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message 1: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Here we are!

So, do.you wish to discuss a plot more so?

Are we gonna double up from the start or...? Another character could easily be a roomate of the student or something like that

message 2: by Inigo Montoya (last edited Aug 30, 2013 05:44PM) (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Um, ya I think we could smooth out the plot a little more. For instance how does the vampire dude become the girls knight? Maybe he saves her from his own kind, or do you want to keep what he is a secret for the time being?

I don't see a need to do doubles right off the start, maybe the girl befriends a werewolf later on. Or we could have that awkward love triangle that Twilight covered so well? (:

message 3: by Savannah W ~ (last edited Aug 30, 2013 06:34PM) (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Twilight minus the hot wolf falling in love with the baby of a depressive, obsessive girl who was medicorely pretty and being chased after by everyone? Wait...is that even able to be classified twilight anymore if we get rid of those key aspects? Lol. I love love triangles, they are just so dramatic. Like vampire diaries --though no question, Damon. Damon. Damon.

As for how he saves her, this is up for debate. Im not sure which would be better, him save her and her not know what he is or her know from how he saves her. Which do you think would be better? I can come up with a scenario if I know which way to go with it. Both have down sides and up sides, ya know?


What if she comes from a family of Vampire Slayers? Like maybe way back in the old years, her family had been in a deal with a powerful coven leader: they let his coven feed on their 'special' blood (special because it had something in it that cased the vamps to drink it become more powerful than normal blood) in exchange for immunity from death. When they were betrayed because a crazed vamp in the coven drained three family members, the family went all bad ass and made a value to never serve their species again but rather destroy them for their betrayal. Their hunt lasted for generations, the bloodlines keeping it's potency always. But maybe the grandparents of the girl had decided to stop fighting them and let their kids be free of the battle, so her parents did not inform her of the monsters that go bump in the night. But that doesnt make her safe, not knowing. It makes her at risk considering her scent is just as alluring as her ancestors and nearly any vampire would love a taste.

So...she comes from a line of badassness and is in danger by just being alive? Maybe the dark knight could be relatively old and actually know a few older ancestors of the girl, having maybe even been hunted once or twice? Idk.

Maybe the family even made an alliance with the wolves as well?

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Oh heck ya Damon, Stefan doesn't even hold a candle to that man!! XD Which reminds me I need to catch up on that series!

What if he is an older vampire and knows who her ancestors are and saves her from a group of his own kind (younger, more reckless vampires), but to her they simply look like back alley thugs who want to rape and kill her? She could blame a head wound or blame hallucinating for seeing him go all bad ass on the gang and ripping their throats with his teeth?

Oh and to go with her families making a deal with werewolves what if they made a pact with them and fought the vampires together, side by side as brothers? That way later on maybe an older werewolf who remembers that pact comes across the girl and tries to warn her about the vampire and teach her the ways of her ancestors?

message 5: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Same here....i have season four, I just have to watch it. I'll have a marathon soon.

Sounds good to me :).

And it doesnt necessarily have to be an older wolf who tries to teach her...maybe it could be a descendant who was told stories of the family and figures out she is part of it and thus it's his duty sort of to try and help her in some manner? Pretty much the same thing you said, just diff age lol

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Ya I like that! Some young, cocky wolf? Because that is who I am envisioning in my mind.

So The dark knight is of course a dude and you want to play the young girl.

I was thinking the werewolf would be a guy as well, so we are short a girl? Unless you want to keep it uneven, in which case I understand.

message 7: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Itd be cool to have them uneven, but i dont wanna do that to you.

Alright, here is my question, would you be willing to play the two men and a young woman(of who you can make her be whatever and whoever) and I can play a man (who can be whatever and who ever we decide) and a the girl? It would be uneven and you would have the odd number....but you would get a girl to get romanced as well and we can play with a triangle as well :).

Feel free to reject this since it's a bit unfair to ask it. But I wont make your girl feel like a secondary character. She will be pulled in and just as important as the others. And my guy will be...hmm.....well just as important obviously, but idk what or who he would be yet. But those two will have an awesome story! XD

So...you would have mister young and cocky wolf, dark knight, and the mysterious girl we have not talked of yet.
I would have the young girl and the mysterious guy we have not talked about yet.

Side note: characters may come in randomly throughout the story to, I have a tendency to do that.

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments It really doesn't matter to me, we could bring the extra two characters in later, maybe when a hole in the plot comes up?

