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janelle (sungkew) As Caroline's eyes befell on the building in front of her, she couldn't help but find herself imagining herself as a part of Ed's family here. She wondered what it would have been like to grow up in such a place, secure in a building with those that weren't really considered family. While Caroline herself was an orphan, she didn't see herself as one. The people she lived with were more or less her family, regardless of whether or not they were blood related. They were all her brothers and sisters and she cared for them in that exact manner. However, then Caroline got to thinking that maybe that was how Ed's life was as well. Maybe that was who Angel was to him: like a little sister. Caroline hoped that was the case. She thought that Ed deserved at least that.
With her curly blonde hair blowing around in the wind, Caroline smiled up at Ed, her hand still in his. She hadn't really made a move to let go, even if he was done leading her here. Maybe it was weird or creepy of her not to really want to, but this was the first time she'd held a guy's hand and she wasn't too eager for the moment to pass. "This is so exciting." She stated for no real reason, figuring the reaction was strange but just. She truly was ecstatic over this.

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cecilia Ed smiled faintly as they approached the orphanage, pausing once at the gates. He'd never liked these gates; loud, squeaky, and ugly. He always thought of them as a dark omen, something he hated. The gates always meant that he'd be heading back into this hellhole, if only for Angel. Angel was everything to him; being with her often had him rethinking his death. Though in the end, he never changed his mind. He couldn't be around when she died, too. He knew Ange didn't have long, and he didn't want to be there to go through the pain of losing her, so he figured they'd both be better off without him there. But there at the gates, Ed wasn't thinking about that. He was thinking about Caroline's hand in his. Though he hadn't let go, he couldn't help the guilt that swelled in his chest. How could he hold another girl's hand, one who looked so similar to Elodie, and not think anything of it? Dropping Caroline's hand, Ed pushed open the gates. cringing at the beyond loud squeak it caused. He beckoned Caroline after him, plastering a smile on his face. Though this smile wasn't as flawless as the ones at the library, it was still impossible to see through. The orphanage always weakened his defenses, his mental ones. "It's not that exciting," he said dismissively, closing the gates and locking them as he led her up to the front door. "It's just an orphanage. We're all the same, in this place." Except Angel. She's the special one. "You ready? Be ready for an onslaught of little kids."

Angel, who'd just gotten through a particularly harsh conversation with Ever, rolled her wheelchair into the living room. Despite the fact that it was meant for occupying, Ange had discovered that no one really hung around there. The other orphans preferred their rooms, or the kitchen, trying to pine food off the chef. All of the guys thought she was gorgeous, and though they were young, hoped she'd one day grow to love them. Angel may have been the same age as those idiots, but she knew that no one would have a chance with the chef, Rosemary. Rosemary was too closed off for that, Angel knew. Either way, it was a stupid thing to do, though Angel was happy. Not for Rosemary constantly being predated by the boys, but for the empty living room. She liked her freedom, plus, that's where the computers were, and Angel needed those to write. Writing was something the other kids would beat her up for, so she didn't like to show it off. Still, Angel was used to it by then. Being paralyzed from the waist down didn't make her very popular. Wondering when Ed would be coming home, Angel rolled her chair next to the couch, picking up a book and flipping it open. He'd said three o'clock. Now it was three thirty. What had delayed him?

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janelle (sungkew) As her hand slipped out of Ed's, Caroline just shrugged her shoulders slightly. Though she may have been a tad disappointed, she didn't mind. It was awkward for him, she understood that. Really, Caroline hadn't expected any less. Her eyes watched as he opened the gate, the squeak making her wince. She'd always hated sounds like that; they were like nails down a chalkboard. Caroline swore that if they ever had chalkboards in the classrooms and a teacher scratched it in such a matter, she'd kill herself. Oh, what an ironic thought that was. "Oh, I'm sure it is. Probably the most exciting place I've seen all day." She walked forward, following him up to the front door with a grin on her face. "You have no clue how boring it can get where I live." She shook her head a little at this though the smile still remained, "Ready."

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cecilia ((Forgive me for this extremely crappy post. I'm on my phone at a sleepover babysitting hooligans while simultaneously attempting to curl my hair. ^.^))

Ed grinned, happy she hadn't been offended by his dropping of her hand. "Just remember, the little kids are total jerks most of the time. I recommend staying away from them," he said with a shrug before pushing open the door. Ignoring the kids, who's muttering stopped the moment he entered, Ed gestured Caroline in after him. "This is home. Well, home for now, at least." To her, it would have sounded like he was simply saying he was moving out soon, though she had no idea he meant something entirely different. "It's not much, is it?" He shrugged, indifferent. He allowed Caroline to look around, watching her expressions carefully. Though he wasn't quite sure what she was thinking, he was hoping for some insight on her face. Of course, his thoughts were interrupted by a whisper from one of the younger kids, Ever, he was pretty sure.
"Did you see that cripple earlier? What's her name, Angel? I can't believe her, such an attention starved brat. I bet she's not even really paralyzed, and she's just faking it." Ever said with a nonchalant shrug, flip of her long light brown hair, and then she commenced to lead one of the other girls out of the room. The very stern look received from Ed was lost on her, as it always was. Ed sighed, running his hands through his hair and turning back to Caroline. "That's Ever and Sarah, resident jerks." He'd been about to say more when his ears picked up a faint coughing coming from the living room. "Damn it, Angel," he mumbled, grabbing Caroline's hand again. "Come on, she's at it again."

Angel had been peacefully reading, alone, happily. She hadn't been doing anything other than waiting for Ed, wondering when he'd get back. Of course, she was interrupted by Ever and Sarah again, as always. They had nothing but mean things to say, things that always made Angel want to scream. Of course, Angel couldn't do that. First, screaming was out of the question because it was against the rules, second because she was too nice, and third because she couldn't handle yelling. Her lungs couldn't take the volume. Angel had come to learn over the years that her episodes were tied to her emotions, at least slightly, so she tried not to let herself get too frustrated at Ever and Sarah, but the moment they were gone, the tears started running down her cheeks, closely followed by the hacking coughs that she couldn't stop. They never stopped.

