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somebody | 121 comments Jessabella's "Bella" Side


Pretty much always bright with the lights never being turned off. Global Warming or energy conserving wasn't that big then and she didn't see the harm in it. Her side tends to be a tiny bit messed up though she doesn't see herself cleaning it up anytime soon. As well as No one touches her stuff under any condition unless she is present and allows you to. She's always been a bit harsh about that. She also owns a pet cat, and though it's against the rules she keeps it in her dorm. Marbles. She's had the dorm for most her stay here, and has always had the room alone.





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Annabelle's side of the room:


Belle is a very simple girl. She doesn't really care what the room looks like, as long as its her. She hates it when people goes through her stuff, and is very private. her side of the room is very neat and orderly, because she can't stand a messy room.


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