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Heartless (Tales of Goldstone Wood, #1)
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I will post trivia questions here for the duration of this MR and after. However, whoever has answered the most questions correctly by August 31st will be able to choose one of October's monthly reads and be that book's discussion leader!! Second place will be able to be a discussion leader for one of October's MRs. Click here for more information on being a discussion leader. When answering the questions, answer them all in one post. You can go back and edit as you find the answers. This is the format for answering questions:

1. yes (8/3)
2. left (8/3)
5. blue (8/15)
6. Carry and Bill (8/7)

As you can see, as you answer the questions put the date. Also, you entire post should be hidden as such (view spoiler). To learn how to do this look in the right hand corner above the comment box and click where it says (some html is ok). Read through the options and it will show how to create a spoiler.

When you finish answering the questions add a new comment saying that you are finished and I will check your answers. I won't say who has won or give out the right answers until the end of the month so don't stop answering!!! Also after you say that you are finished I will copy down your answers so you can't cheat and change answers later.

Participating in trivia will get you 3pts. Winning 1st will get you 9 pts. Second place will get you 6pts.

Trivia questions will be posted on SEPTEMBER 1ST.

Jenelle I apologize that these are 2 days late... but here are the trivia questions!

Trivia Questions:

1. Who wrote Heartless?
2. What does Una send her brother to seek in the prologue?
3. What stops Una from crossing the Old Bridge in the prologue?
4. What color is Una’s hair?
5. How long has it been since the last Twelve-Year-Market?
6. What is Una’s cat’s name?
7. What is the name of the country that King Fidel rules over?
8. What is the name of the 7 foot knight who greets the King at the 12-year-market?
9. What stone is in the ring on Una’s finger?
10. Who gave Una the ring she wears always?
11. What is the Prince of Farthestshore’s first name?
12. Who says, “I’m telling you, Una, your wooer is an enchanter, and much more dangerous than he looks.”?
13. Why was the Prince of Farthestshore worried about Una’s hands?
14. What does the Prince of Farthestshore ask Una the first time he is invited to dinner?
15. What is the name of the songs that Lord Lume and Lady Hymlume are said to have sung together?
16. What game is played in Una’s first dream between a Sister and Brother?
17. What does the Prince of Farthestshore call Una’s cat?
18. Who says, “I’m a dummy, Prince Felix. Has a dummy ever saluted you?”
19. What is the name of Una’s second suitor?
20. What sport does Una's second suitor enjoy?
21. What do both Una's second suitor and the Prince of Farthestshore claim to have hunted?
22. How do the two princes differ in their stories?
23. Why has Prince Gervais been banished from his father’s house?
24. What does Una do at the Old Bridge in Chapter 9?
25. Who leaps over the garden wall and lands on Una?
26. What is the title of the song that the jester sings for Una that he claims to be the “most melancholy of melancholy carols ever caroled in these parts”?
27. Where is the jester originally from?
28. Why is Aethelbald leaving?
29. What does Aethelbald ask Una not to do while he is gone?
30. What is the name of Una’s third suitor?
31. What color is the jester’s suit of clothes?
32. Who does the jester say he really is?
33. Why will the jester not tell King Fidel who he really is and ask for help?
34. What does the jester ask Una to do?
35. What does Una give the jester before he leaves?
36. When Una wakes up from her dream next to the Old Bridge, who is standing on the other side of the Bridge and greets her by name?
37. Who says “Don’t you ever try to save me again.” and to whom?
38. Who is working with the Dragon?
39. Where does the Prince of Farthestshore take Felix after he fights a dragon?
40. What happens to Una after she lets the dragon kiss her?
41. What is the name of the goat Princess Una meets on the rocky cliff?
42. Who does Una accuse Lionheart of killing?
43. Where does the Prince of Farthestshore invite Prince Lionheart to go with him?
44. How many men does Prince Lionheart send with the Prince of Farthestshore?
45. What does Una steal from the Bane of Corrilond?
46. What does Imraldera tell Felix will happen if he leaves before his treatment is finished?
47. What is the Prince of Farthestshore’s response when Una asks him why he loves her?
48. What is the nickname Felix calls the Prince of Farthestshore?
49. What does the Prince of Farthestshore put in Una’s hands that he says he found?
50. What does Una wear in her hair in the last chapter?

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