For now though I am honestly okay wit playing the cocky werewolf and dark knight! (: I don't really have an idea on what my girl could be right now so I think it would be best to wait!

message 9: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Are you sure? I really dont want to make you get left out. The wolf could also take a little before he comes in as well

message 10: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments I am sure! I'll let ya know when I am itching to bring in the other characters! (:

I just don't want to bring them in without brain storming some more and having good ideas for them as well, or else the whole role play suffers. Anyways I like the idea of waiting to bring in the werewolf guy. Maybe wait until she is starting to fall in love with the dark knight?

message 11: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Thats what i was thinking about the wolf's timing. :). Plus i guess the plus side to waiting to make up roles for the others is that maybe there will be some great ideas that come about from.the plot as it develops :)

So...do you wanna brain storm further or make the first of our characters?

message 12: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Yes! That is what I am hoping for!(:

Um I think I am good, a tall dark and handsome vampire that also happens to be very old comes across your girl. Her ancestors used to kill his kind, though before that were feeders for the riches vampires. He saves her from a group of vampires though she just thinks he beats up some street thugs for her. Sound about right?

message 13: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Sounds pretty damn right and in a nice compressed package lol

Oh, before we get into things any further:

Are you good with doing the vampires from the V diaries as well as the wolves (besides the look of the wolves)?

So, spelled jewelry to allow vamps to be in the day light and wolves have to kill someone to trigger the curse?

But the bite of a wolf wont fully kill a vamp, it's venom just hurts really bad?

Vamps are killed by ripping the heart out, tearing the head off, losing too much blood, or stake though the heart?

Oh, and in addition, a bite from a werewolf on the day and night of a full moon can make a human have the curse as well and able to give it to their children?

The changing process the same for vampires as it is in the diaries?

The blood of a wolf or vamp can heal a human if drank, inject, or applied to a wound?

Those okay? Have anything to add?

And with that said, characters?

message 14: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Nope all of that sounds good to me! The werewolves are going to look like the ones from the old story books right? One two back legs and more like humans covered in hair and with the face of a wolf?

message 15: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Yup! Thats the best kind.

Oh, and other spelled jewelry can be made like that ring that Rick and Jermey have and my girl have inherited one so she when she is killed she comes back to life (if killed by a supernatural)? Oh yeah...how far are yin in the vampire diaries so i dont ruin anything.

And vamps cant go inside someones house without being invited?

Wana make them able to compel? And Wolf's Bane and Verban(spelling) is weak to Wolves and Vamps respectively.

message 16: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments I stopped like right after Elena was changed. Please tell me you saw that and I didn't just ruin it for you?

Yes I like all of that, and I think they should be able to compel it only seems fair!(: I also like Wolf's Bane and Verban being a weakness, something that the girls ancestors could have used when slaughtering the vampires.

message 17: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I knew that :). I knew that before I started...having watched 5 minutes of the last episode of season 3 with a friend while waiting on her...so ive knownr that for a very long time lol. So, did you cry when Rick died? I cried over him more in season four (but i wont say why).

And mkay! So everything is all cleared up then? I actually have a character made up that i made earlier today for a group, but she is wharf sparked my desire for this rp lol. I'll post her. DONT JUDGE ME FOR THE NAME! Lol

message 18: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Of course I cried when Rick died, and oh god don't tell me! I really need to catch up!

I promise not to judge you, though I shall not promise not to laugh! Muhaha >:)

So I'll get crackin on my guy, this could take a while though I feel my creativity starting to seep back into my boned!

message 19: by Savannah W ~ (last edited Aug 30, 2013 09:03PM) (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Full Name: Katherine Nicole Salvoti

Alliance/Nickname: Kathy, Kat, and Kitten (though Kitten annoys her)

Age: 22
D.O.B.: July 13, 1992

Sex: Female


- Hair: dark brown, nearing black and generally curly

- Eyes: a grayish blue with a little gold coming from the pupil. (view spoiler)

- Height: 5'3"

- Weight: 126 lb

Occupation/Employment: Studying Architecture abroad for a semester and works as a bartender on weekends to earn extra money

Personality: Katherine can be easily described as a list of contractions. She was never in the average crowd. Kat views the world in an interesting fashion, seeing things for what they are and could be. A realistic visionary she termed herself. She tends to get her way simply because she can use her knowledge to alter most situations to play out to her advantage. Typically she does not use her brains for the darker good, but she has had her moments of deliquescent behavior. "Rules are more like a list of guidelines" was one of the many quotes she kept close. The laws that confine society are restricting in a helpful and painful way, she believed.