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janelle (sungkew) ((Don't worry about it :) I just started Teen Wolf and I'm on my iPod so my post is going to be crappy as well.
Also, excuse if I accidentally write he or his where I shouldn't. DX I've been catching myself doing that lately.))

Looking around the interior of the place, Caroline simply shook his head. "I think it's nice." A bright smile was on her face as she spoke, giving off nothing but happiness at the fact that she was here. Her eyes wandered back to Ed's, "Don't worry. I'm sure I can handle the kids." Caroline had always loved kids. It mostly stemmed from taking care of the boys and girls at her adoptive home when her 'parents' weren't there. Over the years, she'd gotten to be a pretty good caretaker. She honestly thought she'd be good with the kids here. However, that was before she heard the banter Ever and Sarah were giving the young Angel. It was incredibly rude and selfish, she thought, that they were acting in such a manner. Especially to such a young, crippled girl. That was just plain awful. Her ears picked up on the coughing from another room before she suddenly felt Ed's fingers lacing in hers. Being led into the other room, her eyes fell upon Angel. Caroline didn't know what to expect, but it hadn't been that. However, despite how much pity she felt for the young girl, Caroline decided she most likely wouldn't want it. She'd most likely put up with other people's pity her whole life. Looking up at Ed, Caroline gave him a curious look, watching to see what he would do before she made her move to approach the girl. She just wanted to make sure it would be okay first.

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cecilia Angel heard the door open, but she could hardly manage to look up, as hunched over as she was. The small girl had her arms wrapped around herself, her limp hair falling in her face. She couldn't stop her insane coughing, loud, hacking. She felt like she was coughing her lungs out, as usual. Where was Ed? He always knew how to deal with these things, right? He'd know just how much medicine and water would make it better. Right there, with her stubby fingers digging into the leather of her wheelchair, Angel couldn't stop her loud coughing, which had surely woken up anyone who'd be asleep.

Ed squeezed Carrie's hand reassuringly, slipping through the door. "Oh, Ange," he said softly, quickly dropping Caroline's hand and sitting down on the couch. Despite everything he'd been told, he picked her up and pulled her into his arms. Not because he thought he could protect her, but because it would help her get more air into her lungs. "Shh," he said softly, stroking her hair. "You're okay. It's just the smoke." He knew the smoke from the fireplace always set her off, yet she still chose to hang around here. "Carrie, could you get me the pills off the mantle?" He asked levelly, knowing any sound of fear or panic would only make it worse. "Right above the fireplace."

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janelle (sungkew) Watching as Ed stepped forward, Caroline felt a lump form in her throat. She felt useless and stupid in this situation, not knowing what exactly to do. It was also then that she felt incredibly selfish for even feeling that way. This poor girl was alone in a room in a wheelchair, coughing, with people making fun of her. It was horrible and Caroline didn't think she had any room to be feeling sorry for herself. She was beyond grateful when Ed gave his order. Nodding, Caroline walked quickly to the mantel, picking up the small bottle of medicine in her dainty hands. Her eyes flashed back to the two sitting on the couch, her feet carrying him closer. She sat down next to them, holding out the bottle. "Here." Caroline stated absentmindedly, her eyes focused on Angel. Caroline couldn't take her eyes off the two, very much impressed by the way Ed was handling this. Had Caroline been him, she wouldn't have known what to do. She thought it was amazing how great he was at this.

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cecilia Ed stroked Angel's hair gently, wrapping his arms loosely around her, the way he always did when she got sick. "You're okay, baby," he said softly, letting her cough it out. Carefully popping the lid off the bottle, he pressed a single pill into Angel's outstretched shaking hand. "It'll stop in a few minutes." Ed hated that she had to go through this, he would have taken her pain if he could. Instead, he just let her cough it out, mindlessly stroking her hair. "I know it's horrible. Just take the pill and it'll all be over." For a while, at least. He shot a grateful look at Caroline. "Thanks," he said softly.

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janelle (sungkew) As she watched the discomfort the young girl seemed to be going through, Caroline couldn't help but want to break down and cry. She'd always been an empathetic person, but seeing someone so young to through something like this was absolutely heartbreaking. Kids were supposed to go out and play, jump around, live their life young while they could. They weren't supposed to be slowly deteriorating, living their life in the comfort of a wheelchair. The thought made Caroline feel ill. However, she refrained from letting her feelings show and masked it with a look of slight sorrow. Her eyes went to Ed, wanting to catch his eye. Her gaze was giving away the question of 'Is she going to be okay?' Caroline was beyond concerned. Even though she hadn't known either of them for very long, she needed to see Angel would be okay.

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cecilia After a few moments, Angel managed to stop her endless coughing. She pushed her stringy hair out of her eyes, looking at Ed curiously. "Winnie?" She asked softly.
"Already on it," Ed promised, squeezing her hand as he placed her back in her wheelchair. "Water and ice cream, coming right up. Hang out with Caroline while I go get it, m'kay?" He asked, smiling reassuringly. He knew she would have gotten it herself if she could, which tore at his heartstrings. "I'll be right back, Ange," he promised, dropping a kiss to the top of her head and heading out to the kitchen, casting a glance back at them. Ed was reluctant to leave them alone, but he had to get that stuff for her. She always felt better after water and ice cream, so he didn't get much of a choice. He'd do anything for Angel. Knowing that he was leaving Caroline alone with her, he decided to make it quick. No fancy toppings today.

Angel eyes

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cecilia ((Sorry, posted without meaning to))

Angel eyed Caroline skeptically, a single solitary cough passing her lips. She set the pills in the cup holder on her chair. "What's your name?" She asked softly, her normal amiable personality ghosting below the surface of her expressions. "Are you friends with Winnie? He doesn't have many friends..."

