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message 1: by Beth A., Head Hostess (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
Here's a new challenge,create a list that is also a poem! Here's mine!

In an imagined home I see,
Office clutter,
Papers strewn,
Airy windows,
A far off moon,
Hardwood floors,
Appointment reminders,
Phone calls unreturned,
Schedules for trips,
Old bus passes,
Gift receipt slips,
Fur from a hare,
And Master Sir right there,
Waggling his cute little nose in the air,
Comfortable couches,
Entertainment system,
Shady shaggy rugs,
Fading wallpaper,
Posters,stickers,bits of swag,
CDs,DVDs and a computer bag,
Glow from a computer late at night,
Tickets to this,
Passes to that,
A bed calls for sleep,
A turned off light.

message 2: by Tempest (new)

Tempest S.J. | 15 comments Mine:

Little pleasures are
A walk in the park,
A kiss on the cheek,
The song of a bird,
A song that I sing,
Sweets that are sugary,
Poems the same,
Books I can't put down
With beautiful names,
Silence for a moment,
Peace in the world,
Being alone
Yet surrounded by friends,
Cats that purr sweetly
And sit in my lap,
Thinking about
A wonderful day
And knowing tomorrow
Will be better still,
Laying in bed
Being lulled to sleep--
Life's little pleasures
Are things you should keep.

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