Katherine has a sarcastic tongue that she does not bother to control when there is no need to. She believes that being yourself is the one thing that makes you stand out. What you do, what you say, how you react--they are all the backbone to who you are. Needless to say, she is a firm believer in free will. Kathy can not stand when she is being held back from something she wants or needs. She will do nearly anything within her power to get away from confinement. With enough drive and determination for an entire team of athletes, Kathy is an unstoppable force when she wants to be.

Though she hates being controlled, she does have a bit of like towards power and the ability to control others. This would perhaps be her greatest flaw. Her ideas of a perfect world is imperfect, but the imperfections make it perfect. These ideas are what keep her on track and away from the desire to control things. Without the active thoughts and actions of others, the world wouldn't be imperfect, and there for not perfect. Contradictions.

Katherine also hates to lose, and along side her stubbornness and determination this becomes a dangerous trait. Losing is something she can only accept when there is legitimately no means of victory. Morals do not stand in her way most of the time. However, she does have that little voice in the back of her head that informs her when she has gone too far. But even that voice can not keep her from pushing onward at times.

History: Katherine was born in the states, her family not staying settled often. Every yes or so, they would pick up and move to another home that may be anywhere from one state over to across the continent. It was both an irritating and entertaining lifestyle. It allowed Kathy the chance to develop in a range of environments both socially and nature related, making her well rounded. Despite her not being kept in one place, Kathy was well educated thanks to her mother and father's constant encouragement. Kat was well above her years in knowledge, soon finding highschool to be rather boring. Nevertheless, she forced herself through the tiresome four years and graduated.

Kat had applied to many places and considered a variety of professions, but in the end, her love for art and ability to see the world in such a unique manner pushed her towards Architecture. Her parents recommended a list of universities Kathy should consider accepting offers to with regards to the career path she had picked. In the end, Kat went with Princeton University. After a few years, Kat began to feel restless. She was used to moving around a lot. So she decided to do some studying abroad to get a taste of other styles of architecture. She got to go to some of the finest and most amazing structures ever designed and it did nothing but inspired her.

Soon Kat found herself in Paris, studying at one of their fine schools. Two days of the week, Kat was required to work with a renounced Architect. She would help him in any way he needed, sometimes even helping with building plans--under his watch of course to ensure she did nothing wrong. She had only been in Paris for a few weeks before Kat decided to get a small job at one of the bars near where she was roomed. She had a bar type persona, she had been told before, and a pretty face. And when those two traits are added, it generally meant for a nice amount of tips at the end of her shift.

message 20: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments It's so sad! I swear it's like super sad! Well...i thought it was.

message 21: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Gah she is awesome! (:

No for sadness, I don't want to cry anymore. That shows just kills me sometimes! :/

message 22: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Im glad you like her! You see how she inspired me to want an rp with her as a character? The group i put her in...well the mod is inactive as it seems and has to approve her. So she was never going to get used!

Ahhh! But the sadness was just so sweet and sad....and made me cry.

Working on my other reply. Had to find what i wanted his home to look like lol. I know...Im lame.

message 23: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Aww I hate when that happens! It seems like every time I make a really good character with a great plot the other person stops responding!

Awww fine, you have convinced me to continue to watch it!(:

It's all good, it gives me time to start writing my guy!

message 24: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I actually had to stop watching when i started the first ep of season four. I hated it almost...but i would say watch it at least until you see the scene im taking about.

message 25: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Dang I am stuck on a look for my dude, I can't find anyone that fits the criteria besides Ian Somerhalder. There is just something so evil and damn attractive about that man...

message 26: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I know!!! I am going to marry him. I swear it. Lol. I wouldnt overrrrlyyy put down using him as the image for the guy, sigh, if you must. ;) lol

It's not a huge deal :).

message 27: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Haha I just might! I adore guys with dark hair and light eyes and jesus that man is going to be the death of me! (:

I am still looking but if it takes too much longer I am just gonna give up and use him, there is just something about him that screams 'vampire' ya know?

message 28: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Probably the fact he plays an amazing one in VD. He's like the perfect mixture of good and bad, his good always hidden though. But as the viewers, we get to see those moments he has each time they happen and overy time it builds up to make us love him--Im babbling lol.