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janelle (sungkew) Caroline's eyes trailed Ed as he stood up, automatically thinking he had to be the sweetest guy ever for doing all these things for this girl. The two may have considered each other family, but Caroline still found it amazingly kind of him. Her mouth lifted up into a smile as she heard the nickname Angel had given Ed. Her eyebrows lifted up in slight questioning, reminding herself to ask why she called him that later. For now, Caroline just stuck with introductions. "Caroline." She started, smiling brightly as possible at the girl. "My name's Caroline." Her eyes were completely lit as Angel asked her question. Caroline giggled a little, nodding her head, "Yes, I'm a friend of Winnie's." Her smile fell slightly as the girl described Ed's lack of friends. "That's such a shame." Her voice was serious, not giving off a hint of sarcasm or joking. "He really deserves more, you know? He seems like a really nice guy. Especially how he was taking care of you just now." The smile was regained in the next few moments. "It was pretty amazing, actually."

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cecilia Angel smiled faintly, pulling a blanket off the couch and draping it over her unmoving legs. "He's real sweet," she said with a last, lingering cough. "He's got me... He doesn't really have friends... You're his friend, right?" She arched an eyebrow, frowning slightly in realization. "You look like Elodie. Maybe that's why you're friends..." She knew she shouldn't have said it, but it was true. Angel could tell that was part of the reason Ed liked her, she knew Ed. Though there was an underlying kindness to Caroline--an outward one, too--that Ed undoubtedly felt drawn to. Though Angel didn't care why, she was just happy he had a friend. Angel knew she was all Ed had, and it made her sadder than the thought of her shortened lifespan. "He's had a lot of practice. He knows what he's doing."

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janelle (sungkew) Caroline flinched slightly at the last cough. Though she'd only known the girl for a little while, she wished she could help her. There was an unexplainable guilt in the pit of Caroline's chest as she looked to her, even if it wasn't her fault. However, there was still a smile on her face, trying to mask her feelings. No need to make things depressing. "Yeah, he is." Caroline agreed to him being sweet. She nodded her head, continuing on. "I'm definitely his friend." She smiled before looking down to the ground. However, upon hearing another name, Caroline glanced back up. "Elodie?" It was obvious by her tone of voice that she hadn't the slightest clue who that was. Ed hadn't told her anything about someone by that name. Her eyes stayed trained on the blonde girl, wondering if she'd be lucky enough to receive an answer. As usual, Caroline was extremely curious.

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cecilia "I love Eddie," Angel said absently, resting her head on the back of her wheelchair. "He doesn't deserve anything that happened to him..." She knew she was saying far too much, but she couldn't help it. Angel's head was always a little wacky after an attack. Never could she think straight. Which was why she answered Caroline's question, too. "Elodie?" She mused, biting her lip. "I shouldn't say anything. Winnie wouldn't like that too much. He doesn't like talking about her. But she looked like you." Angel knew he probably heard her, but she didn't care. She was slightly spaced out, unable to listen.

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janelle (sungkew) The love Angel had for her brotherly figure was incredibly sweet to Caroline. While she witnessed the same sort of thing at her home most days, she was glad to see that it happened every where, no matter how bleak the situation. Upon hearing Angel carrying on, Caroline listened intently. The things that had happened to him... She didn't quite understand this, but, judging from the way Angel addressed the Elodie situation, Caroline supposed she may not get and in depth answer. "Oh, really?" She asked, looking down again, "Huh, maybe that is why he talks to me." This came out more depressing than intended and she fixed it right away. "I'm sure we'd be friends regardless of that though." There was still a smile on her face, showing it hadn't bothered her.

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cecilia Angel smiled faintly, mindlessly playing with the cap on her bottle of pills. She wasn't quite sure what Caroline's life was like, but she was sure that it wasn't anything like Ed's had been. She didn't know the whole story; only that he didn't like to talk about it, and that there were people before Elodie. She didn't remember much about life before Ed, only immense happiness, and the brightness that soon followed. "I don't know. He might just like you," she said simply, biting her lip. Maybe he was talking to Caroline because she looked like Elodie, maybe because she was genuinely nice. Angel liked Caroline, why shouldn't Ed?

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janelle (sungkew) At the 'might' Angel gave, Caroline could only smile and laugh faintly, "Gosh, I hope so." She looked up into the girl's eyes, Caroline's glinting with amusement. "He really does need some more friends." She reached up and twiddled a piece of her blonde hair, twisting it around her finger. "Both of us do." Though she didn't act like it, Caroline truly didn't have that many friends. She had the other kids at her home and a few at school, but not a whole lot. People tended to think she was weird, something Caroline had accepted over the years. She'd just gotten used to being the odd one out.

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cecilia Angel smiled faintly, her mind wandering. What would it be like for Ed to have friends again? For him to like someone. She had no idea If she was right, and she'd feel awful if she was just getting Caroline's hopes up, but Angel still couldn't help but wonder. He'd probably just met her, too. She rested her chin on her hands, which were propped up from the elbows on her wheelchair. "I don't think Winnie's ever had a friend," she said after a moment, knowing it was true. Ed didn't have many friends, unless they were at school and she wasn't aware of it. Just like her, actually. Except it'd be easier for Ed, he wasn't homeschooled, stuck here with all the bullies. Despite her calm demeanor, the ashes in the fireplace had her coughing violently again, wondering when Ed would be back.

Ed, who'd finished with Angel's ice cream, picked up a glass of water and headed back for the living room. Already, he could hear her coughing again, which made him uneasy, immensely so. What had set her off so badly? She'd been doing pretty well this morning, so it must have happened while he was gone. Shooting a very angry older brotherly glance at Ever as he passed her. He had no doubt that this was her fault, somehow. Slipping through the door, Ed set an ice cream and water on the table next to Angel, and he handed Caroline a bowl herself. "Want some?" He asked softly, already picking up Angel and pulling her into his arms. Ed never minded holding her as she coughed, not if it helped her.

