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Taylors Boyfriends!

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message 1: by Annie (new)

Annie | 11 comments Mod
This topic is to talk about all of Taylors boyfriends because there have been a lot of them!

message 2: by Meghan (new)

Meghan (meghan-dillon1hotmailcom) | 5 comments Mod
well, she hasn't had as many as they say she has had.

some of them are John Mayor, Harry styles, Taylor Laughter

message 3: by Annie (new)

Annie | 11 comments Mod
ya, I know she hasn't had that many, but she has a a lot if you think about it. I cant believe she is still dissing Harry Styles after they broke up so long ago

message 4: by Millie (new)

Millie | 1 comments She is not still dissing Harry

She seams like she is over it

She could eat cake and Directinors could say it was about Harry

It's them who are still acting like they broke up yesterday

message 5: by Annie (new)

Annie | 11 comments Mod

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