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Hunger games or Underland??
Littleice Littleice Aug 30, 2013 09:31PM
Do you like the hunger games better or the underland better??

I would go for the underland

I liked the Hunger Games better as I did identify with Katniss. Mockingjay when read many times to get the war impact really has affected me. The first few Underland ones did not impress me much, but starting with the one when they are in the jungle (just momentarily forgot the title) and Hamnet dies I started to be impressed. I think overall my favorite book of all of hers was The Code of Claw then followed by the rest of the Hunger Games series. I think aside from Katniss I really like Underland's minor characters a lot: Ripred, Luxa, Ares, Howard, Twitchtip (RIP!), Laplood, Hamnet, Hazard and even Boots & Lizzie.

I like The Hunger Games. I really do. But I love The Underland Chronicles.

I liked the underland series the better than Hunger Games even though I liked the individual book Catching Fire the best out of all of them.

I'm sorry, but I just have issues with love triangles, and over all, the hunger games series just weren't that memorable. I read them shortly after I read the Underland series (Underland in 4th and Hunger Games in 5th and 6th) and I always just loved the Underland books better.

Underland every time. I read this long before Hunger Games was even written, and got so excited when I heard she was a coming out with another series. Massive disappointment.

Sorry, I like The Hunger Games, but The Underland Chronicles wins hands-down. Not even a contest IMO.

Well I liked both but...yes it was the underland books I love best.

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Akash Once I finished Mockingjay, I think I read The Underland Chronicles after it, and I must admit I loved the latter quite a bit more. Though I was compe ...more
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