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Lisa (lesashoe) | 263 comments Mod
Let us discuss the book!

Adriana I should be getting this, this Saturday. Can't wait to discuss the book (:

Adriana Pg. 23
I'm already liking our MC, Ginny, she seems very much like me. Very much a person who "follows the rules". I love her Aunt as well. She reminds me even more of how I get with friends -LOUD. This book already got to me (view spoiler) I know our love interest is coming at envelope 4 so I'm excited to get there!

Adriana Pg. 53
Because I like conspiracy theories (view spoiler) Major culture shock happening. I didn't think of that playing into the story. It makes sense though. Buhahaha!!! We are going to meet the guy soon <3

Adriana Pg. 199
I kind of agree with Keith that it was messed up that her aunt left without saying a word to her but the author quickly covered that up with the next envelope. I would have freaked out over Beppe! I would hope I would have a quick reaction too. I'm convinced Keith is (view spoiler). Everything seems to be going way to fast. One day she's in Paris, and then she's heading to the Netherlands.

Adriana DONE!
It kind of got rushed a little or maybe that's just how I felt? I did enjoy it but I'm bummed about the 13th letter. How did Keith know she was going to be in Amsterdam? He is either psychic or... he talked to Richard. The 12th letter at the end... adorable. I wonder what she's going to do now. I will have to read the sequel soon. - 3.5 stars (;

Lisa (lesashoe) | 263 comments Mod
Yay. I felt as if it was a bit rushed as well, and I was annoyed about the ending but if you are curious I would say read the sequel.

Adriana I hear it's better than the first so I'm excited!

Lisa (lesashoe) | 263 comments Mod
I had wanted to read this book for a while, but felt put off by it because of it's cover. In my opinion, being one who admittedly judges a book by its cover, I think they could have done a lot more for the cover.
What I loved most was the travel aspect and the four rules Aunt Peg gives Ginny for her to experience her journey thoroughly.
I feel at times reading the book, I got slightly bored after (view spoiler) but this boredom was replaced by a new place Ginny visited.
I liked the book but felt that it fulfilled my travel book need rather than my romance book need.

Adriana I actually like the cover because it reminds me of the post office which is where my mom works. I guess they could have done more but I think it looks like a girly romantic read just based on the cover which is what I'm sure they were trying to convey.
True. It was more about traveling than romance. When (view spoiler)

Adriana I know it wasn't supposed to be about her and Keith but don't put a romance in if you can't commit to it :/

Adriana Thanks Taylor!

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