message 29: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments It's all good! If you are babbling about an attractive guy go right on babbling! (:

Dude I know right, every time he does something good in VD it goes unnoticed by everyone else and I want to scream and tear my hair out in frustration. XP

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Sigh...poor Damon.

message 31: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments So I think I have found a suitable guy, though he isn't nearly as attractive as Ian. (:

message 32: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Like i said, not too worried with the image :). I trust ya! Plus Im.just excited for the rp :)

message 33: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments I know I am too! I just have to finish his personality and history and then we can begin!(:

message 34: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Woot!!!!

message 35: by Inigo Montoya (last edited Aug 31, 2013 12:41PM) (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Name:His own was lost to him after the change but since has been called a great many things. Friends the few he has refer to him as Demetrius Nickname: Dimitri
Age: Irrelevant though somewhere around 570 Birthday: Forgotten, birthdays were not used in his human life though he was born on the coldest day of winter.
Sexuality: After reaching 570 the object in which you procreate with no longer matters.
Piercings/ Scars: Piercings? He got rid of all of his after leaving the Native Americans to rote in the ground. Scars, certainly of course the bite marks though his that were on his left wrist are hidden by a tattoo. Other than that if you spent enough time you could find old pale scars littering his body, and even a few new ones that are still red and puffy.
Tattoos/ BirthMarks: If he did have any birthmarks they were destroyed along with his change though there is faint outline of one on his left hip bone. His tattoos are as followed-
Roman Tattoo which he got after serving in the army and being named captain- (view spoiler)

Chinese/Japanese tattoo he received after mastering both countries martial arts- (view spoiler)

African Warrior tattoo after battling and slaying their toughest warrior (Only one man at a time can be downed with the symbol, he has carried it for more than one hundred years)- (view spoiler)

Apache Tribal Tattoo found on his left shoulder after fighting with the natives and supposedly dying at Little Big Horn-
(view spoiler)

The symbol of an old, honorable vampire given to him around the 1800’s and is on his right wrist- (view spoiler)

• Lastly, his first tattoo given to him after his change which reads in Hungarian ‘Warrior of the night’ and is located across his stomach just below his belly button- ратник у ноћи

Appearance: Dimitri stands at six foot two and it seems that no matter what generation it is he is thought of as tall which always seems strange to him over the course of his life he has met numerous men and women who have to look down to talk to him. He is built lean and fast rather than bulky and he supposes that’s because when he was human he worked on a farm or at least the fuzzy memories he has left of that era seems to hint to it. Never the less he is 160 pounds of lean rock hard muscle being a vampire he is of course on the paler side, having been told my more than a few people he looks like he should be buried by now which always forces a chuckle to his lips. His dark brown hair is something that he has never changed from his childhood and it stills is long enough to reach his shoulders and what was the common look for centuries now a days though people passing him by mutter how he is a ‘hippy’. He has dark brown eyes, though on first glance many assume they are black and clash with his pale skin enough to cause people small shivers when faced with him for the first time. He can always be found with a five o’clock shadow gracing his face only because after 500 years he has grown tired of shaving it. Many people that have to be around him for a long period of time always report back that he is cold, which of course is ridiculous he is the same temperature as every other human in the world and blames it more and his chilling personality than really being the temperature of ice. His style like many other things have of coursed changed with the time period and area he resides in and though one thing has always stayed the same is- he dresses sharp. In this era he can be found walking around in nice suits most the time, though on occasion he down denim jeans and thin cotton shirts along with a black leather jacket that just screams ‘bad boy’ though he mostly saves that look when he is driving his bike around the city and is looking for his next meal, cheap shirts are a lot easier to throw away if dirtied with blood then hundred dollar shirts. He also finds this classic ‘bad boy’ look easier to pick up people with though why that is so has always baffled him.

