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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Rizza (michaeljamesrizza) | 7 comments Charles,
I just joined this group last night, because I am drawn to fiction. Yet I have a passion for philosophy too. I used to read philosophers against one another, such as Nietzsche being anti-Kant. I eventually realized that, for me, this gesture was an attempt to strengthen my own hand, to validate my own beliefs... because I was being selective in my readings or, rather, how I put my readings to use. Now, my approach, is to be sort of empty and receptive, so I can get a fuller appreciation of each thinker's ideas. I don't know if this approach is really possible.

Yes, Nietzsche is destructive; he begins with the body, not with the mind or the soul or God, and he philosophizes with a hammer. Some may read this destruction as an act of creation; he is making room for freedom, shuffling off an arbitrary, unnecessary bondage. There is no transcendence for him.

Nietzsche unsettles me; he disturbs me, so the question is not what does that say about him, but what does it say about me.

I have read a lot more Foucault than Nietzsche. But Foucault, at least for most of hiss career, is extending Nietzsche.


message 2: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10035 comments Mod
Charles, please be careful with post placement. This was in the newbies corner, which is a folder for new members to introduce themselves.

Since this is requesting discussion about a bookish topic, I've moved it into the Book Related Banter folder.

message 3: by Sandeep (new)

Sandeep ""Mastery. We have reached mastery when we neither mistake nor hesitate in the achievement."
-Fredrich Nietzsche

This quote is a big reason why I read books and combat ignorance daily. I recently started reading about his views on existentialism and how he has influenced what we think about it today. He was man ahead of his time.

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