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message 1: by Justine (last edited Sep 01, 2013 12:22AM) (new)

Justine (justinen) Hey Participants!!
I'm so excited to run Reading For Fun's first official scavenger hunt!! These are some of my favourite things to do on goodreads. This hunt starts September 1st/13. This months "theme" is YA books. They come out in October and after that.
The winner can chose either a swag pack for Reading For Fun or an ebook worth $.99.

So here are the ground rules:
1). DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS HERE!!! You must message me the answers. If an answer gets posted in this thread that question will be removed and I will have to post a new question.
2). First person to correctly guess all of the questions the fastest will be declared the winner.
3). You can guess as many of the questions you want at a time, but you can only message once a day. I will message you back with any incorrect answers.
4). Once you have incorrectly guessed a book twice you may ask for hints. You can ask for as many hints (different books) that you need. I will keep giving you a hint a day if needed until you guess the book.

1). Has an eye on the cover
2). Half of a face on the cover
3). Girl in red dress
4). Blonde Girl on cover
5). Planet on cover
6). Girl in water
7). Guy and a girl
8). Beakers on cover
9). Cover has a dagger on it
10). Historic buildings
11). Mirror image
12). Guy on cover

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Justine (justinen) If you have any questions please post them here and I will answer them as soon as a I can.

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Justine (justinen) We have someone who has three correct answers already. I haven't heard from anyone else yet.

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Justine (justinen) We have a winner!!! That was super speedy by the way!! I think only four people were participating and had actually sent answers in lol. But without further ado......CONGRATS TO NICKI BLAND!!!

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Justine (justinen) Here are the correct answers

1). Ignite Me- Taherah Mafi
2). Of Breakable Things- A Lynden Rolland
3). Perfect Ruin- Lauren DeStefano
4). Hexed- Michelle Krys
5). Salvage- Alexandra Duncan
6). Learning not to Drown- Anna Shinoda
7). The Lonesome Young- Lucy Connors
8). Control- Lydia Kang
9). Defy- Sara B. Larson
10). A Mad, Wicked Folly- Sharon Biggs Waller
11). Split Second- Kasie West
12). Erased- Jennifer Rush

message 7: by Nicki (new)

Nicki | 3 comments Yay!! Thanks :) I had a lot of fun.

message 8: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Gordon (barb112082) | 15 comments I had one!! Hahahaha

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Barbara Gordon (barb112082) | 15 comments Oh, but congrats Nicki!!

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