(view spoiler)
Personality: Arrogant, brash, conceited, egotistical, presumptuous, bumptious and overconfident, or at least that is what you come up with when looking cocky up in the thesaurus and if you do you will find a perfect collection of words for Dimitri. You can’t really blame him though he is that way because he is allowed to be overly proud of himself. He has always been a successful man accomplishing everything he has ever put his mind too and it certainly doesn’t help that he is also a vampire. Though no matter how hold he gets one thing stays the same, his oversized mouth which added with his asshole attitude has gotten him in more trouble than he can count and if it weren’t for his inability to die a natural human death he would no longer be walking this earth. He is smart, which is a given after spending 570 years on this earth but more than that he is smart in a way you can’t learn even if given the rest of the time people inhabited the planet, it is a different smart one that he was born with. He is great at manipulating people to do his will, even without using his power to compel others. Arguing, or as some liked to call it ‘debating’ was something Dimitri liked to do to pass the time, and that and fighting other peoples battles are mostly what he had been up to the last half century. A side no one has seen since Dimitri fell in love, back when he was just a new vampire is one that you don’t expect. Dimitri can be kind and quite the romantic type when he finds the will to be one, on top of that he can be over protective though most count that as a fault is has always been something beyond his control. Though he does have a sort of morbid sense of humor Dimitri has always been able to make those around him laugh and is something he enjoys on occasion.
History: A rather long, boring story that if you wish to hear had better be stocked up on good scotch and blood for Dimitri.
Other: He has a ring that permits him to go out in the sun light- (view spoiler)

message 36: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments He seems great! And youre right...Ian still wins but that guy fits as well lol

message 37: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Haha thank you! Do all the spoilers work? I know sometimes they do for me and not for other people..

Yes Ian always wins but I feel like this guy comes in a close third, maybe fourth. XP

message 38: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments The images all show :).

Maybe a fourth place ribbon lol.

So, am i too start this one since you had to the other?

message 39: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Ya a fourth place ribbon they hand out the the little kids so they all feel like they accomplished something. haha (:

Sure! Do you want to start with Kat being cornered by the group of vampires? Or did you have another idea?

message 40: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments You'll see when i post ;). (probably the first idea haha)

message 41: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Haha a mystery then? Sounds good to me!(:

message 42: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Tilting the bottle up, Katherine let the clear gold liquid pour into one shot glass then moved it to the next before sitting the scotch back under the bar. Flashing her brilliant smile, she handed the two shots to the dirty blonde guy who in return gave her a flirtation smile. "Five minutes and I have to close up," she informed one of the only two left in the bar. It was ten minutes passed the time she was supposed to close, but she had went ahead and started cleaning while the two guys talked at the other end of the bar. The dirty blonde was more sober than his dark headed friend, but that wasnt saying much. The guy nodded and returned one of the shots over to her side of the bar.

"Take one with me?" he prompted. It was the end of her shift, why not? Kat picked the glass up and tilted it back as did the blonde. Then she went about getting things in order.

"You guys have got to head out. I can call you a cab if you need me to," she informed after she had finished up cleaning and closing things down. The five minutes had elapsed. The blonde waved off her offer, saying they lived close by but that he wanted her number. He was cute, so why not give hIm your number? After scribbling the numbers to her phone down on a napkin and handing it to him, the men left and Kathy shut off the lights. Overall, her Friday night had been good, but staying up until 3 am wasnt the most awesome thing for Kat do do each weekend when she had a full schedule all week. But, after a month of being in Paris, Kat believed she was getting the hang of her schedule.

There was a chill, just enough to make bumps pop up on Kat's arms. Typically Kathy wasnt one to get cold, being more of a fan of the cold than the heat. She didnt take this into consideration; if she would have, Kat would of know the chillbumps were a warning that her subconscious was sending saying something was wrong. Not noticing the warnings, Kathy took the turn she normally did that saved her two blocks. The alleyway was not the most inviting with it's creepy vibes, rancid over flowing dumpster, the broken fire escape that had fallen from the building and to the ground in a heap, and the crumbling state of the old buildings that lined the alley. This night there was an extra touch to the scenery.

Halfway down, Kathy heard a noise from behind. She whipped her head around, paranoia creeping up when she saw no one. Kat took a steady breath to ease herself and turned back around, slipping her hands into the pockets of the baggy gray jacket she had taken from a guy back home. Four steps later, the noise sounded again and she was quick to spin around. Still, no one. Kathy was tempted to start walking back towards the noise, knowing how horror movies worked. She knew each horror movie did this and in the end the killer pops up in front od them when they turn back around. So Kat had a knot in her stomach saying someone was standing right behind her. But this wasnt some cheesy horror movie.

