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Where Did Peeves Go? :(
Maddie Maddie Aug 30, 2013 08:56PM
Am I the only one that was really disappointed that Peeves didn't make it into the movies? I can understand that the writers and producers had to cut out stuff to make sure the movies didnt get too long but I always loves Peeves' character; I thought he was hilarious! And though he may not have been super important to the story, i felt like there were a few instances that he was in that just made the scenes, settings, and characters that much better...
for example:
when Filch is trying to find where Harry, Ron, and Hermione went in the first book and he asks Peeves, sure it wasn't important to the plot or what happened as long as Filch didn't find them but i thought it added to the little bit of suspense, that the trio was dependent on him for whether or not they would get into trouble, and it helps them get into the room with Fluffy, whereas the reasoning for them finding fluffy in the movie wasn't so reasonable or believable in my opinion.

Also, the times that Peeves makes fun of Harry various times throughout the series, or threatens to expose him when he is out of bed when he shouldn't be, i don't know, i just feel like Peeves made the books a lot better and I'm pretty disappointed they didn't include him in the movies


peeve's the LIFE of the books. :(

Fret not. I am right here.

I feel every writer must live in fear of the cutting room floor. If Duplicity is made into a movie I would be going out of my mind over what some screenplay writer or director would cut out.

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Peeves made me giggle when I was reading.

Its okay Atlantic Gem I got the reference too :D

I was very pissed that peeves didn't make the movies. I know he doesn't seem like a huge character, but there are a lot of scenes that happen because of him. Like the ones already suggested, plus he was the one who told Neville about the gillyweed, he was the comedic relief through Umbridge's reign.

Though, I also missed the swamp the twins created, I was hoping they'd keep that in, it would've been an amazing sight!

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OMG yes! I missed Peeves so much. Rik Mayal is an excellent and well known English comedian and he would have been perfect to play Peeves. Because he can really nail that purposely annoying, childish, somewhat whiny, comic relief type dialogue Peeves often uses in the series. Was very disappointed that he was cut. But what are you going to do, eh? =(

Peeves did certainly aid a certain flavor to the books. He would have been entertaining in the moviie. But, a lot of things that I really enjoyed didn't make the movie.....

It's funny because Peeves was even in the Harry Potter computer game man was that level tough!

He was exorcized by Rin Okumura.

I read somewhere that during the time when the first movie was being filmed, they did not have the technology to differentiate between Peeves and the ghosts; so he was not included. I would have loved to see him in the movies. It is kind of sad that the non-book reader Harry Potter fans have missed something so awesome.

Peeves did make an appearance in the two video games but not in the movies. Must've been hell of a confusing for people who watched the movie but didn't read the books whenn they bought the game lol.

Actually, I kind of saw Peeves in one of the movies. Not the first one, he was there when the ghosts first came in and they met everyone.

But I think I also saw him again in another of the movies. I can't remember which one but I can easily find out since I have all movies and all books. LOL

He was in the first movie but I beleive the actor and the studio fell out, hence why he was not in any more of the movies.

That thought actually never occured to me!! :O

@Monsieur Paradox I find it sad that I get that refrence...

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Akash I think you do have it right that Peeves' scenes were filmed for Philosopher's Stones. What's interesting is that, as stated by Anita, Peeves was in t ...more
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I love peeves! Never realized that he's not in the movies though. Favorite quotes: "got your conk!" And "won't say nothing if you don't say please!"

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