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Hello, I am a fan of Harlan Coben James Patterson to name a few.
Do any of you good people know of anymore American crimer thriller authors?? I noticed someone had put somebody Connelly???? Is he American.
If, anyone knows of any other please do get in touch, I would be most grateful as you can imagine, I am beginning to run out of books!!! I have read about 800 books since becoming disabled 12 years ago, starting with an old Danielle Steele called The Kiss, then, onto Douglas Kennedy and on it goes!!!!

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I see you are UK based. I live in London and my local library has a system where I can go online and see what books they have and if they are available to order / reserve.
I can then reserve them online and I get an e mail when they are available for me to collect.
You might like to try that.
If you google: Talisprism and then the name of the town or county where you live, it should come up with a list of libraries in that area.

Also there is a site: www.fantasticfiction.com which lists all the authors and up coming releases ( before GR).
I have a book handy at home where I can write in the new releases and then can search my library site.

Yes, Patricia Cornwell is very good, indeed! I can also recommend Tess Gerritsen and Jeffery Deaver among the well established authors. Are you only looking for American writers? Because there's a great British one, Rachel Abbott. She's a new one, has only written two books yet, but I loved them both!

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Not sure if you've read her before, but Patricia Cornwell is on one of my favorite American authors. I've read every book in the Dr. Kay Scarpetta series and can't wait for more.

Jeffery Deaver, JA Kerley, Karen Rose, Linda Fairstein, Kathy Riechs, Jefferson Bass, Lisa Gardner, PJ Tracy, Jonathan Kellerman, John Sandford, Alex Kava, Karin Slaughter, Nelson De Mille.

Non US writers. If possible, you should give them a try.

Peter James, Peter Robinson, Mark Billingham, Ian Rankin, Simon Kernick, Mo Hayder, MR Hall, Simon Beckett, Liza Marklund.

That should keep you going for a while. Let me know if you read any of those Ive suggested.

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