do that text thing?

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments ***☀⭐Jess⭐☀*** wrote: "How do you do that text thing?"http://livetyping.com/

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Name:* Sara Gloria Harkensdale
Nickname*: Sara has always been called Sara. She doesn't want to change that.
Gender: Female

Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Family: David Harkensdale is her father. He works at the ministry. He is in the Department of Underage Magic there and he takes his job seriously. When he isn't teachin his daughter new charms that is.
Abigail Harkensdale is Sara's mother. Abigail used to work at the Ministry but she soon gave up. David's job was pulling in enough money to support them.

History/Background: Sara grew up in an apartment till she was 6. Her parents had noticed her powers coming then so they had to move somewhere safe, but only till she could control them. At 9 she moved to London. Sara and her parents went through a miscarriage and her uncle lost his memory in a tragic accident. Her mother was emotionally weak when Sara received her letter to Hogwarts. Her mother still encouraged her and went with her to buy her school things though. When her father came Barack from work he immediately went out to buy a new broom for Sara. Sara loved flying and couldn't wait to formally play for Hogwarts. Both her patents were in Griffendore so they had no doubts about her being one too. Sara is in her fifth year now. Both of her parents are alive and well.

Where they live: London, more specifically right by the train station that takes young Wizards to Hogwarts.

Age: 15
Birthday*: August, 25

House: Griffendore

Appearance:. description

Hair color/streaks: Blonde natural hair with white blonde streaks
Hair length/cut: Her hair is almost like scene hair but not pitch black. It falls below her chest.
Eye color: Blue
Weight (Be Specific): 146
Height (Be specific): 5ft 6
Jewelry/Make up*: Sara almost always wears a necklace. Sara uses natural tones for makeup. Never goes drastic.
Other Details:

Length: 13 and 1/4 inches
Flexibility: slightly springy
Core: Phoenix tail feather

Do they get along with their house : Sara tries her best
Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?:
Yes. She loves Hogwarts and her parents also like time to themselves. She doesn't want to bother them.

Personality (Summary): Anna is a sarcastic child most of the time. She tries to be respectful to teachers but, that doesn't usually end well. Especially if the is in a crummy mood. Anna loves to make people laugh- even if it’s at her. This reputation has made her quite popular with the other students. Anna, like most other Griffendores, despises Slytherin. She doesn't particularly know why but she does nonetheless.
* Charms.
* Defense Against the Dark Arts.
* Finding the secret passages around the school.
* Making people laugh.
* Dueling
* Spiders
* Slytherins
* joy-killers
* Snobby people
* Arrhythmic

Best Friend:
Other Friends:
Enemies: Basically Slytherins.

Quote or motto*: Everyone smiles in the same language.
Favorite thing to do at school*: Make jokes, cast charms, find secret passages.
Theme Song*: Dont worry be happy
Best Skills: Charms and Making people smile.
Worst Skills: Arithmetic and shutting up.

None yet. She did have one in London though, but she sort of told him she was a witch and he freaked.

Anything Else : would anyone want to be her bff/friend? :D

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments
Name: Axelia Troy
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Family: Aphrodite- Mother
*Aretina- Aunt on mother's side
*Hyacinth- Cousin on mother's side - 11
Father is dead
*Pandora- Cousin on father's side - 12
Ophira- Aunt on father's side
Adrastos- Uncle on Mother's side
Cleytus- Uncle on father's side
Ignatius- Mother's first cousin
Orpheus- Father's first cousin - Dead
Pavlos- Mother's uncle
Maternal Grandmother is dead
Paternal Grandmother is dead
Charybdis- Paternal grandfather
Haemon- Maternal Grandfather
Bastiaan- Great Great Great Grandfather - Dead
Avernus- Great Grandfather - Dead
Nicodemus- Great Great Grandfather - Dead
History/Background: Axelia's father died last week. Axelia does not speak to either of her grandfathers. She does not even mention her great grandparents, as her mother never said anything about them. Axelia does not talk to her parents' cousins or her own cousins. Axelia does not even talk to her aunts and uncles or her mother's uncle. The only two people she ever talks to are Ben and Sara.
Where they live: London
Age: 13
House: Griffindore

Hair color/streaks: Brown
Hair length/cut: Long
Eye color: Blue
Weight (Be Specific): 100 pounds
Height (Be specific): 5 Feet
Other Details: Small Frame

Wand: Beech Wood with Dragon Heart String Core
Do they get along with their house: Yes
Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?: Yes

Personality (Summary): Axelia is a smart girl who loves gryffindore and Ben. Axelia loves hanging out with her friends. She loves school and boys. She does not give up on things easily. Axelia loves to play little tricks on Slytherin.
Likes: Gryffindore, Sara, and Ben
Dislikes: Herbology, Charms, and Arithmetic

Best Friend: Sara Gloria Harkensdale
Other Friends: None
Enemies: None, except the Slytherins

Quote or motto*:

Best Skills: Charms, Arithmetic, and Finding secret passages
Worst Skills: shutting up and making jokes

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend*: crushing on *Benjamin Blake (Nickname:Ben. 13 yrs old. Male. Gryffindor. He stays at Hogwarts for both Christmas and Easter. He lives in London. He has a crush on Axelia.)

Anything Else: Nothing Else

Names with a * in front of them are open to be made into characters

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments hi

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Arre we approved? Hahaha.

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Sweet! Thanks!

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Daphne Name: Estelle Liza Wood
Blood Status: Pureblood
<.b>Family: Oliver Wood (father)- keeper for puddlemore united Katie Bell (mother)- retired chaser
History/Background:I have two very famous parents, but I don't let that get to my head. My younger sister Alinia was killed 2 years ago right in front of my eyes. So I can be emotionally distant, and somewhat of a trouble maker. I also am a gifted chaser.
Where they live: In a mansion in the Scotland
Age: 11 (first year)
Birthday*:May 16th
House: Griffindore

(But imagine he looking more tough)

Hair color/streaks: Brown
Hair length/cut:Just above my waist with bangs
Eye color:Green
Weight (Be Specific):90 lbs
Height (Be specific): 4ft 9 (she's tall and heavy)
Jewelry/Make up*: A chain with a key on it...she never says what the key is for
Other Details: Her eyes are really big, and she is a very fast runner despite her appearance

Wand:9", Willow, Dragon heartstring core
Do they get along with their house: Ya
Do they usually stay at school for Christmas and Easter?:No, she goes home

<.b>Personality (Summary):Is a big rule-breaker, but not to harm anybody. Might just pull pranks or use magic when your not supposed to. Excells at transfiguration, but is terrible in history of magic. Can't wait in till she can try out for quidditch, and is a bit emotionally distant because of her sister dying)
Likes: Transfiguration, muggle studies (when she can take it)herbollogy
Dislikes: History of Magic, Diniviation

Best Friend: Ophelia Zelia Macsolfer (2nd year)
Other Friends: The gryffindor house
Enemies: The Ravenclaw house, and many people from the slytheryn house

Quote or motto*: No one ever changed the world without first being called a troublemaker.
Fave thing to do at school*: MAGIC (and eating)
Best Skills: Quidditch and Transfiguration
Worst Skills: Charms 9althogh she doesn't mind the class)

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