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Avril of Themyscira | 231 comments Mod
Callie walked in the room, marveling as always at the gorgeous vaulted ceiling with the sky light, wishing she had known the architect. It was plain and white with little decoration, the cabinets and counters stark and clean, which nearly made her cringe and her bare toes curl. She strode to the fridge nevertheless, pulling her salad out and setting it on the counter as she scoured the drawers for a fork.

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Crystal walked in, humming a Les Miserables song, since that was the musical they were studying in Drama this week, and she had it stuck in her head.
"Hey Vallie!" She waved with a smile, and plopped down at a seat and pulling out some extra credit assignments she needed to grade.

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somebody | 121 comments Tom looked to his watch for a moment, basically pulling out a giant bowl of salad. So he liked to stay fit, so what? It was only the healthy way of living and what better way to be a role model than to actually be good at it? His eyes wavered over to Callie as he felt himself mentally chuckle, looking at her as she only got further away from the forks and closer to the knifes. And judging by that fork wanting look. Assuming there was a fork wanting look. "Over there, Callie" He sighed lazily with a chuckle.

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Crystal shrugged. she was new...not many people know her. They just barley added drama to the school anyway. She waved with a slight smile, and then left.

Avril of Themyscira | 231 comments Mod
"Oh. Thank you" she replied, turning her head to smile at him as her hair bobbed. She opened the drawer and produced a fork, smiling triumphantly. She took a glass and filled it with water before finding the table nearest the open window, sitting down and inhaling the fresh air, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the sunlight. She sighed as she forked a large bite of salad and looked around the room, feeling all too new.

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somebody | 121 comments "No problem." Tom chuckled slightly, Salad for all? This was new, often times the other teachers had burgers or steaks, or something else not exactly healthy. Which did bother him slightly if he were to be honest. "Glad to see I'm not the only one going to be fat in a couple years" He attempted a joke from a small ways a way, though his voice always seemed to travel further than he intends very audible even after some distance.

Avril of Themyscira | 231 comments Mod
She looked up to him and found herself stupidly speechless, only able to manage a quiet giggle as she swallowed before taking a long sip of water. She looked back down. This is what he would want. He would want you to find someone else. She took a deep breath and looked back up to him. "I suppose so"

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somebody | 121 comments He found himself chuckling slightly. She was like a school girl. Then again most new teachers were like that, something he noticed over the years. He just hoped this one actually taught her class something unlike Mr. Cole who usually bragged about his coffee and how proud he is of his son. "No need to be shy, most of us teachers are like....family in some ways, we live breath eat and sleep here. Being shy will only hold you back" He informed her, taking a sip of his tea.

Avril of Themyscira | 231 comments Mod
She couldn't help but roll her eyes, smirking. Shy? "I'm not shy. I just haven't been teaching so long, and this place is..." she motioned to the white barren room. "Not my place." she smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear

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somebody | 121 comments "Says the women who timidly came into my room and could barely speak a word." He stated with a slight roll of his eyes, just about deciding by that smirk alone that he wasn't doing to like this side of her all too much. He had his own share of that before but he was older now and now he had his full share of it just by passing down the halls as students whispered things to each other worryingly. Or rudely. Or Jokingly. Or something else along those lines, usually regarding other lives. "We'll it'll be forced to be your place soon enough, save if you live off campus."

Avril of Themyscira | 231 comments Mod
She gave a sickly sweet smile. Maybe she had been wrong about him, and he wasn't her type. She took her last bite of her lunch and stood then, brushing off her skirt with a rather stern face. "I already have a home off campus," she replied curtly, swallowing hard as she rinsed her dishes out in the sink, looking away from him and sighing. He seemed to be so confident, maybe too much so, she considered.

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somebody | 121 comments Tom had nodded his head with a slight biting of his lip. "You seem to find houses relatively soon, got a secret to it?" He raised an eye brow, it seemed to only be getting harder and harder to find places around here, that and the prices were rising considerably at this point. Maybe he'd be wrong about her, she seemed a lot more sweet earlier, though it was possibly just the starvation at this point causing him to think different.

Avril of Themyscira | 231 comments Mod
She made a thinking face as she twirled her hair around her finger. "It's an old house. We-I never sold it when I moved away. I really wish I could help more," she blushed as her eyes met his. "I'm terribly sorry"

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somebody | 121 comments "It's fine, you don't have to be sorry about anything-You said we, right? So did you grow up in there...Or do you have a husband? Never saw a ring-" He shut himself up after that, knowing he had crept back into his old bad habit of asking too many questions and getting himself only deeper into a mess with things. And this time it might just offended someone else...again. Thinking back to her words, it only made sense that either he died, or they got divorce.

Avril of Themyscira | 231 comments Mod
She smiled, sweet and sorrowful as he said that, raising her left hand and rubbing her finger. "He was a Sargent in the war. He didn't make it back..." she trailed off a bit, yet her eyes lit on a butterfly in the garden and she perked back up a bit. "You?"

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