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Confessions of a Red Neck Zombie Killing Psycho (Tasty Trio, #1)
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L.R. Currell (Currell) | 5 comments Hello all,
I am offering 10-20 copies of my book for review.
A few things you need to know though before you agree to review it.

1. I'd like you to please review it on good reads and amazon if possible.

2. Please be aware that there will a sequel/possible series of this book. I am currently working on a sequel and it is a work in progress so because of this the story is still developing in my mind.

3. As such if you don't like books that end abruptly then please do not review this book. I have the ending staged like this for a reason that will become more apparent in the second book, "A dead horse called Caleb".

4. When posting a review on Amazon, readers/reviewers should state something like this, "I received this book from the author for an honest review." This is needed because Amazon implemented procedures. If they notice a review was posted and the reviewer did not buy the book from Amazon, they will delete it. The quoted comment overrides this.

This is not an average zombie book as I have tried to do something different and I am interested in seeing what people think.

Thanks and kindest regards,

L.R. Currell

Trista Borgwardt (tristamborgwardt) | 48 comments I would be happy to read and review your book! I look forward to reading it!

message 3: by Grampy (new)

Grampy (goodreadscomgrampy) It intrigues me, but I'm rather overwhelmed at the moment with review obligations. How many pages long is it? I'd love to review it, but if it's very long I won't be able to squeeze it in. If you could just reply here, I'll be notified by email. Thank you! I appreciate your time,


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Kathy Geiser (kathygeiser) | 4 comments Hi L.R. I would love to read and review your book. Zombie books are my favorite as you can tell by my blog my email:

L.R. Currell (Currell) | 5 comments Thank you for the response guys! I will endeavor to get copies out to you asap. Grampy, you are more then welcome to review it when you have time.

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