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Here it is!

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Three I guess

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All right. So charries? My charrie has been made a long time ago, and it's quite detailed, but your charrie doesn't have to be as detailed as mine.

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Haha okay sure. I'm in the sun so I can't really see right now, but I'll do my best haha. Post yours first though so I have an idea of what to say please?

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((Sure thing.))

Name: The Undertaker.
Nicknames: The Phenom, The Deadman, The Demon from Death Valley, The Lord of Darkness, and Big Evil.

Age: Immortal.
Gender: Male.

Birthday: March 26.

Species: Demon.

History: Unknown.

Homeland: The Underworld, also known as Death Valley.

Personality: The Undertaker has his bad side and his good side.

His bad side


"I come for your soul!"

The first thing you will be able to sense about the Undertaker is that he is the most evil creature you will ever imagine. He is not afraid to do the vilest thing he could ever do. Just by looking at his appearance, you will be able to see the evil. When his presence is near, you will sense it and feel it. He is a person's worst nightmare. Not to mention, he can go into a terrible, uncontrollable rage when angered.


"Turn out the lights. I much prefer the darkness."

Another thing you will instantly sense about the Undertaker is that he is dark. He carrys himself in a rather eerie way like a zombie. He loves to dwell in darkness, and his mind and soul are as dark as his black hair and as dead as his red eyes.


"All the worms, the maggots, and the larvae feast on your rotting corpse."

The Undertaker is indeed twisted, his dead mind sick as well as dark. He loves to sleep in a coffin, but a bed will do.


"I often seek the companionship of the wolves, the bats, and all the other creatures of the night. But the creatures of the paranormal are my closest friends."

The Undertaker is very animalistic, having his black hair long and many times in his face. The animal language is clearly a language he knows, for he often growls and grunts and snarls.


"My tomb is not marked. It has no name. But you will know that it's mine when I tell you that my symbol is on it."

The Undertaker is very mysterious. It is very difficult to tell what runs through his mind.

His good side


"I welcome you to my domain."

Despite his dark side, the Undertaker has some warmth hidden deep in his cold heart. He will show this warmth if he likes you or has some amount of care for you. If you're lucky, you may even see his rare smile. Once you discover his good side, you will end up loving him to death.


"I know your wound stings, but I shall be gentle."

Something that's rather rare to see from the Undertaker is gentleness. If he handles you gently and takes care of you when you're hurt, you have a reason to be relieved.


"I really like, I love you."

Another rare thing is when the Undertaker turns loving. That will happen when he finds himself really liking you or loving you.


"When you're alone, you won't really be. I will be standing beside you."

Once the Undertaker cares for you, he is loyal to the very end. He will not back down without a fight for your life and will die for you.


"I am touched by your love. I will return the favor and give you my heart."

The Undertaker becomes affectionate when he is loving to anyone he considers dear to him. He responds very well to gentleness and love and will return it in some way. He will take you into his arms and give you the most wonderful hugs and kisses you'd ever dream. Especially when it's coming from the Undertaker, it's even more wonderful and amazing.


"I am here. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not leaving you. I will comfort you."

If you’re sad or hurt or frightened in any way, the Undertaker is there. He is quick to comfort and is willing to be the shoulder to cry on. He can change from being the nightmare to the one comforting you from a nightmare. He is a creature that will immediately take you into his arms the moment he hears a pitiful, heart-wrenching sob. He is one who can hold you and comfort you forever. He never tires of it.


"Once you place your hands upon my own, your fate is sealed."

Once he cares for you, the Undertaker is fiercely protective. He is like a guard, watching over you and protecting you. There are moments when he can get a little too overprotective, but that is not too often. When the Undertaker cares for you enough to protect you, you could never be in safer hands.


"The only way hell can freeze over is if it's Hell, Michigan."