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janelle (sungkew) Caroline returned the smile though with a hint of sorrow. She had just opened her mouth to speak when she heard Ed come through the door and into the living room. Caroline turned her head slightly, her eyes catching a glimpse of him before he sat down with Angel in his arms. Eyes going to the bowl held out for her, Caroline felt happiness spark inside her. Though her real focus was on Angel, she nodded with a smile and took the bowl of ice cream, not really worrying about it. She just set it in her lap, her hands around the cold bowl. "Thanks." Caroline said, eyes still focused on the two. "You really do make the perfect big brother, you know that?" She didn't know why exactly she'd said that, but she was fine with leaving it out there. It was what she thought and she wasn't about to take it back.

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cecilia Ed pulled Angel closer to him, not caring that she was coughing violently, he knew it'd help her in the end. She always had to have something lean against, preferably something straight but slightly reclined. So, Ed always ended up as that thing to lean against, not that he minded. He loved Angel like a little sister, the same way he'd loved Elodie. Only, in a different way... Ed rested his cheek on top of her little blonde head, rubbing her arm gently. "No problem, Carrie," he said to her thanks, a slight smile forming on his lips. Personally, Ed hated ice cream, so he didn't understand why Caroline was thanking him for it. Of course, she didn't have the same reasons as him. "I'm only perfect for Angel," Ed said honestly, his mind darkening slightly, though it wasn't audible. "No one else gets a perfect older brother. Just Angel." He offered a smile, relaxing as Angel's coughing slowed. "All better?" he inquired, knowing the answer was yes. Her pills were working; he could feel it in her posture.

Angel relaxed after a few moments, curling closer to Ed. Even though she couldn't move her legs, she could still move her hands and pull them up onto the couch with her, as she wrapped herself up in his arms. Angel could feel his arms tighten instinctively around her, which made her smile faintly. The tickling, pain, in her lungs had faded slightly, so the coughing soon followed. Gone for at least a while. "Thanks, Winnie," she said softly. "For the ice cream."

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janelle (sungkew) Though Ed may not have cared for the ice cream or even understood why she was thanking him, Caroline did. A pretty much well known fact of hers was that she loved ice cream. But, really, Caroline loved all sorts of sweets. No matter what it was, as long as it was sweet, Caroline loved it. Chocolate, ice cream, candy of any sort, she loved it all. However, what she didn't love was the aftermath. Sugar rushes and stomach aches were always the death of her. At the moment however, Caroline wasn't focused on the ice cream. Her eyes were much rather drawn to Ed and Angel, watching them as they seemed to comfort one another. It was sweet, Caroline thought, that they had each other's backs. It somewhat reminded her of her sister Valerie. With a small smile on her face, Caroline formed a question on her tongue. "Why Winnie?" It was really a random question, one that pretty much just slipped out there.

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cecilia Ignoring the ice cream on the table in front of her, Angel pulled her feet up closer to her, folding them under her. Though it was slightly painful, the comfort that followed was worth it. She felt safe with Ed, like she wasn't about to break out in coughs for once. She tugged her sleeves down, rubbing her arms as if she were cold. Of course, it was just a bonus that she was hiding the bruises the other kids had given her. When Ed hugged her, she didn't mind being paralyzed from the waist down, almost. Because he would take care of her. She closed her hazel eyes, already half asleep. Angel had a tendency to fall asleep against her will, and this was one of those times.
Ed could feel Angel drifting off to sleep, so he shifted her slightly, turning his body so he could more comfortably face Caroline. "Why am I only perfect for Angel?" He mused, a smile lifting the corner of his lips slightly, his cheek resting lightly on top of Angel's blonde curls. "Because she's the only one who deserves it at this point," he finished with a tone of finality, confidence, that he knew was true. Because the perfection won't last long, Ed thought with a pang. After a while, Angel would be alone again, just because Ed was selfish. Because he couldn't stand to be without Elodie more than he enjoyed his time with Angel. It made him a horrible person, didn't it? "I see Ange has rubbed off on you with her nicknames for me? 'Winnie?'" He laughed softly, stroking Angel's curly hair, smiling when he heard her relaxed breathing, showing her sleep. At least she wouldn't cough in her sleep.

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janelle (sungkew) Caroline couldn't help but smile as Angel fell asleep beside Ed, his hand running over her curly blonde hair. Caroline couldn't get over how perfect of a brother he was to her - how perfect he was in general. To her, she didn't any flaws. However, that was mostly because she couldn't tell how he was really feeling. She didn't see the depression or the suicidal thoughts caused by losing the girl he once loved. Instead, Caroline just saw Ed. Of rather, the mask he wore.
"It suits you." Caroline commented, laughing softly as not to wake the sleeping Angel. "Reminds me of Winnie the Pooh." She smiled at this, imagining him as a giant teddy bear desperate for honey. A grin formed on her lips as she thought of this, the image almost coming to life before her. However, the moment soon passed and she went back to her speaking, "So why does she call you that anyways?" Her eyes went down to the ice cream on her lap and she stirred it absentmindedly with her spoon. She wasn't really in the mood to eat it right now.

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cecilia "I am most definitely not Winnie the pooh," Ed promised, hugging Angel as tightly as he dared. He didn't want to wake her up and bring her back to the world of coughing again, but he knew she preferred hugs over being alone. "I'm Ed, there's a difference. I'm not a fan of honey," he shrugged, twirling a strand of Angel's loose hair around his finger. A smile played on his lips, but it faded slightly when he heard Caroline's question. He wasn't quite sure why Angel called him Winnie. "Maybe she just didn't like Ed, so she went with Winnie. Edwin, I don't mind. It makes sense." He shrugged, not thinking much about it. Sure, Angel had never really called him Ed--she always said it was too common--but other than that, he never thought much about it.
Looking up at Caroline, it struck Ed quickly just how pretty she was. Even with thoughts of Elodie close at hand, he didn't think for a second that they looked alike. Right then, it was just Caroline, and she was quite pretty. He almost reached out to tuck some loose hair behind her ear, but he didn't. Ed wouldn't overstep his boundaries, nor would he offer the chance too. He was reluctant to let anyone get close to him, not if he was just going to die in a few weeks.

