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^so, waddaya think about him being the Bat?

Tbh, I think he's be a great Bruce Wayne. He's the type of person that feels like they'd make a good Bruce- ya know, billionaire, rich, famous, fancy suits and stuff. But I think him being Batman is quite hard to picture because he's not gruff and robust, and I can't picture him being the Bat- someone who strikes fear into people, someone who ultimately is...broken.
He'll be able to play the role of Bruce Wayne- the billionaire, but I can't imagine him being BATMAN.

Idk, maybe I'm looking into this too deeply, I'm sure most of you think this makes no sense what so ever and that it's a load of balderdash. But oh well...

message 2: by rabiosas (new)

rabiosas (makingbaconpancakes) | 360 comments Well I haven't seen any of his work, which is putting me in no place to judge him so *shrug* I'll give him a shot.

message 3: by Jimi (new)

Jimi | 3 comments I think Affleck will do well in the part, in fact it's kind of reassuring that someone so in tune with comics, films and good storytelling is in it. His three films as director have been solid, and Kevin Smith has talked about how Affleck is a total Batman fan, even going as far as to install a Batcave Clock style entrance to his panic room.

The internet hate storm was a knee jerk reaction to the casting, but I think Christian Bale's Batman is still so fresh in the public mind that anyone would have provoked a similar reaction. 'Daredevil' isn't too hot by today's standards, but it really wasn't that bad a film at the time, and he was OK in it, it was Bullseye and Kingpin that were dreadfully miscast in that movie.

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