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Rhapsody: Child of Blood (Symphony of Ages, #1)
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Jessica I read this book between 1998-2001. It is a love story involing soul mates destined to meet but also has someone behind the scenes that can edit, alter and mend actual strands<?> of time. The female is abducted by atleast 2 characters that i remember, one who may have had powers in sorcery and one who had abilities with earth. I remember an underground city as well. Would love any help, Thanks!

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Do you remember anything about the cover? Were the Fae (aka elves, faerie, brownies etc.) in the story? Did the girl have any psychic powers or was she just plain ol' vanilla human? What about her soul mate--was he a wizard, vampire, were-wolf, normal guy? Do you remember where it was set? Did it feel medieval, modern, Victorian, Victorian with a twist? And what do you remember about the person who could edit the strands of time? Was it a "Fate" type character (Fate as in the Greek goddesses or Norse Norns)?

Jessica Sorry I have been wracking my brain but the memories seem so vague. I do not remember any characters being vamps, werewolves etc. I think the book begins in the workshop in a village (somewhat medieval, villages, farms etc) of a tinker or toy maker. He is the one with the ability to change time. Which I remember its almost like a physical process like a roll of film that could be pieces, damaged. Story shows things in past present and future.

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Jessica I found it! Rhapsody: Child of blood by Elizabeth Haydon ©1999. Now I'll have to read it again to see if it is still as good as when I was a teenager. Thanks for your helpful questions :)

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