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janelle (sungkew) "You don't like honey?" That was the first question that popped out of Caroline's mouth. However, a second later she shook her head, realizing that probably wasn't the most important thing ever. She smiled up at him before continuing on, "Oh, your full name's Edwin..." She nodded, replacing her shaking of the head. "Ah, I gotcha." Caroline guessed she could understand where Winnie came from in that situation. That made sense actually. "Maybe I'll call you that to." She soon shook her head again, her smile never faltering, "Or, you know what, I think I'll stick with Eddie. It'll be my own unique nickname." Nodding for a moment, she soon glanced back up, a spark of questioning in her gaze, "Wait. No one else calls you Eddie, right? Because if they do, I have to come up with a different one. Can't have my nickname being the same as everyone else's, now can I?" Her fingers picked up the spoon for her ice cream and she shoveled a pretty large amount into her mouth, savoring the sweet taste. Her smile only grew at this. Yes, she definitely liked ice cream a lot.

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cecilia "Or ice cream," Ed shrugged, laughing at her disbelief. "Feel free to judge; I've got my reasons." None of which he'd ever explain, so he'd leave her to guess. Ed knew there was absolutely no way Caroline could ever guess a thing about his past, other than the fact that he lost his parents somewhere in it. But wasn't that a given for all orphans? "Edwin Lewis, at your service, Carrie," Ed teased with an awkward mock bow. He was careful not to jostle Angel, who was still soundly asleep. "Eddie... I don't think so... not anymore, at least..." Elodie had always called him The Edster, so he wasn't worried about being reminded of her--of course, he also had no clue how she got a nickname like that. "No, having the same nickname as someone else just wouldn't do. Not at all," he agreed with an exaggerated laugh.

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janelle (sungkew) As Ed spoke of disliking ice cream, Caroline shot him an even more shocked look. "What? Are you kidding me? You don't like honey and ice cream? That's just insane." Though she could hardly believe that he didn't like either of those, there was an air of joking to her words. She didn't mind all too much that he disliked either - she wasn't a very judgmental person - but it was still a little odd for her. Caroline had never met someone that hated both of those things. "Well, it's nice to meet you Edwin Lewis." She gave a smile, as though she were introducing herself all over again. "My name is Caroline Chambers. 'Sup?" The smile grew wider as she said this, totally joking in her last question. However, the smile wavered slightly as he spoke of not being called Eddie anymore. She nodded before continuing on, "Alright, then it's still Eddie. And, yeah, I wouldn't be able to handle it if someone else had the same nickname as someone else just wouldn't be right. Nuh-uh. No way, Jose." At his laugh, Caroline found herself sputtering out a giggle. She didn't know why; it just slipped out there.

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cecilia At Caroline's disbelief, Ed couldn't help but laugh softly, hardly remembering to keep the volume down for Angel's sake. At the last minute, though, he remembered, and kept his laughs on the quieter side. "I have my reasons," he said with a shrug, even though the indifference he was sporting on the outside was absolutely nothing like how he felt. Thinking of ice cream always had him thinking of Elodie; he almost dreaded getting ice cream for Angel in case something bad happened to her, too. "Sup? That's the best greeting you've got, Carrie? You'll need to work on that, too, won't you?" He teased, grinning. Though Ed's accent was always prominent, it seemed slightly ridiculous with the improper words. Ridiculous, but he managed to pull off the proper accent with improper vocabulary. "Jose? So now I'm Jose?" Ed mused with an arched eyebrow, laughing softly to prove his teasing. He rather enjoyed teasing, he might as well, since he wasn't going to be able to enjoy it for long.

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janelle (sungkew) Caroline shook her head to Ed's laughter, her giggles soon picking up in volume as well. She followed his lead as he quieted his laughter, her head shaking more as she shushed herself. "They better be good reasons." Caroline told him, her tone buoyant. Smiling, she tried to keep her laughs down as he made light fun of her choice of words. She only retorted back with a British accent. "'Ello, chap." She returned to her normal voice to ask, "There. Was that better, sir?" Though it might not have been apparent, Caroline really loved his accent. She'd always loved the way accents like his sounded, but it was so awesome to talk to someone who constantly used it. Caroline hadn't ever really had a nice, long conversation with someone with an accent. She was usually too busy fangirling over it to actually become more than the person's weird acquaintance. "Yes. I'm calling you Jose from now on." Caroline gave another small laugh, trying not to wake Angel. "Betcha no one calls you that, do they?"

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cecilia Ed's eyes darkened imperceptibly at Caroline's words. They'd better be good reasons. Hell, they were amazing reasons. Ice cream was what had caused Elodie's death, but not his. If he hadn't gone for ice cream, he would have died with her. Then, maybe he could spare Angel the shame of having a suicidal older brother, but he was beyond caring. But Caroline's light tone made it impossible to stay in his dark mood. "Of course," he said nonchalantly. "Chap?" Ed arched an eyebrow, stifling a laugh. "Do I look like I say the word 'chap?'" Maybe he did, but planting the seeds of doubt in her mind was slightly entertaining. He could tell, only faintly, that she enjoyed his accent, the way she copied it when she said it. Ed knew the look in Caroline's eyes when she copied his accent was a sort of appreciation, in a way. "Jose? I can't say anyone's called me that. Congrats, you've got an original nickname."

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janelle (sungkew) Of course, Caroline didn't take note of Ed's sudden change in mood. In contrast to her ability to tell when people were upset, Ed had the skill to hide his emotions. It seemed that canceled out Caroline ability to perceive his feelings. Ed was just too good at hiding them. "You do, actually." Caroline told him, only catching up on his now lighthearted mood, "I could see you going around calling people chap." She smiled wide, amused by how he'd just used the word in context. She was definitely loving his accent right now. "Awesome!" Her voice exclaimed suddenly, only to quiet down a moment later. Caroline could just facepalm herself right now; why was she always so loud? "I mean, that's great. It's been decided: your new name is Jose." She smirked before laughing quietly, unable to conceal her giggles.

