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After the Cure by Deirdre Gould Deirdre Gould
Genre: Scifi/Horror/Post-apocalyptic
Page Count: 413

Book Description:
Eight years ago the December Plague swept through the human population of earth. The Infected were driven mad by the disease, becoming violent and cannibalistic, killing even those closest to them without hesitation. Six years ago, the tiny surviving community of Immune humans found a cure, and the Infected began to wake up and realize what they'd done. Over time, society has begun to rebuild itself. It's now ready to judge those responsible for the Plague. Nella Rider, the court psychologist and Frank Courtlen a defense attorney are trying to establish the truth. But more depends on it than they know. Can they find the answers they need before the fragile remains of humanity vanish for good?

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1. David

David | 33 comments I will review this book. If I win, I'd like ePub format please.


Lady Vigilante (Feifei) (ladyvigilante) David, what's your email address?

David | 33 comments

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Deirdre Gould (dkgould) | 2 comments I'll send it over. Thanks!

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