The Undertaker has a fun side and a great sense of humor. Once you get to know him well, he becomes a total clown. He loves playing pranks on people, and he gets a charge out of their reactions. Not to mention, he has some clumsiness and can add some extra comic relief with that. He also likes it when people laugh at him and make fun of him.

Powers: The Undertaker has many powers, which shall be roleplayed.

Weaknesses: One may think the Undertaker is all-powerful, but he is not. It’s true that he is very powerful, but he does have weaknesses, which shall be roleplayed.

Fears: Yes, the Undertaker does have fears. Here are a few of them.

*Any special, magical weapon that is able to kill him.
*The death of any loved ones.
*Religious crosses. They do not harm him. He’s just scared to death of them. He does, however, like non-religious, crucifix crosses and other evil-looking crosses.


*Falling in love with the right girl.
*Children. He has a soft spot for them.
*The colors black, purple, and blue.
*Murdering and torturing.
*Anything horror.
*Fog and mist.
*Burying people.
*Ice cream.
*Any and all desserts.
*The night.
*Operas and singing, for he has the voice of a god. He is a professional opera singer.
*Wrestling. He is a professional wrestler.
*Acting. He is a famous actor as well.
*Anything that has to do with humor and playing pranks on people.
*Pouring out his love and affection to the ones dear to him.
*Acting insane and psychotic.
*Laughing maniacally.


*Anyone who angers him exceedingly.
*Anyone who hurts and kills children.
*Anyone he loves dying.
*Anyone who tries to hurt or kill his loved ones.
*When people see him afraid. But if you’re a close friend, then he won’t care so much.

Talents: These are a few.

*Using his supernatural powers.
*Playing pranks on people.
*Playing the organ and piano.
*Rolling his eyes completely back into his head.
*Speaking in foreign languages.


*Taking walks through the cemetery, woods, pastures, nature trails, etc.
*Running. As a supernatural being, he is fast for his size and weight.
*Taking souls.

Appearance: The Undertaker has long, wavy, black hair, which drops down to his waist, and clawed hands, and all of his teeth are sharp and pointy. He has huge, black, gargoyle wings and devilish, black horns that he can reveal or conceal at will. His eyes are fiery red, one of the most horribly frightening things about him. He has an incredibly huge body. He is six feet and ten inches tall, a giant of a monster. His shoulders are broad, his arms huge and muscular, his chest wide and broad, and his stomach large and round (he eats a lot), showing how incredibly strong he is. He is so strong that he can literally break metal. The Undertaker is truly your worst nightmare.

Other: The Undertaker can speak Latin and Egyptian fluently, along with communicating with animals. He is also not living. He is dead. He has no pulse, but strangely, he has a heartbeat. He lives in a haunted mansion with an eerie graveyard surrounding it.

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Okay, looks pretty damn kick ass. Could you tell me the plot again so I can make sure I do a good Charrie?

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An RP where a sweet girl is a slave to her master, who is a scary, monstrous, abusive, evil demon, and she ends up falling in love with him, and he later falls in love with her.

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Okay! I'm gonna work on my character and I'll post it by tomorrow okay?

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All right. :)

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Name: Penelope Asher
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Birthday: Sept 3
Bio: Penelope is from earth, ya know normal where the oblivious humans reside. She grew up there until she was 11 and then something happened. And she doesn't remember what it was, but then she was a slave and that was it. Her life has been kind of monotonous since then. She has always been looking for more; looking a meaning, and something to live for. Penelope is a really sweet girl, very shy, with a very intense streak. She has a lot going on in her head, but she is not very anxious to share it.
Appearance: Penelope is both small and strong. She can't weigh more than 110 pounds and she is about 5 foot, but she has wiry muscles and a good head on her shoulders. Her hair is very long and dark. She likes it pulled away from her with a braid. And her eyes a very deep blue
Other: She has some very dark secrets hidden inside her. Some she knows about, but wouldn't dream of sharing. The others she doesn't even know she has, but they may be forthcoming very soon.

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Cool! Want to start?