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cecilia Ed, quite glad Carrie didn't seem to notice the darkness in his mood--that would be awful for his plans--continued as if nothing had happened. The best offense was a good defense, right? "Chap? I fancy myself a 'lass' or 'lassie' kinda guy, thank you very much," he said with a lighthearted shrug and laugh. "Chap is for people who are far less amazing than me, Carrie. You have much to learn." A roll of his eyes proved Ed's joking, teasing mood. Resting his chin lightly on top of Angel's head, Ed couldn't help but feel happy, for once. He felt like he was at peace, almost. He had a nice girl to talk to, and Angel was okay. But there was no Elodie, no Isiah, and his mother nor father had wanted him. It was never enough, because he was sure Carrie would forget about him within the day. "Jose? I think that's Spanish, not British."

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janelle (sungkew) "Oh, right." Caroline retorted, smiling brightly, "My bad." Her giggles had escalated so much that she couldn't help herself and soon fell into a giggling fit. She'd always had a habit of slipping into those, but this one was actually hard for her to come back from. It took a good few minutes for her to regain herself before she continued speaking, her hand at the ready to come up if she needed to prevent herself from laughing. "I'm so sorry if I offended you, Eddie. Feel free to cuss me out or tell me to get out. I'll happily oblige." That smile was still on her lips as she spoke, watching as he rested his chin on Angel's head. This only caused her grin to grow, thoroughly impressed with the expression of brotherly love. Though she knew she couldn't be right about this, Caroline wondered if he was some kind of saint or something. He seemed like the most perfect guy ever. Caroline shook her head of these thoughts after a moment, thinking it was probably weird to have those thoughts. She really needed to snap out of this boycraze. "Aw, drat. You're right. Sorry about that, Jose." She paused purposefully, a twinkle in her eye, "I mean, Eddie."

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cecilia "Your bad," Ed agreed with a slight laugh, which was quickly silenced when he remembered the sleeping Angel in his arms. Instead, he contented himself with rubbing her arm mindlessly, anything to keep him from thinking about Caroline too much. He felt like it was almost reliving Elodie, at least in appearance. Carrie and Elodie acted similar, but he didn't see that much. It was appearanct that still captivated him. He could see Carrie's long hair, gorgeous face, and unlike most guys, he didn't get caught up in dirty thoughts. All that crossed Ed's mind was don't. All he wanted to do was run his fingers through her soft hair, pull her close, and never let go. Of course, Caroline surely wouldn't welcome that, it was something he'd do for Elodie, not Carrie. "Cuss you out? I don't curse. Foodles," he demonstrated with a grin, which was lopsided. Ed often used humor to distract his thoughts, keep himself from doing something he'd regret. Of course, Caroline was perfect, from what he could tell. "Eddie is better," he agreed after a moment's thought. "Fits me better."

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janelle (sungkew) Shaking her head, Caroline's eyes fell to the ground. It was odd, she thought, that he was talking to her like this. Most guys when Caroline started up a conversation either looked at her weird and let the conversation die or just thought of her as another guy. Caroline tended to stray from the female gender norms. She didn't like to wear dresses, absolutely despised makeup, and was actually really good at playing sports when she wasn't tripping over her two left feet. It seemed that most guys saw her as a friend, not a girl to have a relationship with. Caroline didn't see herself in a relationship with Ed right now - it was too early still - but she was hopeful. Maybe she wouldn't completely screw this up this time. "Foodles?" She asked, eyes and thoughts returning to Ed and the conversation, "Are you telling me you don't curse at all?" She shook her head, "I don't believe that at all, Eddie. Yeah, that does suit you better, doesn't it?"

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cecilia Ed laughed softly, pulling Angel's unruly hair back after a moment. He knew she'd wake soon, and he should probably get her to bed, but he couldn't bring himself to move. Ed had learned early on that Angel slept a lot, likely to avoid the pain that came with her waking hours. Ed would do the same, if his dreams weren't worse than what he lived through every day. So here with Caroline, in a happy conversation, he was unwilling to move and ruin the moment. Ed would take the happiness he could have, because it likely wouldn't last long. "Yes, foodles," Ed agreed with a grin, laughing softly. "Okay, so I do curse," he admitted reluctantly. "But not around the little kids. So rarely," he allowed, knowing it was true. Ed only cursed in the rare occasion that he was alone, so it didn't happen often. "Eddie suits me much better, Carrie. I'm glad you've figured that out. I would have hated to break it to you." There was a grin on his lips, masking everything in his head.

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janelle (sungkew) Caroline couldn't help but laugh along with Ed, her giggles soft and light. "I have never heard someone use the word foodles before. Is that even a real word?" She was actually a little bit curious of this. Though, Caroline was pretty possitive that it was not in fact a word. She was a writer, after all; she should know. "I knew it!" She said, trying to keep her voice somewhat quiet. "I knew you swore. I mean, who doesn't? But, yeah, you shouldn't curse around the little kids. There's this one kid back at my house who swears like a sailor." She shook her head, thinking of little Johnny. That kid really did have an awful potty mouth. "But that's admirable, Eddie. Very admirable. I don't know too many teenage guys who don't swear much, let alone use words like 'foodles'." Her smile matched his, bright and full of happiness.

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cecilia Ed felt the darkness in his head slowly fading as the grin on his lips spread. "Maybe you just haven't been listening hard enough, Carrie," he protested, sticking out his tongue playfully. "Because I'm quite positive that the word 'Foodles' is indeed a word. Maybe I need to find a dictionary for you?" He ran a hand through his hair, setting Angel's ice cream and water on the table next to the couch. Enjoying this moment, it was something Ed would cherish. He knew it was unlikely Carrie would even talk to him after today, so he figured he'd enjoy it while it lasted. "And how many teenage guys do you know?" Ed inquired with a laugh. "Because not all of us are bad, you know." After a moment, Ed realized exactly what he'd said. Most teenage guys were awful, he'd admit it. So he rephrased his statement. "Okay, most of us are bad, but just because I don't curse doesn't make me special. We're not all bad." Just most of them. Besides, Ed did worse things than curse.