This was her life, and her life was far from some stupid film. Kathy turned around after a long moment, relieved when no one was in sight. She started to walk again, her forehead scrunching when she saw a man step into the exit of the alley, facing her. She immediately turned around and thats when the movie started to play. A man was no more than two feet from her, a sick smirk on his face. He close the distance extremely quick and before she had a chance to react, his hand had grabbed her jacket, turned her back towards one of the walls, and slammed her to it. Her head clocked the brick, making her gaze and consciousness fuzzy. And this was it? Really?

message 43: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments (( Hey quick idea before I reply, what if Kat is wearing watcha call it so she wouldn't be compelled? Maybe it was a family heirloom passed down throughout the ages and it was given to her by her parents before leaving? Idk something like that! ))

message 44: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((a piece of jewelry with Verban in it? Yeah, thts fine with me :). She has on a smaller sized ring for the death come back to life thing as well :). Her necklace has Verban in it))

message 45: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments ( Alrighty sounds good! I'll start my reply now then!(: )

message 46: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((mkay! And i did post in the other one awhile back, i think? Right?))

message 47: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments (( Um you did but I think I replied! You might have to go check, I can't remember! ))

message 48: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((i swear i didnt even see that. *face palm*))

message 49: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Dimitri had been on the hunt when he caught the scent of something so delicious he was taken back to his younger years when feeders were still around. He closed his eyes and drank in the scent trying to pin point just what it was that had him feeling like a newborn vampire unable to help himself from feeding on anything that lay in his path. He recalled a memory when he was younger, just before he had earned his tattoo he had been given a sip of a feeder, the name was coming back oh yes Salvoti that was right he had been forced to drink from a cup or he would have been unable to control his thirst and would surely have drained the feeder. The gold cup had tainted the taste of the blood but even then it had been the best thing he had ever felt slip past his lips and the memory alone was making him go crazy.

What puzzled him the most though was why the scent was being carried on the wind, the Salvoti had long ago become hunters bearing arms with the filthy werewolves and destroying any vampires they came across. Dimitri figured he had to be going mad but that didn't stop his feet from moving on their own terms and he swiftly headed in the direction the alluring scent was coming from. He stopped only moments later knowing he was making the same mistake many other vampires had made over the years and let their hunger get in the way of common sense. The Salvoti were hunters and if he was really scenting one in the area surely they were hoping a dumb vampire would barge in and be waiting to be ride of the thing however it was hunters saw fit to finish the job.

Dimitri cursed under his breathe looking around and ended up figuring the scent was coming from an alley way, a perfect place to set a trap one that he was not going to be stupid enough to fall in. Instead he caught sight of a fire escape on the back of the building and quickly headed up it; upon reaching the top he calmly made his way to the edge and looked down. What he saw was no surprise, it seemed that two young male vampires at also caught a whiff of the scent and were currently cornering the young girl who must be the one who smelled so heavenly. Dimitri smirked when he saw her act scared, it seemed his kind where getting stupider and stupider with each passing year and he only hoped after she was done with these two she left the area for good. There was no way he could resist the temptation that was her blood for too long, it seemed that no matter how old Dimitri got his power to deny something he wanted never changed.

Something was wrong though and it became more obvious when the girl allowed herself to be bashed into the building without so much as a fight or curse to the young vampire. Dimitri felt his brow crinkle as he continued to watch the scene below him, he heard the faint drift of voices one of the man saying something along the lines of 'sweet and taste' and he wasn't wrong the girl now barely struggling in his grip would taste divine if nothing else and there was no way Dimitri was going to let the two ass hats get her with him so close.

He hesitate a moment longer glancing around to make sure no other hunters were in the area waiting to pounce as soon as the vampires became drunk on the smell of the petite girls blood alone. It seemed the girl was on her own though and that was when it hit Dimitri She had no clue what she was. Sure he knew it had been many a century since the Salvoti had become hunters and there were only so many vampires to kill before your job became pretty worthless. At most the hunters got the new vampires, the ones stupid enough to fall into their traps and if it hadn't been for that fact that Dimitri hadn't scented the blood of a feeder in almost 200 years he himself wouldn't have even found himself in this situation. No, the hunters only ever killed the new born and they weren't the vampires that created new ones so after a while they became pretty useless.

Dimitri was torn from his thoughts and in the seconds that followed made a rash decision. He jumped down the four story building landing in a crouch before straightening his body " If I were you two I would make myself scares." his voice a warning growl as he started walking over to the young girl still caught between the vampire and wall. "I am feeling mighty thirsty tonight and I'll be damned if I'm going to let two new born stand in the way of something that smells that delicious." he added coking his head to one side and looking at the two of them. He was clad only in a black cotton shirt and most of his tattoos were clearly visible, especially the one marking him as an old vampire.

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