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ℱҩℓℓℯη ∀ηɠℯℓ  † (thefallenangel23) not especially, you?

ℱҩℓℓℯη ∀ηɠℯℓ  † (thefallenangel23) I'm sorry, what's dystopian? I have no problem doing it, as long as I know what it is.

ℱҩℓℓℯη ∀ηɠℯℓ  † (thefallenangel23) Ok, sure! Is it ok if I play girl?

ℱҩℓℓℯη ∀ηɠℯℓ  † (thefallenangel23) Name: Skylar Gray
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Name: Tyler Corey
Age: 18
Gender: Male

ℱҩℓℓℯη ∀ηɠℯℓ  † (thefallenangel23) I have this obsession with him I don't even know. I'm in high school and I've never liked anyone, or a celeb. But my sister was watching Teen Wolf once, and Tyler looks just like my best friend like wtf. I'm obsessed I don't even know. ♥

ℱҩℓℓℯη ∀ηɠℯℓ  † (thefallenangel23) Ok!!!
Btw I'm getting off to go swimming. Sorry.

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