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janelle (sungkew) Laughing quietly, Caroline found her head shaking reflexively. "It is so not a word! I swear, it isn't. Nuh-uh." She grinned, looking down at her bowl of melted ice cream in her lap. She felt somewhat bad that she hadn't eaten much of it, and even worse that she'd only gotten a taste of it. Her blue eyes flashed up at his question, the corners of her lips going up in an obligatory smile. "I know a lot of teenage guys. Like... Four." She couldn't help but laugh at this as all those boys were in her family. To her, that was pretty funny, actually. "But, I mean, compared to them, you're like a godsend. You don't act all perverted, you haven't cussed in front of me, and you're holding a little girl so she can sleep." She nodded, crossing her arms. "Yeah, I'd say you're not bad at all." The moments her words were out of her mouth, she felt her cheeks light up in a slight blush. Whether that sounded like it had another meaning or not, Caroline didn't know. All she knew was that she was strangely somewhat embarrassed. Huh.

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cecilia Ed found that the more he joked with Caroline, the more he found himself lightening up, even if he knew the darkness would find him again right after she was gone. "I swear, it is," Ed protested, laughing. On a whim a few years ago, one of the other kids had heard him say 'foodles' and written it in the dictionary, so, technically, it was a word. At least in Ed's mind, it was. Ed laughed softly, stretching his feet out on the couch in front of him. Reflexively, Angel's small body curled around itself, against him, which coaxed a small smile onto Ed's lips. When he spoke, this time Ed remembered to keep his voice down. Especially with Angel so close to him, he was certain that any loud words he said would resonate so clearly in her head that she would wake, and he didn't need that. "Stop my beating heart!" Ed cried with false drama. "Four whole teenage guys? Wow, quite the social butterfly you are, aren't you?" After pausing, thinking about her words, he opened his mouth to speak again. "Would you prefer I act all perverted?" Ed asked with a lopsided grin, and a failed attempt to wiggle his eyebrows. "Kidding, I promise." He added after a moment, though he found himself laughing once more. At her comment as to whether or not he was a bad person, his grin widened, the sadness in the back of his mind pushed away, but not forgotten. "You're not so bad, yourself," Ed pointed out. "Maybe almost as good as me... almost."

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janelle (sungkew) Caroline was finding that she really enjoyed joking around with Ed. While she often playfully bickered with her sister, Valerie, she didn't usually get to do this with someone who wasn't in her close family. The only other people outside her family she actually carried on conversations with we're her friends at school at the people who would actually keep up a conversation with her. She'd gotten lucky with Ed; most people who had been in his situation usually turned her down or looked at her like she was an annoying kid with no sense of respect. Really, she was just looking for someone to talk to. "Nuh-uh. I don't believe you one bit, Eddie. You'd have to actually show me it in the dictionary for me to believe it. And even then I'd wonder if it was rigged." She smiled and interlaced her hands on her lap. "I know. I just can't stop talking to guys. They're all over me." This caused her to break out in more laughter as she tried in vain to get herself to calm down. She was really having a good time and it was obvious in every definition of the word. "Oh, yeah. I definitely want you to be perverted." She nodded her head, speaking fluent sarcasm. "Definitely. But, I don't know, that might shatter your near perfect reputation. The only problem with it now is that you said 'almost as great as you'." She shook her head once again, acting as though she were extremely displeased, "How dare you, Eddie. How dare you."

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cecilia The more the two talked, the more Ed felt the darkness in his head seeping away. Sure, Angel did that for him, too, and Elodie had as well, but Ed's memories of them were always tainted by darker thoughts, which always sent his slight happiness back to the darkness. With Caroline, he didn't have anything sad associated with her, so when they talked, all he saw was bright. Maybe it was her personality that was bright to him, maybe it was just the brightness in her eyes that had him leaving his thoughts behind--even if only for a while--and relaxing slightly. "You don't?" Ed inquired with a slight laugh. Of course she didn't believe him; she was an author, so it was likely Caroline knew those things. "You can just look in the dictionary on that bookshelf over there. Last page, I believe it's written in a five year old's handwriting, and crayon. Quite the officiality, isn't it?" A grin found its way up to his lips, which Ed found himself enjoying. Ed hadn't really done anything 'fun,' 'happy,' or 'enjoyable' in the last eternity. "All over you, hmmm?" Though he knew that statement was a joke, Ed couldn't help but feel... funny?... he supposed it was just the thought of someone being 'all over' his new friend--he hoped she considered him a friend, anyway--and it left a bad taste in his mouth. "Perverted it is," Ed promised, though the joviality in his tone was fading slightly as Angel stirred. "Near perfect? Lassie, I dunno if you've noticed, but I am perfect, by all means." He'd been about to answer her last statement when Angel's eyes fluttered, slightly confused.

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janelle (sungkew) "I seriously don't believe you." Caroline stated, smiling brightly. She most definitely thought of Ed as her friend. Though she didn't typically carry on many conversations with guys past an awkward and overenthusiastic 'hi', Caroline was really enjoying the time she was spending with Ed. Though it may not have been that long since they first met, Caroline felt she was pretty comfortable around him. It seemed like she couldn't say almost anything super embarrassing and he'd be okay with it. Perhaps a little confused and awkward feeling, but still okay. "Eddie, just because it's written in the dictionary doesn't mean it's a word." She could hardly finished this sentence as her giggles soon interrupted her speech, making her shake her head in protest. "Oh, God. Perverted Eddie. I can't wait to see this." Her eyes rolled in amusement at his last comment. She couldn't help but smile at this before her gaze fell to Angel awakening on her brother's lap. "Mornin', Angel." Caroline said and then mentally slapped herself. Morning? It was afternoon. Oi.