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Yup, would you like to post first?

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Morning came, and it was time for the slaves to get up. The Undertaker paced down the hallway, opening bedroom doors and getting people up. They were to work in the fields in the hot sun for today. Despite the Undertaker's cruelty to his slaves in most areas, he was fair in the sense that he gave them weekends off, and today was Thursday, the last day of the week before the weekend. The slaves had Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays off. After the Undertaker woke everyone up, the slaves filed outside into the fields with the Undertaker close behind. As the slaves began to work, he watched them emotionlessly with his arms crossed. His whip hung out of his pocket as a warning, or rather as a threat, to any lazy or misbehaving slave.

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Penelope rubbed her eyes occasionally as she worked; the plants were very pollen filled and she was still very tired. She reached up again to wipe her eyes and stretch a little. It was kind of a risk, if she kept doing this she might seem lazy. The problem was she really couldn't help it. Penelope kept her eyes on the Undertaker, just in case he same near when she was taking a break, except one time she had her eyes shut against the sun and the stuff that was making her eyes water and sting and making her sneeze. Penelope didn't think she was cut out for this kind of work, she was small and didn't do as well outside, but it wasn't like she had a choice so she kept her mouth tightly shut. It was a long day ahead of her and she longed for the sunset.

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As the Undertaker watched the slaves, he saw one girl that seemed a bit lazy from what he could see. He slowly began his slow, eerie, ominous walk through the fields, coming up to Penelope from behind. He came during that moment when Penelope wasn't watching him. As he came up and stood in front of her, being only inches away from her, the Undertaker stared down at her with the cold, chilling stare he usually had. He wasn't sure if she really was being lazy or not, since it seemed to be that she was having allergic reactions to pollen. But he wanted to see for himself. A low, warning growl came out as the Undertaker fingered his whip in his pocket.

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Penelope heard a small noise and turned around. She almost screamed. But somehow she held it in and instead just lost all her breath. Her bottom lip quivered but she bared her teeth. "Yes master?" She could hardly see him, but she did her best to look at attention. His hand was on his whip she guessed which scared her more. If only he would move on; she'd work double as hard as before, no matter what

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There was a short pause as the Undertaker cocked his head at her. "Something tells me that you are being lazy," the Undertaker said in his deep, gruff voice, all while slowly pulling his whip out and holding it in his hand. If he was to whip her, he was ready.

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"N-no. I'm n-not. It's just I t-think I'm allergic to th-this so it's hard for me to keep going when I can't really see." She looked up at him, her eyes begging for him not to hurt her. It wouldn't help anything, if anything she'd just freak out and not work at all. Penelope bit her lip and stared at him, trying her best not to look at the whip at all. She had only felt it two times, both when she was very young and both were very painful. She still had the scars on her back from it.

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The Undertaker narrowed his eyes at her for a moment before slowly putting the whip back in his pocket. "This shall be a warning in case you do become lazy," he murmured ominously. "And if you can't see what you're doing, work with your back to the sun." The Undertaker slowly stepped back.

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Penelope nodded vigorously, following his advice immediately, turning her back to him and crouching down to return to work. She went twice as fast as before, quickly becoming one of the most efficient workers. Penelope had to hand it to the Undertakers, as much as he scared her, his methods certainly did work. She sighed, wishing the day would end. Her body was very pumped with adrenaline from the encounter, which did seem to make things go faster, but she burned a lot of energy and started to get hungry. Maybe they would get a lunch today, she hoped so.

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When the lunch hour came, the Undertaker told the slaves they could eat. As they started filing back inside, the Undertaker followed in behind them. Soon the slaves were eating their lunch, and the Undertaker was eating his off away from the slaves in his own little spot.

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Penelope ate silently by herself. She was on the fringe of everybody, as nobody wanted to sit with her. For some reason she was regarded as an outsider. Maybe because she had came a bit late. But she didn't want to think about that. Instead she focused on her food and sang to herself inside her head. One of her feet tapped along to the beat, and the song made her smile a very small smile.

