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Heartless (Tales of Goldstone Wood, #1)
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Jenelle Have a question? Want to discuss a character or plot point that intrigued/confused you? Something you liked/disliked about the book?

Here is where to come for an open discussion about anything related to Heartless as we read it.

Jenelle Technically it's supposed to be an original fairy tale... not really a true "epic fantasy". So, I agree, it doesn't have that Robert Jordan or J.R.R Tolkien fantasy-setting feel. But what about it strikes you as not very period?

Jenelle Patrick wrote: "The main thing that struck me odd was she's 18 and asking when she will start to receive suitors? I also just haven't liked the way the book reads so far, but that might be because as you said, it'..."

Ah, yes, that struck me as odd as well. I feel like the writing does struggle a bit at the beginning... but it gets better as you go. (IMO, of course) :)

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