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cecilia "That's gonna be a problem, then," Ed noted with a grin and a slight shrug, leaning back in his chair. This was good, right? Being able to hold a conversation without bringing up Elodie, his past, or his suicidal tendencies. Was this was normal conversations were like? Ed wasn't quite sure, nor did he ever plan on finding out. He wouldn't be around long enough to learn that lesson, if things went right. "It does too! If it's in the dictionary, it's a word. Case closed." He didn't respond to Caroline's last comment, knowing Angel didn't need to hear or see that. Perverts were something he hoped to keep far away from her for as long as he could--which wouldn't be long, so he did well at his job. "Morning," Ed mumbled to his little sister, stroking her hair mindlessly. She had started coughing again, but with less ferocity than before, which was both worrying and reassuring. "Hey, you're okay," Ed promised, rubbing her back gently.

Angel hardly heard a word said, because the moment her eyes had fluttered open, the air was leaving her lungs in coughs, again. It was nearly impossible to breathe, and she felt as if her lungs were being ripped out of her chest, but this time she didn't have to wait for ages to stop. Her coughs stopped after a moment, and she curled up against Ed, smiling weakly. He handed her pills to her quickly, which she clenched in her fists but didn't take. Why did this always happen to her; all the coughing? None of the doctors had been able to determine anything other than the fact that she was weak in the lungs, and almost anything set her off. She often longed to leave the city, maybe it was the smoke that did this to her, but she couldn't go anywhere. "Hi," Angel whispered to Caroline, offering her a weak smile and wrapping her arms around her legs in a feeble attempt to draw them closer to her.

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janelle (sungkew) Caroline simply shot a smirk over at Ed as Angel brought up her head to give her a weak smile, the grin just enough to soften Caroline's gaze. There was obvious empathy in Caroline's eyes though she felt she should try to hide it. The girl most likely grew tired of all the pity she received on a daily basis. Caroline just wanted to treat her like the sweet, amazing little girl she was sure Angel was. "Hello." Caroline started, directing a heartfelt smile in the girl's direction. She prayed that Angel wouldn't break out into coughs again; Caroline hated to see anyone go through such horrible things. "How are you feeling?" She felt like she was obligated to say this as she looked into the girl's bright eyes, trying to fill them with happiness to the best of her abilities. Caroline always wanted happiness for everyone, but especially the ones like Angel who truly deserved it.

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cecilia Ed almost retorted to Caroline, something that would have most certainly caused her to laugh, before the young British boy noted his sister's presence. "Morning, Ange," he mumbled, relaxing slightly when he noted the smile playing on her lips. He shifted her balance slightly, seeing that she was attempting to move herself into a more comfortable position--a shame, since she was partially paralyzed, she couldn't. Ed noted the smile that brightened the little girl's face at Caroline's words, and was glad that he brought Caroline back. If she made Angel smile, it was worth it. Angel was the only thing Ed really cared about anymore, in this messed up world he lived in. She was the only reason that he was still here today.

Angel offered Caroline a faint smile, tugging a blanket over her legs. "Heya," she said softly. The question about how she felt had her smile fading slightly, replaced by a pursing of her lips. "I've been better," she offered after a moment. It struck her strange how much older than ten she sounded when she said that. She didn't sound her age; she sounded like someone who knew too much pain. She smiled sweetly at Caroline, reaching for the water seated on the coffee table. But, of course, she couldn't reach it. "You?"

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janelle (sungkew) As Angel looked to her, Caroline couldn't help but feel as though the young girl acted well past her age. For someone so young and innocent, she seemed to be well aware of nearly everything that was going on, making Caroline feel conflicted. The blonde teenager was unsure of whether she should feel utmost pride for such a strong little girl or if she should instead be sorrowful for the hardships that made her so. Either way, Caroline knew that she'd never met a soul so strong. Or rather, that she knew of.

Had Caroline been aware of the situation involving Ed, she most likely would have thought him to be strong as well. Though his thoughts were dark, so were everyone else's. On some days even Caroline felt down in the dumps, her head swirling with horrible thoughts. Perhaps she didn't contemplate suicide, but that didn't mean no one else did. They pulled through it and, as Caroline would have thought, Ed could too. He just needed someone to pull him out of the melancholic crevice he'd fallen into.

"Same." Caroline replied to Angel's question, being honest in every way, shape, and form. She didn't want to say that she was just perfect; that, she thought, wouldn't be the most welcome sentence in the world. Instead, she just smiled and continued on with whatever came to mind. "Eddie and I were just sitting her talking for a bit about-" She paused herself. About what? Him being a pervert? Nope, Caroline was not saying that to this little girl no matter how mature she seemed. "We were just talking." The smile on her face stayed put, not revealing the awkwardness she felt after saying those words. In that moment, Caroline really wished she thought before she spoke.

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cecilia Ed sighed softly, resting his chin on his little sister's head. Rubbing her arm gently, he extracted himself from the conversation; Caroline seemed to have a good handle on this exchange. Besides, there wasn't much he could say without thinking about Elodie again. So he started losing himself in his head. The notebook was in his backpack; his plans almost finished. He'd be able to finally end it all soon, the way he'd wanted to for the last two and a half years. Ed would be happy once he was done here, and Angel would likely be better off without him.
He said nothing, leaning back against the arm of the couch and tucking a blanket loosely around Angel's limp legs. It was nice to see Angel talking to someone, actually conversing. It made him feel slightly better about the fact that he wouldn't be around anymore. If Angel could talk to people, she'd be fine without him, after she got over his death. Besides, Ed was so sick of being around this world that he almost didn't care how his death would affect other people.

Angel smiled sweetly, resting her small head on Ed's shoulder. "Talking about what?" she asked curiously, her eyes wide. Angel asked a lot of questions, but she didn't often get them answered. Hopefully, Caroline wasn't like other people and would answer the small girl's inquiry. She tilted her head to the side slightly, pursing her lips. She glanced at the clock, frowning at the time. "Madame is going to come get me soon, isn't she?" she asked Ed softly, who gave a small nod in return.
"You've gotta schedule to keep, Ange," Ed noted after a moment. "This is just another thing on the schedule. You'll be home before you know it."
Angel sighed softly, tilting her head slightly and looking at Caroline again. "What were you talking about?" she asked softly. "Eddie and I like to talk about books. Do you like books?" She would do anything she could to stay here as long as she could; Angel dreaded going to her countless appointments.

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