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As the Undertaker ate, he cast a glance towards the slaves before his gaze fell on Penelope. He watched her for a moment, seeing she was enjoying something that she was thinking about in her head. Soon he turned his attention to the blood bag he had after eating. He drank the blood bag down.

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Penelope finished her food quickly and stood up. She knew they weren't really supposed to go anywhere, but she was done and didn't want to sit around there any longer. When she thought nobody was going, she went back outside and say leaning against the wall, watching the sky and singing to herself quietly. It was much nicer out here.

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When the slaves were done, the Undertaker commanded them to return to work. The slaves filed outside as the Undertaker followed them, all of them going past Penelope. The Undertaker noticed her as he passed her.

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Penelope scrambled to get up, realizing that they were supposed to be getting back to work. She jumped into line and walked along, looking miserable all over again. The day was halfway over though and she couldn't deny that was good. Her nose started itching again and she sneezed loudly. If this was voluntary labor, there was no way she'd have choosen work in the fields. It was one job she despised highly.

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The slaves began to work in the fields, and the Undertaker passed by each one. He ended up whipping a couple of lazy slaves. He had whipped one of them so badly in his anger and frustration that the person had gone unconsciousness.

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When the Undertaker moved away from the unconscious whipped slave, Penelope rushed over to him. He was one of the only people who would bear to talk to her, and his name was Tom. She knelt by his side, shaking him gently until his eyes fluttered open. "Tom, you have to get up, or you'll get in more trouble" she whispered fiercely. Penelope off weed her arm to help pull him up. "We'll clean you up later..."

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The Undertaker was still walking away from Tom, but when he thought he heard what sounded like faint whispering, his head whipped around, and he saw Penelope with him. He silently walked up, and then he pulled out his whip and gave Penelope one, single lash with the whip without a word.

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Penelope bit her lip before she could cry out. She didn't let go of Tom, merely helped him completely up and then helped him balance. As she did this, she shot the Undertaker a very dirty look. Then she let go of Tom when she was sure he was capable of at least looking productive. She scurried back to where she was supposed to be working and let a single tear from the pain slip out of her eye.

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The Undertaker gave her an icy glare in return. He walked swiftly past her as she was back at her place, abusing a few other slaves with the whip. When the sunset came, he announced to the slaves that they were done and that the weekend would start tomorrow.

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Penelope cheered on the inside as they filed back towards their quarters. She hit the bathroom first, taking a change of clothes and gently cleaning her back off. It really wasn't such a bad injury, mostly a welt with a few places it broke the skin. Penelope finished cleaning herself off and felt much better. She exited the bathroom and walked toward where she thought she'd find Tom to make sure somebody was helping him.

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Sure enough, a few slaves were helping Tom with cleaning and bandaging his injuries. In the meantime, the Undertaker was walking down the hall in the distance, heading downstairs and out into the cool, night air. He walked up onto a hill out in the open and stood up at the top of it, staring at the sunset. His dark, distant silhouette up on the hill with the reddish orange sky in the background added to a breathtaking yet eerie scene. The night had called the Undertaker.

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Penelope nodded when she saw them helping Tom; she was not needed. Instead of heading towards them, she walked away, seeking out the sunset and then the stars. She found a small alcove with a view in which she sat in. In the distance she saw somebody standing, probably thinking somebody thinking the same thing she was. Penelope couldn't see it very well in order to indemnify who it was, so she climbed down the wall and out to the hills. Somebody else appreciated the night and she needed to see who it was.

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The Undertaker stood quite still as he stared with unblinking eyes at the breathtaking sunset before him and all around him, watching the red sun slowly sinking down and disappearing below the horizon. His red eyes glowed in the coming darkness as the gentle, quiet breeze blew his long, wavy, black hair around and in his face. His entire attention was focused on the scene before him, not even noticing Penelope coming towards him.

