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I created a group called Warriors Create a Clan. You can create your clan, manage it, role play, and go to gatherings!

Kate Hey Gloria, not trying to sound bossy, but I noticed u have several groups with no members. I just thought i'd suggest a few things.

1. Public groups are more popular, because private groups are not able to see the discussion boards, and that discourages people

2. Advertise in other warrior/seeker/survivor/ groups, that attracts people.

3. see if you can get, like, 5 people to join.

Atlantic Gem I'll try to join at a later date. Fur now, I don't plan on being too active on Goodreads, with school starting up. That, and I have to decide wether to use LakeClan or SnowClan.

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Thanks, both of you. Nice tips, Kate, and those are both good ideas, Celticgirl. Yeah, I advertise sometimes, but never in groups.

Atlantic Gem Who knows, I might just create a new Clan entirely. :/

Can you be considered loyal if you only go on weekends? That's usually when I'm on Goodreads during the school year. Either that, or I check up on stuff just before I go to sleep. That's really the only thing that's stopping me from joining. Sorry. :/

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Oh, it's fine. I'm active a lot, but mostly on weekends. I'll see you then?

Atlantic Gem I'll probably join this weekend, as LakeClan. If I don't make it, it's probably because my teachers loaded me with homework. But yes, purrhaps I'll see you then.

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Ahh homework, never failing to ANNOY US!

Atlantic Gem Furst day of school, and I already have homework. Purrfect. -_-

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Vanilla Me too! On the first day of school, I had three introductory essays to write, and some worksheets to do. Unfair!
I made up a bunch of Clans, called OceanClan, WillowClan, SpiritClan, (StarClan) IceClan, FlameClan, LightningClan, MountainClan, and NightClan.

Violet~Raven~Appledawn~Ravenstream Waterclan, Fireclan, Earthclan, and there's already Windclan

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WillowClan sounds the best to me, that's what I would join.

message 13: by Vanilla (new)

Vanilla Yeah. I like OceanClan and WillowClan the best. I'm doing a fan fic on Goodreads on them. It's called the Legend's Prophecy.

Atlantic Gem VanillaCreamPie8888~the wisdom gushes out of my mouth~ wrote: "Me too! On the first day of school, I had three introductory essays to write, and some worksheets to do. Unfair!
I made up a bunch of Clans, called OceanClan, WillowClan, SpiritClan, (StarClan) Ic..."

I have a MountainClan too~! The leaders all tend to be complete butts though… they're just grumpy cause they're stuck on a mountain. XD

Casey fireclan is my favorite

Cinderpelt RandomClan, AwkwardClan, WierdClan, and StrangeClan. They all worship ThingClan. :)

Celia I like SnowClan

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Izzy I have DawnClan and the cats that live among it are slim and quick so they hunt in tall trees like SkyClan

message 19: by Izzy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Izzy Mousepaw jumps out of the apprentice den, ready for the start of a new day. She was excited and she was ready to pass her warrior assesment at sun-high.
-DawnClan roleplay

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Izzy Mousepaw races to the warriors' den and peaks inside. She spots her mentor and tries to force him awake without having to sneak in the den.
-DawnClan roleplay

message 21: by Izzy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Izzy Meanwhile, Ferretkit squirms and yearns to be outside of the nursery. "I hate this place!" he meows.
-Dawnclan roleplay

Celia I like DawnClan too.

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Izzy Ferretkit sneaks out but wakes up Redfern, his mother in the process, by stepping on her tail.
-DawnClan roleplay

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Izzy "Where are you going you fumbling kit?" she asked Ferretkit. "Nowhere," he said and that woke up Jaykit his brother and best friend. "Mouse-brain," he mutters.
-DawnClan roleplay

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Izzy Ferritkit rolls over and runs out of the nursery as Redfern chases after him. Jaykit comes slumbering out walking close to Redfern. He shakes his head as her watches Ferretkit run to the warriors den and he bumps right into Gingerpatch, the strongest senior warrior ever. And to mention, the clan deputy. She picks him up by the scruff and drags the wriggling bundle of fur to the nursery where the nonchalant Jaykit and the embarrassed Redfern and finally the astonished Hazelkit wait. Ferretkit stumbles into the nursery without even being told and crumbles into a ball. Jaykit brushes past him but Hazelkit stops and whispers in his ear, "That was brave."
-DawnClan roleplay

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Izzy Mousepaw passes her assement right away! "Great job!" her mentor says his eyes showing with pride. "Thank you Ashthorn," she replies.
-DawnClan roleplay

Celia Do you have a fanfic story or something?

message 28: by Izzy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Izzy No, but I like making roleplay.

Celia It's good!

message 30: by Izzy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Izzy Thank you!

message 31: by Izzy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Izzy Jaykit and Hazelkit trot along to the clearing so they can play-fight. "I'll be Rosestar and you'll be the scummy mouse-brained badger," Hazelkit suggests. "Fine," Jaykit said and he attacks her. She tosses him off and calls him weak. Then, he jumps right back onto her. Hazelkit throws him off and he knocks into the thick bramble walls of the camp. He finds thick long scratches and tufts of fur off of his body. He limps and Hazelkit drags him to the medecine cat. "Kits!" Violetwhisker exclaims.
-DawnClan roleplay

message 32: by Izzy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Izzy Violetwhisker is the clan medecine cat and she looks at the cuts. "He's going to be fine, go on ahead you silly little kit," she told Hazlekit. She left immediatly to tell Redfern what had happened.
-DawnClan roleplay

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Izzy Violetwhisker grabs her supplies and washes out Jaykit's scratch with wet moss and covers it in cobwebs to stop the bleeding.

Meanwhile, out on a border patrol, Badgerscar smells something fishy. "RainClan, they cut off part of our terrirtory," exclaims Thistlepelt. Badgerscar thinks to himself, that's why it smells fishy because they hunt fish they always have the smell of their prey on them.
-DawnClan roleplay

BooksnakeA tree clan:thunder clan +shadow clan moor clan:wind clan lake clan :river clan leaders:maplestar,tunnelstar,willowstar

BooksnakeA Cinderpelt wrote: "RandomClan, AwkwardClan, WierdClan, and StrangeClan. They all worship ThingClan. :)"i think it would be better to change ''thingclan''to cuckoo clan or sillyclan

SevenOfNinetales I'll be GraveClan.

Leader: Froststar
Deputy: Whispermoon
Medicine Cat: Sylvenshrub
Warriors: Shudderpelt
Apprentices: Tumblepaw
Elders: Serpenttooth
Queens: Briardust
Kits: Shrubkit

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SevenOfNinetales Riverspike stared at the body on the ground before him. " This is Feynettle," he growled. "From WillowClan. She's still alive, but she may never hunt again." Arctictwig shuddered. "Will she live?"
"Yes, sister. Go get Sylvenshrub."
Arctictwig ran. Sylvenshrub would know what to do.
Meanwhile, Riverspike stared into the darkness. Two glowing eyes stared back at him. Paws with claws outsheathed treaded the crunchy snow. "Who a-are y-you?" Riverspike managed to stutter.
"My name . . . " whispered a voice, "is Brokentail."

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