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Penelope's breath caught when she saw who it was. It was the Undertaker. She had not expected that one. But where he was standing, he didn't look quite so threatening. He looked more along the lines of majestic. Penelope approached very quietly, but stopped a few paces back, unsure of what she meant to do.

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As the Undertaker watched the last portions of the sun disappear and the reddish orange sky start to gradually turn dark blue and then black, he sensed a presence. Whipping his head around suddenly, he saw Penelope standing close by, his glowing, red eyes piercing the night.

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Penelope flinched a little bit, but held her ground. She knew she was completely out of line, but she spoke anyways; she figured since she was completely over the edge, might as well commit. "That was pretty, huh? And look the first star." She pointed.

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The Undertaker wondered what she was doing here, here with him. But he didn't say anything for now and instead slowly shifted his gaze up to where she was pointing. He saw the tiny, blazing, white object of the lone star that was out. "If the sky stays clear enough, there will be constellations," he found himself murmuring, his gaze shifting over behind himself to see the full moon coming out from behind a dark cloud and starting to shine down upon them.

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Penelope plopped down on the ground, making it clear she was going to stay. "I don't know any constellations." She replied, only vaguely aware of what they even were. "I just think the sky is pretty. Everybody everywhere looks at this exact sky. That's what is so amazing." This was a lot of words for her all at once. She wondered why she was even speaking to her master. It was against the rules for her to address him, yet here she was conversing.

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"And they look at this same moon," the Undertaker muttered, still staring at the moon. His eyes rolled back into his head for a short while as he was looking at the moon, as if he was giving it a twisted, demonic greeting. His eyes rolled back down as he looked back down at her, seeing her sitting down.

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"Right." Penelope agreed. The Undertaker seemed like he was double her size and he took her breath away; he radiated power. She felt almost insignificant near him, but she squared her shoulders and sat up straight, baring her teeth and just generally trying not to get lost in him.

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The Undertaker looked at her for a moment before looking back up at the sky again. It was now a very dark blue now and was slowly starting to turn black. The sunset colors were fading away at the horizon where the setting sun used to be. Now it was the moonlight serving as the only source of light, and it shone down upon the Undertaker. The moonlight shone magnificently upon his wavy, black hair, making it appear similar to a black horse's mane. Soon the Undertaker sat down beside her on the hill, not really thinking about it. "Any specific reason in particular for your coming to me?"

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"Well I didn't come out here to see you." Penelope said, watching her tone so it came out more apologetic than condescending. "I just like the night sky. The color it is right now is my favorite. Really dark midnight blue." She looked up at it lovingly. "And like I said, I like the magnitude of it... It's like whoever else is out there could get the same thing I do." Penelope stopped speaking there; she had said a lot and was dangerously close to talking about the outside world.

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"The night calls me every single time it comes," the Undertaker murmured, looking ahead at the horizon. "Sometimes, I resist the urge because of business matters. But most of the time, I don't, fortunately, seeing as I'm not busy every night. A demon's greatest happiness is the night."

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Penelope quirked her eyebrow. That feeling sounded very familiar. Usually she couldn't come outside, since this sort of thing was usually forbidden to slaves. She thanked her lucky stars that he didn't punish her. At least not yet; she knew it wasn't above him, her back could attest to that. Penelope sighed and looked over at him, debating how and when to make her exit. She didn't really want to go, but she thought she had to.

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The Undertaker looked up at the sky, seeing more stars that had come out. He looked closer and noticed that a group of some stars were actually a constellation. It was Draco, the Undertaker's favorite constellation, in the shape of a dragon's head. "There it is," he muttered, staring at it.

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"There what is?" Penelope asked, not following what his words had to do with anything. They had interrupted her thoughts and didn't make sense to her. She followed his red gaze up to the sky but couldn't make out what he was staring so intently at. In a passing thought, she wondered if he would turn into a werewolf.

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